Thieves (Demonic)

Thieves (Demonic)

Dynasty Thieves: Dynasty thieves have a code of honor: they will not steal from their tribe, group, or empire. They will however steal secrets, resources, or items from other Dynasty groups. They will steal info, gems, things that will benefit not just them but the Dynasty group (specifically the one part of the core). Thieves want to know what’s going on around them, so they will acquire lots of tools. They are very quick with their hands and are trained in creating illusions. Dynasty thieves are very skilled in how to use movements to distract and deviate. They have to be very precise and focused in their work. They incorporate a lot of illusion and stage magick because it involves moving swiftly with their hands. Thieves are great at getting back lost items. They also know how to fight but learn it in order to be better at getting away. They can help their companion with protection and can teach self-defense. Dynasty thieves are excellent at assessing security measures they can analyze wards and shields to look for flaws. They can help keep out any sinister or unwanted creatures from entering a space. Thieves are also very knowledgeable and have lots of wisdom because they hear and uncover a lot of information that others don’t have.  They know when to be in a space and when to move if they see the energies are shifting. Thieves know how to move within the energies, so they aren’t seen. They are good at concealment and being in the shadows. They understand the messiness of who we are and the shadows we have to face every day.

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