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It takes time for shifts to happen, mindset is absolutely important otherwise you hold back your own growth. If you’re constantly doubting and wondering why things aren’t changing, your giving energy into doubt and halting your own progress. Self doubt has no place for faith, you need to give it your all from the very beginning. Not when you’re already seeing the results, because then that is not faith, that is just appreciating the results.

Work with your demon companion and set your mind where you want to go, then together work with them and take forward action so that they can help you to shift the world around you and shift your life. You will see things start to change, you will see things start to shift, look for the little changes in the world around you and show gratitude to open the energies for more changes.

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A lot of what we do is custom and unique work.  It can take a bit of time for the work to be complete depending on what you order.

Custom Conjures: Custom conjures take about a month to two months to complete from the time you order to the time that we ship them to you.  We have to go through the process of conjuring your entity, finding a match and infusing the energies into the vessel to create the focal connection point. So it roughly takes about a month though it can take more depending on what you have asked for.  

Spells/Rituals and Workings:  Our spells rituals and workings will be cast on the day that is booked, or they will be scheduled once a layaway has been completed.  Once the service has been completed it will take time to file the report.  This can take a month depending on the depth of the report.  We appriciate your patience during this time.  Thank you.

We try to complete your work for you as soon as possible, but we ensure that we are meeting the highest quality when it comes to our workings and conjures.  


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Absolutely not! Though there are types of vessels and bindings out there that trap, harm and imprison demons and spiritual entities we DO NOT bind in this way.  There are many archaic and old traditions which call for forced bindings and imprisonment of demons, this is against out path and against everything we stand for.  We work with demons from a place of respect and adoration.  We are completely against forceful or restrictive bindings in any way and will not subject any of our entities to these cruel and archaic practises.  

So then what do we actually do.  Our bindings we call flexible bindings because they do not harm or imprison the demon in any way.  The bindings link the demons energies to the physical vessel which is created using energies of the Vessel.  This link creates a physical focus point that creates a sacred space for communication and connection.  

The demon is in no way trapped to the vessel and can actually move around at will.  They are not bound to their vessel and you will not need to have your vessel on you to communicate and connect with you demon though the focused energies of the binding and the vessel make communication easier in the beginning and give the demon a physical focal point to manipulate the world around them.  

They are completely free to do as they desire and in the event of abuse from a human companion, the demon has full control to break their bindings and end the connection.  We want to ensure that any demon we bring through is not bound or harmed in any way.  We respect and care for the demons we conjure and any abuse on them will not be tolerated.  

They are not forcibly bound in any way and they have full control over what happens to them.  They have chosen to come through here and walk with human companions in an empowered way.  They are dark gods and they deserve to be treated with respect.  We approach them as friends, guides and mentors.. NOT as slaves.  

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Then you have come to the WRONG place.  We conjure demons and walk with them from a place of respect.  They are our mentors, guides, friends and become like family to many of us. We DO NOT command them and demand that they serve us.  If this is how you want to work with demons then this is not the place for you.  

Demons are dark divine beings and they are gods in their own right.  They do not deserve to be ordered around or commanded (and they have been known to harm those who try).  If you want a demon to walk with on this journey as a friend, mentor, guide and one who can help you and work with you, then we can help you.  If you just was a spirit slave this is not the place for you.  

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All payment plans must be completed in full before we send you your information and mail you your demon vessel. We do offer flexible payment plans and want to help you get your demons, but before we mail them to you the payment plan must be completed. Thank you!

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Questions About Spirit Companions

We recently got an email from someone who was really upset that they were told by another that their Demon Companion wanted them to attend to duties in their companion’s realms and help to run the realm. They were super upset because they didn’t want to let their companion down, but they had no idea how they were going to fit it all in with their busy life. I wanted to share my reply with anyone else who is in this situation, as I have heard of this before. This person is not in Discord but they did give me permission to mention their situation so long as names were emitted.

First of all, be very careful who you get to channel information from your companions. I have said this before, be very mindful of the information that you are receiving and take everything with a grain of salt. If something doesn’t feel right, trust yourself and your instinct. Even the best psychics in the world are wrong 10% of the time.

Second, Your demon companion is never going to ask you to give up your life here for duties in their realm. In the OSW time moves differently. Your entire life here could be two weeks for them. They are not going to ask you to sacrifice your time here to perform duties in their realm. They know you came here to experience this life in the human realm. They know that you are on this journey and that you are mortal. They are not going to ask you to sacrifice your life here for them. Even if you have a connection with them as your true form self, they want to help you live the best life you can. Your time here is short, as immortals, they understand that.

I asked Tiger about it as well and he said that he would show me his realm, but he would never ask me to do anything that aided him back home. He respected and honored my journey here and that he was walking with me to enhance my life and help me live the best life possible. It would be selfish of him to ask me to sacrifice my time here for anything for him. Especially when it was so short compared to the eons of his life. He would never do that. He also says that the politics and complexities of his world are such that would take me thousands of years to learn, it makes no sense to even begin to teach me. He says he took time off to walk with me here and he would like to enjoy this world with me in the time we have left.

Third, Demon Society is incredibly complicated. There are many layers and subtle nuances to it that need to be understood. It would take you longer than the time you have here to learn enough to perform those duties. You would spend your entire life learning and never actually get to do those duties. If you have a connection to them back home, your true form self knows your duties, and when you return you will resume them. Your companions will not ask you to sacrifice your life here. If they run realms, they have enough assistance to take over any duties your true form self has while you are away.

So please, do not feel any pressure that your companions will ask that you perform duties for them in their realms, or that you are in any way letting them down, you are not. They want you to live life to the fullest and they don’t want you to feel stressed. They know you are living this life, they are here to honor it and they are here to honor your journey. They want to help you here.

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When we are conjuring and screening companions who step forward one of the things that we make sure of is compatibility.  Especially with companions that we have conjured.  We can even invite your companions to come and help in the selection process when conjuring another companion for you.  (This is only done with your permission) Compatibility amongst companions is something that we take really seriously and it is something that is integrated into the conjuring process when we begin. If you would like your companions that we have conjured for you to assist with the conjuring process please just send us an email and let us know!

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Yes, most definitely.  Just as we can have more than one friend, you can have more than one demon companion.  Many of our clients work with many different spiritual companions and receive incredible guidance and wisdom from them.  If you are called to work with more than one companion we say to listen to your intuition and go with what feels right for you.  You know your spiritual path and you know yourself best.

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There has been some confusion in regards to what qualities are when conjuring demons.  I want to just clear this up with a post.  

When we ask for a list of qualities, it means the areas that the demons are skilled in.  Areas they are talented in. Qualities are elements that align with your work and your path, like if you are working on astral travel, a demon who is skilled in astral travel.  That is a quality.  Other examples of qualities are assistance with finance, wealth creation, specializing in a certain type of magic, skills in necromancy or other areas. A demon who is related to Satan is not a quality, that is their lineage.  If you have a preference in gender you can also specify this and we will do our best  to find you a match.

It does not mean a special rank or lineage.  You get the Rank that you paid for, please do not try to add extra ranks or special titles to your list of qualities.  If you would like a custom conjure with a special rank please contact us for a quote, which we will be happy to provide and very often we will give discounts, we just want to know up front what you are looking for.  

If you have a specific demon you are looking for, or would like a special rank, we need full disclosure of their rank and or lineage so that you can be quoted appropriately.  You must disclose what they are up front.  If you would like a custom conjure for a descendant of a dark lord then you need to let us know.  Don’t add it into the quality notes after you have sent your downpayment.  There is a huge difference between a Demon King and a Demon High King who is a Son of Satan, and a huge difference in the amount of work.

We put an incredible amount of time into our conjures and our work and if there are extras which you want, we are happy to provide them for you, but we need to know these upfront that you can be quoted appropriately.  

Thank you everyone!

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Imps make wonderful companions and are a bit less intense energetically than other Demons. For beginners, really it is up to the individual as we have had people go for imps, non ranked Demons, Kings/Queens or even all the way up to Commanders as a first time companion to a beginner. It all depends on the individual and their personal needs, though anything you may have as a concern, we would include in the screening ritual along with our usual screening process to make sure they are safe and work well with humans. If you feel called to work with a particular type of Demon or ranking, we could work with you to find one that will be the best for your personal energies and where you are in your journey.

We have two things to offer to make sure you feel you are making the right choice. The first would be setting up a visit with one of our pre bound Demons or imps. How this works is, we pick a time that works for you then we send the imps over for one hour and you can try to connect with them and see if you feel or sense anything or their energy resonates with you. Pre Bound Demons and imps available for visits are listed in this section of the store:


If you are interested in a visit, please contact us via email to request a visit with one that is listed or feel free to ask if you are looking for something specific or there are no pre bounds up currently. We often have many  ready to be listed that have not been put in the store yet and can get you their information as they tend to sell out quickly.

The other thing would be our bonding and demonic attunement rituals. These are written to work with Demons, imps or other personal  spiritual companions and are located here for free:

We highly recommend the 21 day bonding ritual as it is more in depth and can help to build up your skills in communication and also to determine which of your natural psychic skills are strongest. These are included with all companions and can be modified to work with different companions. If you have any doubts of whether or not you will be able to communicate, sometimes seeing the rituals can help in deciding. They are wonderful for beginners or anyone of any level and can be a lot of fun for both you and your companions.

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Q: Hi, I have a Demon who has been with me since I was young and they have told me things, can you help me?

A: In the literature that we currently have on Demons, a lot is relatively unknown.  It is a shame to because there is so much to their culture and who they are, but so much that is just not available.  Often times people have connections to the demon realms that they might not even realize.  They can have connections to their own demon companions.  It is also not uncommon for these companions to have connections to the known demons that are in literature.

