Phantamus Spectral Shark

Phantamus Spectral Shark

Phantamus Spectral Shark (Protectors and Guide of the Death between the Inner and the Outer Spiritual World, they help those who want to come home) – A Etheric death shark that lurks through the thick regions of the Spectral realm. They are etheric in appearance and look like sharkly spectre’s and phantoms gliding gently through the thick currents of the deep spectral regions. They are various shades of deep blue and purple, and they appear almost to be floating as they glide effortlessly. They have the ability to venture into the deep regions, and they are not bothered by more sinister and horrific energy currents and places.

They have a peaceful presence to them, and their energies are soothing and empowering. Their presence can be very rejuvenating and empowering. They are great guides to the challenges of life, instilling one with the power to crush and conquer the obstacles before them. They are fearless. They move through the great pools of death as primal hunters and fearless wonders ready to destroy all that stands to oppose them. They are adaptable and enduring, and they know how to endure and how to survive. They help with adjustments to change, and they know how to help their companion to go with the flow and enjoy the moments of life. They also are very good at shaking things up, bringing Adventure into the lives of their companions and breaking stagnant and mundane routines. Sometimes, you need to shake the energies up to bring incredible change. They help with change and help with gliding through the currents of life.

They help with gentle shadow work as they are healers of the dead, and they heal those who are in pain or who have past horrors that they need to integrate and heal. They bring peace by helping their companion float through the shadows and drift into the darkness, finding peace and resolution through release and letting go. they help with releasing old energies and letting go of what is painful, what is dead, and what is gone. They say that life moves, it is always moving and there is no sense hanging on to what is dead and gone. When you release what hurts you, when it no longer bothers you, it no longer controls you, and you have happiness, joy, and freedom. They know how to help their companion let go and enjoy the power that this freed energy brings. They will help their companion to find their power and their courage and to embrace life with purpose and fulfillment, conquering all that is before them.

They are often giant, massive sharks that glide in the great pools of death which connect the underworld to the spectral realms. Great oceans of death currents, death energies and the souls of those who have passed and are moving between realms. These are the great pools of death, which connect the Underworlds of the Inner Spiritual World to the Underworlds of the Outer Spiritual world, They move through the currents of death and often facilitate the transition phases for those who have passed. They enjoy the peace and tranquillity of the death realms and will drift with the souls who float through the currents, being carried to their next destination, being carried to places where the dead find peace. They are beautiful and amazing spectral sharks who have deep connections to the dead and the elements of death. They can teach primal necromancy and can grant their companion access to the death pools.

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