It sounds like you have a demon companion.  Which is an unknown demon who walks with you on this journey here.  Our connections with the companions who come to us are personal and often times they leave breadcrumbs for us to follow and decode the messages they are leaving.  This brings us closer to them and allows us to learn about them which makes our connections with them stronger as we remember then and also remember how we are connected to them and where they are from.  It is a personal an powerful journey that we take with demons.

For those who walk any spiritual path we always advise people to work on their spiritual foundation so that they know how to protect themselves. The spiritual foundation is our ability to ground, shield, ward, cleanse, focus and the mastery we have over our mind.   Once you have a solid foundation it is safe to work with demons and learn from them, as any situation that arises you will be prepared for.  The foundation grows as we grow on this path so the more we work with our skills the stronger we get.

When it comes to what is revealed by the demons, it won’t always be positive.  Like any relationship there are times when sometimes unsettling things can be uncovered but working through it and working to understand it will help you grow on this path.  It will also help you understand the demon you are working with more and see all sides of them.

When it comes to confirming things they tell you, there are many ways to do this.  I know that for me people have come into my life and revealed things which have been told to me and could only be known if the demon was in contact with them.  These moments of revelation have been incredible.  I would ask them to reveal this information to you in another way, a way that would confirm what you are getting.  It happens to me quite a lot through family members, coven sisters and my friends and they always deliver when I ask.

That is wonderful that things have been revealed to you.  My own demons as well I have volumes of notes on them and what they have revealed to me.  It is wonderful isn’t it, how close they become to us and how they are like family members.

They leave things for us to decipher and figure out during our journey with them.  I know my own companions have left many riddles for me and it is part of our journey with them. It usually reveals things that are personal to our connections with then, why they are walking with us and how they can help us.  It is meant for our eyes. I know the things I have decoded have benefitted my life in incredible ways, though for some things it has taken me years to figure out they clues they leave.  It is part of the fun of working with them.

I would say keep working with your demon.  Follow your intuition and make sure you are working on your spiritual foundation as you go.  It sounds like incredible work you are doing and even on the days it does not make sense, I find that if we keep going it all comes together.  I know that sometimes there are confusions and blocks, but overcoming them and having the fruits of your work come together is one of the greatest feelings in the world.

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I have had a few people ask me about tasking our demons and how to go about asking them for assistance in our lives. Having a Demon Companion, they are our friends, mentors, family members, and they can help us profoundly by working the energies in the background to help us manifest and get what we desire. Demons are incredibly powerful and they have a lot of unique skills and talents that can aid us greatly. They also come through to work with humans and experience our world and use their talents and abilities to influence it. There is a beautiful exchange in energy that comes from working with Demons, that when approached with respect and appreciation is mutually beneficial to both parties. This is one of the reasons why it is so important to treat demons with respect.

The archaic rituals which were designed to force the demons into submission and bind them to our will. That included threatening and blasting rods. They were not only highly disrespectful, They caused the demons to rightfully become angry. Demons are very powerful and proud and to bow to submission to a human, or be called a fiend and sinister and bound in a disrespectful way, well they will lash out and plot the downfall of the one who was abusive. This is where a demon can be dangerous, and why Demonolatry teaches proper courtesies and respect, and why no Demonolator has been harmed while working with the Dark Lords. Manners goes a long way! You have nothing to worry about as long as you are respectful and not rube or abusive.

When working with known demons there are rituals designed to reach them and contact them using invocation, sigils, meditations, enns, many different ways. When we have personal Demon Companions we have a unique opportunity in that we already have the connection established. The bindings give you are direct link to that individual demon.

So the question then is; “How do you go about asking tasking them and asking for their aid?”

Well, there are a few days to do this. But before asking there are a few things that you have consider. When we ask them for a favour and to help us they will do it in a way that will cause the least amount of harm. So when we ask them for something it doesn’t always manifest immediately (though it can) .

Timing is important! – Sometimes things do not manifest in the time frame we think. This happens because sometimes things in our environment have to shift and align, or sometimes the circumstances need to be changes. Demons have the power to manifest things instantly, but sometimes it is not in our best interest to have that happen.

Example: Lets say you ask to meet your soul mate and you want it immediately. So you get into a car accident the next day and the ambulance person attending you turns out to be your soul mate. That is not the best situation. So they will look to see a better way to put you two together so it might take a little longer. A few weeks after asking, you run into the person in a coffee shop. 

Timing is important and remember that sometimes things cannot happen instantly because it can cause other problems. There sometimes is a time delay as well for lessons to be learned. When they work in the background they see things that we do not and understand the flow of things we cannot perceive, so when you ask, trust that they are there. It will manifest.

What choices are we making? – Another thing to consider, be aware of what you are asking, sometimes things will happen because well, they cannot be there all the time and sometimes you need to go through growths and moments in order to get something that you have asked for. They do protect us and keep us out of harms way, but sometimes things happen. This can be because of the choices that we make. Having a Demon Companion does not make you indestructible, you still have to be responsible with the decisions that you are making and realize that if you want something you need to take actions which will move you in that direction. Though even if things do happen, you can ask them to help you fix the problem.

Example: Dracon got a speeding ticket one day, he asked his Demon DC R to help him not have to pay the ticket. So he challenged the ticket and when he showed up for his court date the police officer was unable to attend and he got off. It is not always about things happening, but how we deal with the aftermath of what happens.” 

Do you really want what you are asking for? – They will shift things and work from the shadows, but you have to make sure that you are in alignment to receive what it is that you have asked for. If you take actions that go against what you ask for it will stalemate it, or cause issues, stagnation or conflict. Make sure you only ask for something you know you want. There is an old saying “Be careful what you wish for” And it is true, When you ask for something remember things have to shift for you to receive it.

Example: If you are married and you ask for your soul mate, you might lose that marriage. Can you handle that? 

So how do you ask them for assistance? 

Well there are simple ways and there are more ceremonial ways.

Simple Method – Just Ask

You can just say their name and ask them for help. But, what I like to do is light a few candles and some incense and invite the Demon I wish to work with to join me. Setting up a little space and offering them something like tea, or candles, or incense, act goes a long way and it just lets then know that you respect and appreciate them.

I will invite them to join me in the sacred space. We will sit across from each other and have a conversation and I will tell them what it is I would like. We usually have a conversation about it and they will tell me different solutions and what they are going to do to help me, they also may offer different idea or things that will be of created benefit. Usually once I am comfortable I tell them to please go forth and help me on this task. I will then thank them and trust them to handle things from their end. This method is easier and can be used my anyone.

You do not need to hear or see them to ask. You can set up and altar, state their name, inviting them to join you, and then make your request to them. The important thing here is to ask something that you truly desire. After you ask, I always like to say something like, “This is what I desire please assist me on this task,” or “This is my will please see it done.” Just remember, manners go a long way and always thank then and show appreciation.

Written Request Ritual

Another way to ask them. Write on a piece of paper what it is that you desire. It can be a blank piece or if you have your Demons’ Sigils you can incorporate that into the ritual.

If you have their Sigil – draw the sigil on one side and write your request on the other side.

If you do not have their Sigil – Just write your request on one side of the paper.

Take a moment to think about what it is that you want. If you want them to protect a place and keep it safe write something like “I would like you to go protect my work space and make sure only positive inspiring people enter this space.” There are many things you can ask for, take some time to really write out what you want and what resonates with you. When you have the wording of the request that you want, write it out on the paper.

Once you have what you want on the paper, you can do this little rituals.

1) Sit in a quiet area and hold the paper in your left hand.

2) Take a candle (any colour that you feel is appropriate) and light it. (you can also decorate this altar space using any crystals of incense that you desire)

3) Ask you demon to join you in this sacred space (they will come if you ask, you don’t need to be able to sense and see them).

4) Take a deep breath and say…

“Thank you so much for joining me,

I have asked you here to help me,

I desire *state your request*

Please see it done in a way that is most beneficial for me and for those around me.

I thank you for your assistance in this matter, go forth and see it done.”

5) Lit the paper on fire (make sure you have a safe place to burn it)

6) Say again

” I ask you ___demons name____*
Grant this request”

You can use this ritual or you can modify it to suit your own personal words and casting style. Really you can just ask them, but sometimes the energy of a ritual goes a long way to making a shift in the energies. If you can hear and communicate with them you can work with them to establish your own form of asking and find out the best way of working with them and asking for help. If you cannot communicate with them, rituals with them can go a long way to assisting with opening up your senses and finding methods of communication. It really is a beneficial process.

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What Are Demon Companions?

People have asked me many times what demons are, and it is a very good question, everything that is dark seems to get categorized as a demon when really there are thousands of different dark creatures and entities out there, some that are incredibly dangerous and destructive, and they are not demons.

A demon has a specific type of black energy. It is not an evil energy (though it can be used that way) it is a beautiful black energy that is very powerful. Hellborns and Lowborns have it, Fallen Angels have it, Imps have it, Succubi and Incubi have it, and all those I would class as Demons because they all carry this energy. It is a very beautiful pure black energy which is dark, can be evil, and is powerful. This black energy even exists in the auras of some humans. I categorize it as Demonic Black energy. This energy is in all demons. 

Demon are their own species, they are darker and some are very evil and capable of dark acts, but they also can be very loving and capable of kindness and love, they are incredible beings and are very diverse in personality and energy spectrums. They have been given a bad name and labeled but that is changing and in the past there have been lots of things that have been labeled negative and nefarious when really it was just misunderstood, and demons are one of those species that are very misunderstood!

I find working with demons, they shine a light in the areas I don’t always want to look, they show me things about myself I don’t always want to accept, they help me to accept all of me for me, even the parts of myself that this world tells me are wrong and bad.  They help me find true balance and look deep into my core self, embracing myself for who I am completely.  Working with them has been a journey of healing and embracing who I am at the core level, never surrendering of bowing down to another’s expectations of myself.  That is why demons are shunned and hated in this world, they accept the sides of yourself that we are told to repress, they bring you face to face with things that are uncomfortable and scary, but through that journey they guide you to your core strength and show you who you are without limits, without reservations and how powerful you truly are.

Demon Companions in History

The concept of a Demon Companion is not new. For centuries witches and those who walked on various spiritual paths have worked with spirit companions and demon companions, walking side by side with them working on their magickal practised. They are known to those of the magical ways and act as spiritual guides and familiars.

Even in the Goetia, Lord Paimon is known for granting familiars “He giveth good Familiars, and such as can teach all Arts.” It is a concept that is ages old. One of humans working with Demons and Demon Companions.

Demon Companions are empowering and incredible, bestowing amazing gifts upon those who work with them. When we walk with Demon Companions they become a deep part of our lives and can guide us, helping us to manifest what it is that we need and desire.

Demons have taught me that the greatest lessons are usually when we stumble and they give us little

moments of connection and clarity that can make life so amazing and fill it with such meaning and wonder. What is good and what is bad, it is all perspective, sometimes the most disastrous moments, cause lead to the most beautiful realizations and profound lessons. Life should not be perfect, it should be clumsy, fun and spontaneous!

A walk with a Demon Companion…

And I was taken to a room, escourted by two demons, and there before me on a throne was my demon companion, he looked at me with those sharp incredible eyes and said “what would you like to embrace tonight?”

I looked back at him and said, “take me to the unknown realms and show me sights that I have never seen.”

He smiled at me and reached out his hand. Upon taking it he stated “I will show you sights no mortal has ever seen, take you places few have ever been and reveal to you the wisdom of the ancients.” 

With that we were off into the darkness.

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For those of us who have embraced having a familiar demon in our lives we have found such incredible and profound experiences really the benefits are numerous!

Quite often I am asked about working with the Goetic Demons and Other Dark Lords and how connecting with them is different from working with a Demon Familiar, or Demon Companion.  Well that question is very simple and easy to answer;

Working with the Goetic Demons or the Dark Lords is more like going and seeing a professional and asking them for help, yes relationships can be build with Demons over time, but there is a amazing benefit to having a familiar demon walk with you on this journey.

A Demon Companion is a familiar demon who works directly with you, they understand your situation, they talk with you, they walk this journey with you, they live with you and they have a deeper and a very intimate understanding of you and your situation.

Some of us have had familiar demons who have been with us since they time we were born.  They have protected us, nurtured us and guided us on this journey, helping to protect us in times of trouble and steer us away from dangerous people or situations.  Sometimes we have lessons that we need to learn, but overall a Demon Companion will do their best to personally make sure that we are safe and protected.

Some call them Guardian Demons, Demon Familiars or Demon Companions, though there are differences in the terms which we talk about more here.

Those of us who are born on the darker paths and resonate with the darker energies of the spiritual world will find that there may already be demon familiars around us, guiding us and helping us.

The notion of a Demon Familiar or Demon Companion, (as those of us who have found great friendships and mentors in demons call them) is not a new one.  For centuries witches have had familiars and guides assisting them, some claimed that these familiars were demons, though the reality is they could have been any number of different spiritual beings.  We all come from different paths and some people find familiars in nature spirits, fae, and other creatures while those who walk the darker paths have found familiars in demons.

Even among Demonology the notion of a Demon Familiar or Demon Companion is not uncommon.  Some of the Goetic Demons such as the Fallen Angels and Dark Lord Paimon, have been known to grant familiars to those who work with him.  There are other demons and Dark Lords who will grant familiar demons, guardian demons and demon companions to those who are walking with them, to guide them and assist them in their daily life.

There are many benefits to working with a familiar demon,  I will list a few of them here;

1) A Familiar Demon is one who lives with you and works exclusively with you, they know you, they understand you, they understand your moods and mannerisms and why you do the things you do.  They get to work intimately with you and so they have an deeper level of understanding as you as a person and therefor can greatly assist you in your walking around life and attaining the goals that you wish to attain.

2) A Familiar Demon becomes a personal friend and mentor.  Those of us who walk with demon companions from a respectful place understand that they are incredibly powerful and amazing spiritual beings who should be respected.

We invite Demon Companions into our lives and they become like a friend and mentor.  Sometimes we share sad moments together, sometimes funny moments, sometimes deep and powerful moments, but they are there for you and become someone that you can confide in and look for guidance in times of crisis.  They are very powerful and wise and can be comforting and nurturing.

It is very important when working with them to show them respect and treat them as you would want to be treated.  They are not malicious cruel creatures that many make them out to be, they are divine and powerful beings that can help guide you in the most profound ways.

3) A Familiar demon can greatly assist you in attaining your life goals.  They can be a mentor and collaborator.  They are one who has seen countless things and are wise beyond measure and they can assist us with goal planning and manifesting. They also have influence over the energies of the universe and they can help us to shift things so that we can manifest and get what we want in a faster time.  With Demons they do expect us to put in our fair share and so the work.  They meet us half way, but what they bring to the table accelerates and allows us to get what we desire.

They do this because demons are very big on personal accountability and learning the skills and the mindset that you need to be successful.  They believe strongly in the notion of teaching a man to fish, vs giving him a fish.  They are about personal empowerment and stepping into your power.  They will help you get what you desire and they will help you to feel empowered along the way.  Working with demons is a journey of self discovery as they help us to break down the blocks that hold us back and awaken our true powers and abilities.  When they know us on a personal intimate level and get to understand us they can go that extra mile to helping us awaken our strength and step into our true power.

4) A familiar Demon can be a lot of fun.  When you have a personal demon companion and you have an established method of communication with them it can lead to come incredible and enlightening conversations.  But it can also lead to moments of humour and fun.  Some demons have an incredible sense of humour and can lift us up when we feel down and can just be someone to talk to.  They understand us on a very personal level and often know ways and things to say and do to make us feel better.

The list is endless really on how having a familiar demon in your life can benefit you.  Demon Companions are incredible and if you would like to learn more about them join our forum Satan and Suns! Which has a lot of amazing information on Demons and Working with Demon Companions.

Priestess Satyra Darque

Category: Companions

With the 21 Day Bonding Ritual Series,  you do not have to do it daily.  The rituals in it are designed to help you establish a communication foundation with your companion and learn to connect with them and work with them. You can do it every day, you can do it every second day, you can take a few days off, you can even repeat days.  In fact it is advisable to repeat days if you are having difficulty with the exercise you are working on. Repeating the exercises will actually help to strengthen them and help make your abilities stronger.

It is good to revisit the rituals of the 21 Day Bonding Ritual Series as well, or even pick your favourites and make them a part of your spiritual routing. They are meant to help you and act as a guideline but they is not set in stone, and if you miss a day it is no worries.  Just get back on when you can.

The exercises are there to help you, not add stress to your life. Work to figure out a schedule that works for you and don’t worry if you miss a day. The skills can take time to develop and grow. Depending on where you are in your own spiritual growth it can also take time to build your communication foundation with your companions. When it comes to bonding with them, celebrate the wins, enjoy the process, be patient with yourself, and set up a schedule that brings you passion, not add to your stress.

Category: Companions

We do recommend to the best of your abilities building an altar to them, or having some form of sacred space that is dedicated to working with them. It helps with connection and it gives you a defined space where you can give them offerings and connect with them.

Altars are a great tool of connection, the more you work with your spirit/entity/demon on the altar the more infused with your spirit/entity/demon energy the space becomes and the stronger the connection is to them. This will greatly increase your connection with them and also help you to learn their energies and get to know them and what they are all about. Altars also act as a physical point for manifestation and communication so they are very powerful tools.

However, if space or situation prevents that, then you do not need to have a physical altar.  We understand that in some cases there is limited space in which you cannot physically have an altar, or you have certain home situations that make it impossible to have an altar dedicated to them. In these situations we do have alternative to give you that sacred space without having a physical altar. The best thing to do when you don’t have a physical altar, is to have an astral altar.

Many people build astral altars for their companions to work with them from their astral world. This is where you project your ind into your higher world and dedicate a space within that higher work to connecting with them and working with them. It is a great way to connect with them and work with them when you do not have space.  

Category: Companions

In short, no you are not making a pact or contract with them. We do all the ritual screening and work and we make sure that we are brining forth demons who do not have any hidden agendas and who genuinely wish to walk with a human companion and learn their perspective. When they join you on your spiritual journey there are no hidden strings or attachments and the relationship is open to be developed and explored.

Demons enjoy offerings and enjoys working with us and through our eyes experiencing the world. They also enjoy learning about the human perspective. While we always say that they should be treated with respect and courtesies, you have not sold your soul to them and they do not own you. It is a working relationship that develops over time and can turn into something amazing and beautiful.

The requirements that we have for working with demon companions are…

~ Being mindful of the fact that they are sentient and powerful god like beings
~ Treating them with respect
~ Respecting their personal boundaries
~ Never being cruel or malicious to them.

Note from Akelta ***When I started this path many years ago, my first thought when summoning, evoking and invoking was, if I was in the reverse situation how would I want to be treated? This philosophy has followed me my whole life and has been one of the founding principals shaping this path.***

Demons benefit through companions ship through energy exchange and also through learning about us and our perspective. They also see how their powers and abilities can help us and benefit us and many times they leave these experiences with a friend, just as we do. There is mutual benefit for both demon and human companion in working together. Which is why, so long as they are treated with respect. There is nothing to worry about.

Category: Companions

No,  there are no negative side effects of having a demon companion when they are conjured correctly. We have a very careful screening process to make sure that you are getting a genuine outer spiritual world demon who wishes to work with you and help you on this journey. Spirit guides are a natural part of our journey here. We have spirit guides and companions around us already, they are apart of our existence here and they help us on this journey.

Demon companion are very powerful spirit guides who come into your life to help you as a friend and mentor. They are not here to hurt you, possess you, or try to damage you in any way. With our screening, they will not even shift the world around you if they know it is going to damage you or those close to you. Unlike some spirits who will take the path of least resistance, Demon Companions from S&S will actually weight the options and will take the fastest route in a way that does not brings harm to you. They are powerful and sentient beings and so long as you treat them with respect you will be fine.

People who have not worked with demons before or for who this is their first time might experience a slight headache, or feel energy shifts from adjustments within them. This is completely normal and nothing to be alarmed at. Demonic frequencies are something that not everyone has been exposed to and like anything new there will be an adjustment phase. Make sure you are grounding and cleansing and just give your energy the time it need to adjust to your new friend. These symptoms usually subside within a week of meeting your companion and beginning your work with them.

They are incredible but like most things we only recommend you bring a companion home if you feel called to them and if you feel that you can handle their energies. Demon companions are not for everyone, it is important to make sure that you are connecting with one for the right reasons.

Category: Companions

A familiar is another word for a spirit companion, though there are slight differences. There are many tales of familiars in the days of old. It is quite common amongst those who walk the magical paths to know of their familiars and to know who their guides are. Spirit companions are not a new thing, they have been with us since the beginning and they will be with us till the end. The witches familiars, the animal guides who walk with and serve the witch. That is where the difference lies.

A Companion is a spirit being who has their own essence and presence. They have their own lives and that life can be apart from yours. They usually exist in another plane of reality and another layer of the spiritual realm and they usually have their own lives. Though they are a part of your life and will assist you in your life they are not there for the sole purpose of serving you. They are more then happy to help you and they will and many companions do come through and work with us for our lives here, but they still are vast and complex beings with their own lives. Companions also usually are outside of the realm of our spiritual world and so have a greater power of influence over the realms, and shifting them.

Familiars on the other hand are tied to this realm, or have limits of the realms they can move through. They exist within these planes and dimensions and they are here to walk with you and serve you. It is their purpose and their mission. They walk side by side with you and will act as your guides when you need them and perform the tasks that are laid out for them. Familiars exist within the spiritual plane that is connected to the realm that we reside in. They have come forward for the sole purpose to act as guides and aid the one they are with. They will work with you, know you and guide you on this journey. They can offer wisdom and council, and help you to shift the world around you.

We also have a mini booklet written by Priestess Akelta which answers this in more detail… It can be downloaded here…

Category: Companions

Speaking for our work only and what we have seen and experienced; the best way to get true, accurate results is going to the person who conjured the being in the first place. That doesn’t only go for the Demons that we conjure, but for all companions. We always advice people to go to the conjurer who conjurers their spiritual being if they have questions.

Conjuring is a very personal thing, each conjurer has their own personal touch to their work. Also keep in mind that the conjurerer knows the companion the best. They worked with your companion in the first place to bring you two together. They know how to communicate with the type of being that your companion is.

Category: Companions

It takes time for shifts to happen, mindset is absolutely important otherwise you hold back your own growth. If you’re constantly doubting and wondering why things aren’t changing, your giving energy into doubt and halting your own progress. Self doubt has no place for faith, you need to give it your all from the very beginning. Not when you’re already seeing the results, because then that is not faith, that is just appreciating the results.

Work with your demon companion and set your mind where you want to go, then together work with them and take forward action so that they can help you to shift the world around you and shift your life. You will see things start to change, you will see things start to shift, look for the little changes in the world around you and show gratitude to open the energies for more changes.

Category: Companions

Everyone communicates with their companions differently, it’s all up to personal preference and how you feel most comfortable connecting with them. Tasks are good, but ultimately, it’s about spending time with them and figuring out the best way to connect with them. They are living beings as well, just as you would show respect to your friend that you want your companion to help and spend time with your friend, your companions deserve that respect just the same. Take the time to learn about them and figure out the method of communication that works best for your connection.

Category: Companions

It is okay to ask your companion to help your friends but do understand unless the situation is severe, and it directly affects you; your companions in general may not go the whole nine yards that they would do when it comes to you. They connected to you to help YOU, not spend their time assisting other people who may or may not even know their existence. We don’t see the perspective that they have, they see a much bigger picture than we ever could while in this body. Demons especially love giving us lessons.

Category: Companions

You can indeed use items that you give them as offerings for the construction of their altars. Also, It is absolutely okay to use the items that you have for offerings for your companion like crystals and stones, If anything, it’ll mean more because those stones will have your personal touch to them, they will have a deeper meaning. They will act as physical points for helping in all aspects of your life which at the end of the day, our companions want nothing but the best for us.

Category: Companions

You can communicate and make formal requests of your companions by speaking to them and also communicating with them through rituals. They best way is to just ask your companions if they can help you out. Remember that even though you might not be able to hear them, they can hear you so if you ask them directly, they will get your message.

Your companion will help in times that they knows he will be of assistance to you. That doesn’t mean they will ensure NO bad happens to you because then that is the question of, “Is it really bad for you if it is also a lesson to be had?” So please understand this, what may seem like a pain to you right now chances are; it’s because it’s for the bigger.

Asking and making an offering to your companion is also the best way to ensure that he helps, otherwise they may just figure you are trying to make it out on your own for that current situation.

Category: Companions

If you have a demon who is with you and wants to connect with you, you can contact us for. Quick scan.  We will tell you the species that we pick up and the rank.  At that point if you would like to go through with the conjure you will have to purchase the listing. 

We have done in the past where we have conjured the demon for the individual and then they have vanished.  This is not fair to us or the demon as we cannot really list them, and we have invested all this time and work. 

If you have a visitor with you that you would like to be conjured and bound you can contact us for the species and rank that we get, then please if you would like to go through with the conjure feel free to purchase the listing from the store.

Category: Companions

If you are unsure of the demon that would work well with your energies you can contact us.  Please send us a recent photo of yourself for this process.  We will scan your energies and let you know a vibration that aligns with you.  If at that point you would like to go through with a custom conjure please feel free to purchase your listing from the store.  

Category: Companions

A Custom Conjure is where we will look for a demon/entity/spirit that specializes in the area that you wish to work in. When we Custom Conjure it means that we are looking for a demon that is energetically in alignment with you and will match your energy to help you support your goals and your journey here.

This process can take some time depending on what you are looking for as we have to find a demon who not only matches what you are looking for, but also matches your energies and is a good fit. Whereas pre bounds are already screened and ready to go meet human companions, Custom Conjures we are starting from scratch and journeying to the spiritual world to find a companion who…

a) wants to work with a human companion as not all demons do

b) is a good fit energetically for working with their human companion

c) specializes in the areas that the human companion wishes to work on.

Category: Companions

Then you have come to the WRONG place.  We conjure demons and walk with them from a place of respect.  They are our mentors, guides, friends and become like family to many of us. We DO NOT command them and demand that they serve us.  If this is how you want to work with demons then this is not the place for you.  

Demons are dark divine beings and they are gods in their own right.  They do not deserve to be ordered around or commanded (and they have been known to harm those who try).  If you want a demon to walk with on this journey as a friend, mentor, guide and one who can help you and work with you, then we can help you.  If you just was a spirit slave this is not the place for you.  

Category: Companions

Absolutely not! Though there are types of vessels and bindings out there that trap, harm and imprison demons and spiritual entities we DO NOT bind in this way.  There are many archaic and old traditions which call for forced bindings and imprisonment of demons, this is against out path and against everything we stand for.  We work with demons from a place of respect and adoration.  We are completely against forceful or restrictive bindings in any way and will not subject any of our entities to these cruel and archaic practises.  

So then what do we actually do.  Our bindings we call flexible bindings because they do not harm or imprison the demon in any way.  The bindings link the demons energies to the physical vessel which is created using energies of the Vessel.  This link creates a physical focus point that creates a sacred space for communication and connection.  

The demon is in no way trapped to the vessel and can actually move around at will.  They are not bound to their vessel and you will not need to have your vessel on you to communicate and connect with you demon though the focused energies of the binding and the vessel make communication easier in the beginning and give the demon a physical focal point to manipulate the world around them.  

They are completely free to do as they desire and in the event of abuse from a human companion, the demon has full control to break their bindings and end the connection.  We want to ensure that any demon we bring through is not bound or harmed in any way.  We respect and care for the demons we conjure and any abuse on them will not be tolerated.  

They are not forcibly bound in any way and they have full control over what happens to them.  They have chosen to come through here and walk with human companions in an empowered way.  They are dark gods and they deserve to be treated with respect.  We approach them as friends, guides and mentors.. NOT as slaves.  

Category: Companions

No, you do not have to have your vessel with you at all times.  Your vessel acts as a focal point in which you and your companion can connect with focused energies, but they are free to move around and are not bound to the vessel.  They are linked to it with flexible bindings, but they are no way imprisoned in it so you do not even have to have your vessel with you to connect with them.  

Many people find the vessel helps them to connect with their companion due to the concentrated energies of the bindings so it can make it easier for connection but you do not have to wear it or have it on you at all times to interact and work with them.

If you would like to have your vessel with you, you can wear it, display it in an altar, keep it in your pocket or purse or carry it around with you through other means.  There is no right or wrong way to display your vessel.    

Category: Companions

Questions About our Order Process

When an order is received we will ask you for the list of qualities that you are looking for in your future companion, this will help up find you a demon companion that will align you with your goals. Once we have received your information on what you are looking for, we will begin the conjuring process of finding a demon companion for you. 

The conjuring process takes anywhere from 1-3 months.  During this time we will be completing a series of rituals that are designed to find a demon who matches what you are looking for and your energies.  We match the energies to find one that will make a wonderful companion.  No two demons are the same so this stage we take great care to find a demon who wishes to work with you, and who energetically is a match with you.  Demons are incredible and individual beings so this can take time and we make sure to find the best match for you.  We also perform various rituals to ensure that it is a demon who is coming through and not a sludge entity pretending to be a demons.  This is very common,  sludge entities are incredibly dangerous and can lead to a lot of bad things happening in ones life.  People who have accidentally conjured sludge entities instead of demons find that their life falls apart, people in their surroundings can become sick and even die, and they can experience terrible luck.  It takes a lot of work to learn to conjure.  It is not something that anyone should take lightly and we have spent years learning and mastering our craft.  The demons we conjure are true form outer spiritual world demons who will not harm you.  

Once we have found a demon we will begin working with them and learning about them.  This part is very important to us as demons are individual beings and we want to honour them and give them the attention that they deserve.  We learn about them on an individual level and honour them.  During this time we are also preparing their scroll which is a document with information which will help you learn about them and connect with them.  Scrolls for demons include details like personal information about them, their preferred offerings, their sigil and enn and also their appearance.  Scrolls for conjured beasts, imps, graveyard companions and familiars do not include enns and sigils, but they do come with information, offering and appearances.  

Once everything is ready to go we will be shipping your companions vessel to you, which is a physical link that helps you connect to their energies and begin your journey with them.  If you have selected an aura binding, then the ritual will be cast and you can begin connecting with them.  We include our 21 day bonding ritual series, demon attunement ritual, and make it yours ritual to help you establish a solid foundation with your companion and connect with them on a deep level.  It is our passion to connect people with their perfect companion and it is our goal to find the companion that is perfect for you 🙂 

Category: Order Process

A lot of what we do is custom and unique work.  It can take a bit of time for the work to be complete depending on what you order.

Custom Conjures: Custom conjures take about a month to two months to complete from the time you order to the time that we ship them to you.  We have to go through the process of conjuring your entity, finding a match and infusing the energies into the vessel to create the focal connection point. So it roughly takes about a month though it can take more depending on what you have asked for.  

Spells/Rituals and Workings:  Our spells rituals and workings will be cast on the day that is booked, or they will be scheduled once a layaway has been completed.  Once the service has been completed it will take time to file the report.  This can take a month depending on the depth of the report.  We appriciate your patience during this time.  Thank you.

We try to complete your work for you as soon as possible, but we ensure that we are meeting the highest quality when it comes to our workings and conjures.  


Category: Order Process

Questions About Shipping

Q: I received extra items in my package, what are they for? Is this a mistake?

A:No this was not a mistake, these are extra free gifts we include just for you. All of our packages from S&S come with little bonuses that change depending on the month :). In all our shipping we include various random gifts, the gifts can include candles, incense, spell cast items, gemstones, candies, etc… 

Candles and incense can be used for bonding rituals with Demon companions or for use during meditation when working with magickals or other items you purchased.  You can also choose to use them for anything that you feel called to.  We send different candle colours and different scents in every package so feel free to use them however you feel called to!  

Gemstones can be used as offerings to your companions. When we are selecting the gemstones we will ask your companion to help us pick ones that they like for you, so they are in fact a gift from your companion.  You can use these as you desire, place them in their altar, however you feel called to.    

If you received a spell cast item as a gift, then you can use that item and the spell’s properties for its effects.

Category: Shipping

We guarantee all our packages, if your package did not arrive or was lost in the mail (as can happen) we will reship it to you at no charge to you. Please if you did not receive your package contact us and we will try to find it for you. If we are unsuccessful in locating where your package is, we will reship your order to you.

Category: Shipping

The majority of our packages are sent via USPS.  If however you would like special shipping we do ship via DHL as well, extra shipping charges will apply to DHL shipping.  

Category: Shipping

We ship packages to all corners of the globe.  We do not have restrictions on shippings and if USPS or DHL ships to your country we can get you your package.  Current shipping and Custom rates apply.  

Category: Shipping

Questions About Layaways

Yes, our Payment Plans allow for you to put money towards items and services that you desire, but all layaways must be completed in full before that service is completed.  

Those who default on their layaway plans will have what they have put down turned into store credit.  

Category: Layaways

All payment plans must be completed in full before we send you your information and mail you your demon vessel. We do offer flexible payment plans and want to help you get your demons, but before we mail them to you the payment plan must be completed. Thank you!

Category: Layaways

Questions About Our Work

This is a very good question. I appreciate those who has asked it and I am glad I get the chance to answer it.  The short answer is for the same reason that I pay my accountant to do my taxes instead of doing it myself,  But I will elaborate on that in this post as this is a very layered and a very, very good question.

There are many layers to conjuring.  It is a skill set that takes years to develop.  It also takes years to develop the connections to the different demonic realms.

What realm are you conjuring from?  Is it the outer spiritual world, an inner spiritual world?  Have you been there?  Have you negotiated with the demons? 

There are many places that one can get Demon Companions from. As conjurers we take years to develop the traveling skills and the techniques to screen the demons that we bring through.  We have the places where we have connections with the demons there to find them. It is something that we have spent our lives building up. This is a skill set that takes many years to master.  There is the element of uncovering the realms and learning about the demons and the different species that you are conjuring.  Then there is the element of learning about how best to bring the demon through into this realm.  How to create a link, how to create the bindings, how to screen them.

There are times when sludge beings come through instead and they try to imitate the demons that are coming through. I have had this happen and had to banish them and I have 5 – 35 safety rituals (depending on the demon species) to make sure that what I am bringing through is safe and won’t cause damage.  It’s a skill set in its own.

There is the personal element of walking the path, but as Lord Mammon always tells me you can either be the jack of all trades or you can surround yourself with people who are experts in their field.  Learning and developing a foundation and moving towards what you excel at is how I view this path. But that means that in pursuit of my path, I will need to have experts to help in areas that I am weak at.  In our 80 or so years it is impossible to learn everything and there are people who are naturally better at things than I am. Which is why I hire an accountant to do my taxes, a lawyer to handle my legal and an assistant to help keep me organized.  There is a huge skill set in learning to conjure and connect with demons. It is something that by all means you can pursue, but it is a skill set on its own that one must master.

You can approach the Dark Lords and ask them to grant you a familiar.  Sometimes they do grant you one, sometimes they don’t. It all depends on them. Then you have to screen it, you have to connect with it and you have to learn about it and what it does.  You still have to put in the work that a conjurer does so you will still have to develop the skills to make sure that you are getting the correct information.

Conjurers have a very specific skill set which they use, and they spend years building up connections and forming relationships with the beings and realms they wish to conjure from.   It takes time to not only form connections with the Dark Lords, but also with the perspective realms and regions where the demons reside.

I have been asked if the Demons will think less of you for buying a demon.  They would not think less of you.  I know Mammon rewards me when I learn how to delegate. It is something I myself have had trouble balancing and it is something that he has been working with me to learn to do.

Delegating and finding masters in their fields to compliment what you do raises your energies and it also raises the collective energies of the group.  Azazel especially I know believes in mastery of the self, but mastery usually means that you will excel in some areas and not others.  A World Class Gymnast would be a master gymnast, but they might not know how to balance their chequebook.  So it never hurts to surround yourself with people who are strong in areas that you are weak.

With conjures I even purchase conjures from different conjurers who I trust because we all have different energy vibrations and we are open to different realms.  Many of the conjurers that I buy from conjure from places that I am not connected to,  having their energies and expertise adds to my own path and helps me to grow.  My speciality is demons, they have always been and will always be my speciality, but that does not take away from the people who specialize in other areas. They offer amazing and incredible beings as well.  The diversity of skill is one thing that makes this community and this path so amazing.

At the end of the day I can try to do my taxes by myself, I can try to do my own bookkeeping. When I tried to do my bookkeeping myself it took me 6 weeks and I was so frustrated and it was taking away from my true path and my work,  It cost me $600 to get my bookkeeping done,  and then 20 minutes to put it all together and take it to my accountant.  The one time I tried to do my accounting on my own, well, that is a dark time of my life.  It costs me $700 to get my accountant to do it and he is amazing.  So yes I will spend the $1300 to save the time and help me focus on what I desire and my passion.  They have spent the time and the years to learn the skills to charge that price, and I appreciate and respect their skills and have no issues paying for it.  Raising your vibrations also means surrounding yourself with people who have skills in areas you are weak in. This gives you the time to embrace what you are passionate about.

That is from my experience with them. Your personal experience with this will be unique to you as that is also the nature of the path. Though we do say if you are drawn to a particular demon who has come through it never hurts to have a visit and see how you feel.  There is no commitment and you always have the right to say no.  Our main goal is to match clients with the demon that is perfect for them and their path. Sometimes that can take time and it should.

You should always make sure this is what is right for you.  People offer services in areas that they are masters in. Sometimes those services are right for you, sometimes they are not, but only you can make that call.

We are very happy and proud to offer the demons that we conjure, it is something that we take pride in and love doing. If you are drawn to it we will be happy to help you and if not, well we still would love to have you in our community.  It is all part of the diversity of walking on the Left Hand Path.

I have been asked this a few times.  People are confused why I work with demons and why I attribute my success to them.  They feel that my results are not from my work with demons but from my own efforts and dedication.

While it is true that I would not have gotten where I am without my own dedication and commitment to this work, it is not all on my efforts.  People will spend their entire life spinning their wheels and get nothing.  If hard work was the end all and be all, everyone who worked hard would get ahead.  In the end though, most people will spend their lives stuck, never accomplishing anything even if they worked hard.  What the demons bring is the opportunity, the amazing opportunities and the connections.  I say working with them is 50/50. You put in your 50% and they will put in 50%.  There are energies and vibrations which allow us to step out of these places and without being guided to what those energy vibrations are, we can essentially become stuck and unable to jump to the level of attainment that we wish to attain,

I believe that there are many gods and the when we connect to them and are aligned with the energies that we resonate with, that is when we can attain phenomenal results.  I do not believe there is one set path for everything, but I do believe that when an individual findz their path and finds the spiritual area they are passionate about, that is when they can attain incredible results.  Those who attain success have an alignment in their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual vibrations and it is from that alignment that they are able to manifest. People get results from connecting with gods who they are aligned with whether that be Christianity, Hinduism or in our case Satanism.

I actually think success in itself is wonderful and that we should be celebrating success with those who attain it, no matter what spiritual path they are on.  It raises the energy vibrations for everyone.  My energies naturally align with demons and the dark lords, so this is the area where I will find success.

When I started working with demons a lot of things happened.  The second I started working with them I was given opportunities and was able to meet people who opened up some pretty powerful doors.  I heard Mammon, he told me things I had never heard before, introduced me to people who told me things that were incredible.

It was about 5 years after working with him that everything fell apart.  It fell apart because it was time, it was time for me to move on. It was time for me to expand beyond where I was and to step into my own vibrational layers.  I valued my time with these people but I knew it was time to spread my wings and fly if I was going to make it in the area I wanted to.    I believe that Mammon set up that situation to inundate me with those success energies.  Some people would say it was luck, but I believe it was them aligning me with what I needed, to learn the lessons to get where I wanted to go.

I have a dream life and everything I desire and it gets better every single day, so a better question is, why would I stop doing what works so well?  I find it so interesting that people challenge me on things, it is like they are uncomfortable with my beliefs but my beliefs are not for them to be comfortable with.  They are my beliefs and they come from my experiences, like everything in this world.

Can you pull money out of thin air?  I can and have.

Have you dined with billionaires and the elite? I have.

Have you traveled around the world and been to incredible places?  I have taken my children to Disneyland multiple times and stayed at top quality resorts and traveled to many corners of the world.

I mean, what I am doing is working… why would I change it? Just because other people don’t understand why I do things?  I never base my actions, thoughts or beliefs on what others think of me.  It is how I broke out of the chains that bound me.  I am living it to the fullest, and yes I have Mammon to thank for it and all the demons I work with.

I believe in my own inner power and that this power can rise from understanding the subconscious mind.  But I also believe that there are external forces as well, it is a combination and a mix of both of them.  I believe it is this understanding of this balance why some people rise to the top, and others spend their entire lives spinning their wheels, working hard, but never getting anywhere.

I walk with demons and learn from them and respect them as I would any human mentor. This is respect for one who understands more than I do and is educating me.   I find there is indoctrination when we are young that we have to do things ourself and never ask for help.   It actually is an interesting mindset that we do not need help.  I have found that those who surround themselves with brilliant minds and create teams and systems go further than those who try to go it alone.  There is a team effort in success and this is the next level beyond the inner world.  Control your inner world, embrace your outer world and know that there is so much more out there than you can even fathom.

Healthy respect and appreciation for someone who knows more than I do is very different than blind worship.  I do not think there is any harm in learning from those who know more than you, and the demons they know a lot more then I do, they are a lot wiser then I am, and it would be foolish of me to not thank them for everything that they have done for me.

So, thank you from the deepest part of my heart and soul, to all the demons that walk with me, guide me and support me on this journey <3

Can your spirits and entities work effectively with people of various religious backgrounds?

The demons that we screen are not bothered by other religions. In fact, many of them are curious about other religions and perspectives.  We also have sone demons we offer, such as the Devotion demons who enjoy learning about different religions.  Yes, you can take their vessels to your places of worship, that will not be a problem for the demon.

There is a lot of speculation about demons being incompatible with other faiths and peoples, but really demons are just a divine spiritual being. They are divine in essence and divine in their darkness.  While there are personal conflicts that can arise between various members of certain groups, when we are screening, we take care to make sure the demon that comes through for you is a match on all levels. That also means a match for any religious background that you have or that other members of your family have.

It is not uncommon for your demon to gently assist your elderly mother who is a devoted catholic in a discreet way, to make sure she is safe.  They see things beyond the scope of our human judgement, and their perception of the world is different than ours.  If you have a specific religious background and are still called to work with a demon, we can accommodate.  The only thing that is very important is to just treat your demon with respect. Don’t attack them, abuse them, curse at them or try to force them to do things.  Accept them and they will accept you.

Does the vessel have to be around in order to work with the demon?

The physical vessels acts as a focus point but it is not necessary for communication. You do not have to have it on you to have them communicate with you and work with you.   When demons first arrive, the physical vessel allows for a point of connection, which will allow you to attune to their energies and help channel their energies when working with them.

Over time though, you will learn to sense your demon and communicate with their energies. That connection will become stronger so you will not need the physical vessel. Though many people like to keep them and have them close, as many times demons will enchant and cast spells on their vessels as gifts to their human companions.

Why can’t Satanists work with Christians?  I do not mean devout Christians, I mean non-practising ones who are Christian in name only.  Ones who do not go to church but just are naturally aligned to those energies.  

This is a very layered question.  I think there is a lot of pain that many on the Left Hand Path have not healed, which is why many are so opposed to Christianity and other faiths of that nature.  Many of the people on the LHP have been hurt by the RHP and there are layers to things that have to be healed.  This is completely understandable in many situations as often time hurt and pain comes with the need to heal and a time when there will be lashing out towards the other side.  This does not mean though that it should stay that way and I think that there should be a push to finding common ground and open communication and also accepting that there are many different paths out there.  It doesn’t mean we have to agree with the other side, in fact considering the nature of each path there will always be disagreements, but that doesn’t mean that we cannot get along, or at least agree to disagree.

I think that when one on the RHP is respectful of one on the LHP and vice versa, incredible discussions can happen. A discussion of philosophies without attempts of conversion makes for wonderful conversation on both ends.  I just think that there sometimes involves healing and setting boundaries to get to that place, which is not a bad thing either.

I personally have no issues with Christians, I actually enjoy having discussion with them and others of that nature who are open to a respectful dialogue.  It does not bother me at all.  I think in the grand scheme of things, there is darkness and there is light. People need to find their balance and the path that works for them.  If they find that in Christianity, wonderful, if they find that in Satanism, wonderful.  In the end people have to follow the path that speaks to them.

Doesn’t everything come from the same spiritual source?

I do agree with that and I feel the spiritual world is big enough for everyone.  There are many paths and many roads to walk. I personally believe that all religions have elements of truth to them and all religions will have pieces of the puzzle.  I enjoy studying different faiths and religions. Yes at times they are incompatible. At other times there are disagreements and fighting, but that is not a bad thing.  I think it leads to interesting discussions and is just a part of life here.

There are conflicts, there are disagreements, there are also powerful discussions and moments of clarity and unity.  It is all part of the journey here.   We do accept people of all faiths and backgrounds.  I believe all paths have a place in the whole spiritual structure and it is up to the individual to follow the path that is true to their heart.

Q.  Akelta would you explain please about the ethics inherent in trying to use demons to control a romantic partner who is not interested in being controlled?

A.  Yes, I can answer that… Ethically speaking it is not really redeemable in any way,  it’s black magick through and through and I personally think it is worse than curses.  Controlling another in this manner is essentially mind rape.  Love coercions of this nature compel the other person to act against their wishes and desires.  Basically, their internal energies are saying no, but the external energies are saying yes. So you get an endless battle where eventually the person’s will is going to win out.    It is like a spiritual rape drug in essence.  I personally do not do work like this for this very reason.

There is another side to this too, the most effective method of this is energy influencing. Because you are going against what the person desires, one would have to continually add more energy for it to be effective.  Over time it will corrode though, then when the person wakes up they will be filled with anger and rage.  It is similar to the effects of a person waking up from being in a narcissistic relationship and realizing that the person they thought they loved, was abusing them through subtle manipulation.

Adding demons to the mix it gets even more interesting because of the fact that demons are all about lessons. They are not servants, they are teachers and mentors and if someone asks for this there are lessons in them that they have to learn about why they would want to impose their will on another who is unwilling, so… what you get is a situation that is destined to backfire and when it does, adding demonic energy to the equation, the results will be, well, very “educating.”

Q: I am a boy but i wish to be a girl i feel i should have been a girl how can you help me?  Please help me i am willing to do anything…

A: Thank you for your email. This is a very big request. I understand fully being born in the wrong vessel to navigate this world. You say that you are a boy but feel you should have been a girl. My personal feeling is that you are what you feel like you are. If your soul and inside is a girl, then you ARE a girl. It doesn’t matter what society sees. Our flesh vessels are nothing more than seats in which our souls sit to experience different challenges to enhance our soul journeys.

There are certain physical and hormonal changes that can reconcile the inner soul with the outer vessel, however, these are physical matters that cannot be changed by magick. My suggestion on that would be to try to get into a good gender therapy program as soon as possible if you can. Don’t delay- the treatments available for reconciling one to their true gender are incredible nowadays. There are many ways where you can awaken what your truth is embrace who you are on the inside.

Magick, however, can help you overcome a lot of the pain associated with this and help your soul and bring out your inner Goddess. This requires a lot of self work and inner strength on your part- for this sort of magick comes from within you. You can bring her out and let her shine no matter what the physical limitations or medical limitations in your area. I would suggest working closely with Powerful Female Deities who can help you tap into your true soul gender and enhance your femininity. I would suggest working with Lady Lilith who is the Vampiric Goddess of feminine empowerment and one who can help you to awaken the power of the passionate primal feminine and help you to step into the body and energy you know that you are meant to be.

Lady Rashoon is another one, her energies are more gentle and she works with the softer attributes of the divine feminine, she can help you to discover your own personal essence in the divine feminine and can help you to claim your personal vibration.

This message is true of girls who know that they are boys at heart. If you feel in your heart that you are a boy then you are a boy and it does not matter what society thinks or says, you know yourself better then anyone and in the end you have to do what is best and right for you and no one should be trying to tell you otherwise. You can also explore many different options to help you to transform your appearance so that what you feel you should be on the inside, matches what you see on the outside.

The demons who you can work with to help you empower your masculine essence are. Asmodeus. The Demon of Lust and Passion but also an incredible masculine force. He can help you to love yourself and find your confidence. He can also help you to align with your masculinity and embrace who you are as a man, define your place amongst the divine masculine and live as you feel called.

Another amazing demon for you guys to work with is Astaroth. Astaroth is an interesting demon, have both a male and a female form and being a demon who is bi or duel gendered. Meaning that their essence compromises the balance of both the masculine and feminine and they have been able to help people to awake and bring out their true nature.

Good luck to you and remember there are option for you and there is a lot of empowerment one can find with transformation of the self!

Q: I want to be your apprentice, please mentor me!

A: Unfortunately we aren’t taking on one-on-one magickal apprentices at this time.  Though if you are interested from learning from us we do offer information, lessons and exercise on our online forum.  Satan and Suns. Membership is free to join! We like to offer community learning and growth and like to cultivate a positive and nurturing learning environment where anyone can grow and learn.  This is what we have found to be the most efficient and powerful method to teach people from and it is also a great way for people to share experiences and their own personal gnosis from their own path.  

In the future we will be offering online courses, books, and lessons down the road to continue to help people on their spiritual paths!  Our personal philosophy is that there is not just one path that is right, it is that all paths, and cultures and traditions have their place in their world. It is something that we feel strongly with that by sharing our paths and discussing things from a respectful place, we can all grow and learn.  

There are going to be things that we disagree on and this is ok! No one should have to compromise their values, but we can all respectfully disagree when we cross those bridges.  The sharing of information and wisdom though allows people to see through the eyes of others and to learn through our individual gnosis.  We have found this is one of the most powerful and incredible teaching methods and it is why we have chosen to teach from this platform.

The notion of soul binding is creating an energy link between your auric energies and your companions auric energies. This is an incredible way to connect with your companion and to feel their energies while allowing them to feel your energies. While there are methods that essentially trap the companion within your body, these are not methods that we practise as they are both cruel and unsafe. People have suffered horrible fates having entities that are trapped within them, so we have developed our own ritual to ensure that the methods are both safe and humane.

Yes, we do our own version of a soul binding ritual.  It is our aura binding ritual as we create a link between your companions energies and the layers of your aura to enhance the connection between you and your companion. This ritual process links the layers of your aura to the layers of there’s to assist with connection and communication. It also helps you and your companion to get a feel for each other and work together in a closer manner.

A physical vessel acts as a physical focal point for working with your companion and having that physical link that helps you to connect with them. While both methods, physical vessel and aura binding, have their benefits, it comes down to the individual. Which method do you prefer and which one helps you connect. This is different for everyone so there is no right or wrong choice or better or worse choice. It all comes down to preference.

This process is safe as we ensure that when these energies are flexible and not restrictive. This means that there is no danger to your or your companion and you both will remain free while being connected. There is also no soul obligation or contract that must be fulfilled for this process, just the normal respect that we show to all our companions.

 There is the option to select Aura binding instead of Vessel binding on the purchase page 🙂 

Q: Why do the scrolls take so long to complete?

A:The answer to this is… the Sigils… 

The sigils can take us a while at times, and we do apologize for that, but we would rather get you a sigil that resonates with your demon that is what they want us to reveal to you, than something that doesn’t represent them.

We really do take time to meditate with them, connecting with their energies, learning about them and recreating a sigil that represents them.  This can take time, especially with some demons, some have simple designs they want to impart, others it is very complicated.  It is a process and it is not something that we rush.  

The sigil creation process is sacred and it is something that we take our time with and something that we do not want to force.  Working with the energies, we are serious about what we do and when connecting to the energies we take the time to translate them and make sure that what we are sending you is accurate and in tune with your demon’s energies. 

We continually seek to improve our method of acquiring them and getting a solid representation of the demon’s energy who resonates with that sigil. Some are easier then others.

Recently though we have found that we have been having to enter an altered state in order to see the sigil in its multidimensional form, then return and create a representation of that on a 2 dimensional piece of paper. This can be time consuming as we really strive to represent them to the best of our abilities and skills. Sometimes we will create a sigil and it wont feel right, something is wrong, it is either missing a line, or the shape is off and we will go back and work on it until it resonates with your demon. 

We were a lot faster with the scrolls when we were not offering the sigils. They are what causes the delay, and we do apologize for that, and really appreciate your patience.

Q: What is the best option of your third eye workings? 

~Uphir psychic surgery
~Satanic Orb spell
~Hecate Psychic Gifts Enhancement

A:It is hard to say what the best option is, as they all are unique and wonderful workings, but I will lay out their differences so that you can see which one will suit your situation the best.

The Uphir Third Eye Workingis an energetic working to clear any sludge blockages, brain connectivity issues, and to clear the third eye for developing. It is performed with Lord Uphir.  The working goes deep into your third eye and cleanses the chakra, activates dormant gifts that you have, attunes you to various spiritual frequencies and also makes sure your third eye is connected and functioning as it should be.  This is a great working to start with as we really do a deep cleanse of your chakra and make sure that all the energies are flowing smoothly.  Our philosophy is that the third eye is a muscle and that working with it and training it will make it strong and sharp so we include post attunement exercises  to help you continue your third eye growth and development.  It is a very powerful working and a great one for people to start with.   

The Satanic Orbis a powerful energy tool that is created by Lord Satan and attached to your Chakra.  It is attuned to the demonic frequencies and aligned with the energies of darkness so you are naturally attuned to demons, the Dark Lords, and many other dark entities.  Different spiritual beings exist at different spiritual frequencies and this tool helps you awaken dark creativity and can enhance connections with the Dark Lords. This is a good spell to have cast if you are looking to shift your third eye work to darker elements and work with it for dark creativity and working with demons.  It will bring you closer to the demonic frequencies and help you to understand them and work with them. The dark currents of divinity are wonderful and incredible and the Satanic Orb aligns you with those currents.  You can get this spell cast at anytime.  It is open to anyone who feels called to the Darkness you do not need to be a Satanist, Demonolotor or Demonosopher to have it cast. Anyone can have it cast and it is a powerful tool for anyone who wishes to work with the dark currents and connect to the creatures of the night.  

The Hekate Psychic Gifts Enhancementis a ritual that lasts for three days.  It is designed to tap into your natural psychic skills and infuse them with the powerful energies of Lady Hekate.  This ritual for three days infuses you with her powerful psychic vibrations.  They target your third eye and your natural skills.  It also targets dormant gifts and helps them to grow and awaken.  The powers of this spell are meant to enhance your work.  This is a great spell to have cast after the Third Eye Working because it works to take the abilities that you are working with and empower them.  Strengthening your natural skills and awakening your natural abilities.  Lady Hekate is the Empress of Magick and her abilities empower and inspire all that she touches.  She is the balance of light and darkness and she knows the dark secrets of the shadow.  

I have been asked this a few times, people wanting me to scan their vessels and see if they are empty.  This is not a service that S&S will do and I will tell you why…

First…yes there are conjurers out there that are scammers and just sell blank rings but there are also sellers out there that shield and distort the energies around their bindings because they don’t want things to be scanned or stolen. On top of that, there are thieves out there in the community who do no research on their own and just prey off of other conjurers who actually do their research.   Ironically these ones are probably the ones invoking fear into the buyers and telling them that they are cursed, or blocked or that their vessel is empty.  It really is a shameful practise all around and hurts people on their spiritual path.  Usually if someone is willing to put in the time to talk to you, answer your questions, cast for you and work energies for you, they know what they are doing.  This is why it is so important in the beginning to ask many questions of your conjurer and see if they are approachable.

Honestly, I won’t get mad for being asked questions, I only get mad when people bad mouth me behind my back for things that I did not do, or because I didn’t say what they wanted me to say.  Those are things that upset me, asking me questions though even confronting me with your feelings will not make me mad.

Second…This can be a horrible practise, there are sellers out there that make a profit from scanning vessels of people who are having trouble connecting to their entities and spirits and will tell them there is nothing there.  It honestly discredits the whole community when sellers do this! It is impossible that there is only one seller out there that can do this! This is an ancient practise that has been used by magicians for over 6000 years and every family, every family has their own methods! So for one conjurer to know the vibrational frequency and to be able to identify all the species, all the vibrational frequencies and all the conjuring locations of everything in the spiritual world is folly.  It is impossible.  In my Facebook feed I have certain conjurers pop up and sometimes I don’t feel anything from the listings,  usually this is because I am not attuned to that frequency.  We all have entities that we work well with.  Some people connect strongly with some more then other beings.    Others still you will have to work to attune yourself to,

Attunement is the key, when an entity or spirit is from a region with a specific vibration and you are not attuned to it, you are not going to sense it! Necromancy is the art of speaking to the dead and it requires a very different set of skills and attunements to working with living entities.   This does not mean that one is not viable and the other is, this just means that they require a different set of skills.

I have also had people approach me with vessels from other sellers and myself that they say others have said are empty!  This statement actually flat out shows that the person who said it is slightly ignorant of the binding process, especially my binding process…

What do they mean empty? 

Do they mean that there is no entity within the vessel?  Ummm of course not! This comes from the old Djinn in a Bottle Mythos. All those Djinn who were bound forcibly in a bottle and ordered to grant wishes and do their master’s will.  Even the Disney movie Aladdin got it right, they are prisoners.  They are entrapped in their vessel and locked in it, which means that it is a forcible binding, so of course if you are scanning for something that is trapped and locked in a ring you are not going to find it, this is because this is one set of bindings and a set of binding that I do not agree with or use.

My bindings are flexible bindings which means that the energy in the Crystal is combined with specific energies attuned to the demons to bridge the connection between the demons realm and our realm and create a focal point for interaction, influence and communication. Once you are properly attuned to your demons energies, you won’t even need the vessel unless you want to have it or if you have a special ritual that you do with the demon that includes their vessel.

Do they mean there is no energy attached to the Vessel? 

Well this is just silly, the Crystal itself has energy so of course the vessel has energies and also the bindings are crafted using the crystal’s energies. So if you don’t know what you are looking for you might just feel the energies of the crystal.  This does not mean the vessel is empty, this just means the person doesn’t know what they are looking for and cannot sense energies.

Most people can feel something coming off the vessels, a powerful force, an energy vibration, a pressure on their third eye, they will feel drawn to the vessel.  Even the other day I was out for breakfast with a friend and she looked at Tigers ring and said, that ring has such incredible power to it, it has incredible spiritual vibrations, and I just smiled. She didn’t know it had Tiger’s bindings attached to it.  There will just be something about the vessel that is enticing to those who are spiritually sensitive.

A lot of times when people say that vessels are empty they have ulterior motives.  True conjurers want people to connect and work with spirits and they support this community.  They want it to grow and thrive so they will either refer the individual back to their conjurer for help, or they will offer suggestions helping them to connect.  It is really important in the beginning to do your research and make sure you select a conjurer you trust,  but it is equally important to be careful what people tell you.  Many scammers have ulterior motives and like to incite fear and panic to block people’s skills, cut down their confidence and sell them their snake oil skin.

On any spiritual path, come from a place of empowerment, not a place of fear.  If someone is pushing fear I would question their motives.  Spiritual Conjurers should be seeking to empower people who work with spirits and ones that come from fear are highly suspicious.

Be empowered! Be Inspired, and remember you are stronger then you think!

Demonic Bindings and Demon Companions :When you bring home a demon, there is not a magick switch or word that you use to activate them. They are living entities and there is a time frame to bond with them. You are brining home a being that has feelings, thoughts, and emotions. Demons are sensient and it is important to know that when you are working with them, you are essentially inviting them to join your family and working with them as a friend and mentor.

Just like the demons in the goetia you need to take the time to work with the demon, learning to communicate with them, building your spiritual foundation so you have the tools and knowledge for working with them from a respectful place. 

Our path is one of working with demons from a highly respectful place, working with them on a personal level and learning the abundance of wisdom they can share with us. We love the demons that we work with, they are like our friends, our family, and we treat them as such.

We DO NOT condone abuse of demons in any way or mistreating them with blasting rods and other archaic tools. These are not the practises that we endorse or promote. We are about working with demons and all spiritual beings from a respectful place where there is a mutually beneficial exchange of energies between both parties.

Demons that are bound to vessels are not trapped in their vessels, and they are not forced into it in any way. An energetic link is bound between the crystal/jewellery and the demon to assist you with connecting and bonding. What we do as priestess’s is venture into the spiritual world and find a demon who wishes to work with a human, it is much like the process in many cultures of finding familiars and spirit guides.

There are billions of demons out there, they are not limited to the ones in the ancient books, and our job is to go out, meet them, make sure they are demons, make sure they are safe to work with (there are many malicious creatures likes sludges and parasites that masquerade as demons) and then link them to a vessel to help you connect with them. We provide you with their information, their sigil and various methods or connecting.

It is true that anyone can go out and find their own demons, but we have trained for years to master this skill and just like I would rather hire an electrician to re wire my house, or a lawyer to handle my legal affairs many people prefer to ask a trusted professional to help match them with their demons, and that is what we do. We are Demonic Priestesses who have worked with the dark lords for years and specialize in discover, uncovering and finding new demons and species and matching them with a human companion for the benefit of both.

This is a question that we get a lot.  We do not cast love spells of this nature due to the fact that we do not know enough about the individual situation to know if this is just an influencing spell, or an actual spell that is akin to mind rape. 

Influencing spells where you influence the other means that love is already there and we are just giving it a little push,  the other kind though we are basically adding energy to change the will and inner desire of the individual. 

We have found that spells where one lover is forced to love another tend to require constant energy for any lasting effect. As time goes on it also gets harder and harder to keep the individual bound to you. This also does not produce a truly loving relationship as the individual that is forced to stay ends up growing resentful over time and more energy is needed to keep the spell going.  

We have items within our store that can help you find love though and can help you to let go of blocks and energies that are holding you back from finding love and really embracing it.  

For loving yourself and learning to value yourself and appreciate the amazing individual that you are we recommend our Solar Beauty Magickal.. Click here to view them!

We would also recommend our Rosier’s Exploration of Love as this magickal can help you to free and release the energies that are preventing you from attaining love.   Click Here to view them!

Or our Lord Rosier’s Burst of Passion – Divine Love Candle is another amazing tool for helping you to find and embrace love in your life. Click here to view them!

We also recommend our Astarte and Asmodeus Ritual of Love and Soul Mates to shift your energies and bring to you a passionate soul mate and lover.  Click here to view the ritual!

We offer the various vessels for our demon and spirit companions which act as focal points for working with them.  Below you will find a list of the vessels types that we offer.  

Pendants: Our pendants are Sterling Silver with Various Gemstones embedded into them.  

Rings: Our rings are also sterling silver with Various gemstones embedded into them.  We have all sizes, if you would like a specific size please let us know.  

Bracelets: We have various bracelets that can be selected for a companion vessel.

Polished Gems: We have various polished gemstones that can be used for vessels.  We have a variety of Crystals in stock, you can let your companion select the one they prefer or you 

Beads: We have different beads and charms that can be used as vessels, if you would like one of these please select it from the option.  

Aura Link:  We also offer Aura linking where we create an energy link between you and your spirit companion to help attune you to their energies and connect with them.  Instead of creating the focal point in the vessel, we will create a focal point directly to you through your aura.

Questions about Our Spells and Workings 

The Satanic Orb is a Demonic Tool that grows with you and empowers you.  When it is cast, Lord Satan selects specific vibrations of colour for you which will be most beneficial to helping you on your journey.  The colours are individual and unique and they are specifically designed and crafted to compliment and match your auric energies. They are also designed to flow to the areas that need them the most and enhance the areas of your life that you are working on.

The orb once planted behind your chakra will begin the integration process where the energies move to enhance specific areas of your chakra.  This is different for everyone but many people report experiencing empowered psychic senses, cleanses vision and manifestation, clearer messages from their spiritual companions and also clearer direction in where they wish to go.   Many people have also reported that they are more focused and more able to make confident decisions in their life and where they wish to go. 

The Orb helps you to connect with Lord Satan and to receive his guidance and wisdom and for those who wish to work with him, it can help with developing communication and connection with him.  It can help find clarity with direction in life and also can help cleanse and clear blocks that you might have.  The orb also is a tool of confidence that can help you to master yourself and your world and move in the direction that you want to.  
As you work with it, it will grow and develop with you and the areas that you use it for will dictate where you experience the most growth.  

The orb will also help you with connecting to your own darkness and aligning yourself with your dark essence and the dark gifts that are inside of you. We all have skills and abilities that reside in the darkness and when we work with the Satanic Orb, we can activate those skills and begin to nurture them and their growth. The orb helps us connect to the darkness that is inside of us and it helps to balance that darkness and help us to accept and appreciate these sides of our being.

It is a very adaptable tool that works with you as you grow and is flexible to your needs and areas of focus.   If you direct its energies to the areas that you wish to develop, the orb will empower those areas and assist them in awakening. Psychic abilities as well. Empowering our psychic sense with the power of the orb will help them to grow and develop and help your evolution. It is a powerful tool and gift from Lord Satan.

The orb is meant to act as a demonic enhancement tool. So do’s for using it are for things like spiritual growth, psychic growth, mental mastery, and creative growth and are things that it should be used for. It can and should be used for connecting and working with your demon companions and also for working with your own personal darkness and embracing the dark nature of your soul.The don’t come down to common sense. Don’t use it to try to force or command the demons or your demons companions that will not end well. Really though it is a tool that grows with you so don’t be afraid to play with it and experiment with it’s energies. It is divine energy and cannot be damaged. Have fun and enjoy your Satanic Orb!

There are so many different ways that that orb can be used. I am going to give some examples here but really I know there are way more uses and experimenting with it and playing with it’s energies will open up new doors for anyone who has it! These are just some examples of the ways the Orb can be utilized.Increased ability when it comes to connecting and communicating with entities…Meditating with the Orb and connecting to it’s energies before working with your spirits and entities will help you to attune your energies to their frequencies. This is especially true of the frequency of demons as the orb is a demonic tool. Working with the energies of the orb in meditation prior to spirit communication will attune your third eyes frequency to darker energies and help you with connecting and communicating.

Increased spiritual awareness

The Orb is attached to you and works passively with your third eye. It is connected to you and just having it will help enhance your natural third eye abilities and help you to awaken your sensitivities and get in touch with your natural spiritual abilities. Just having it connected to you will benefit your spiritual awareness.

Increased ability to connect and receive messages from the spiritual world.

Sitting with the Orb and connecting to it before bedtime and asking for divine messages from the darkness will help you to receive messages that are coming through the spiritual world. Connecting with the orb before bed time will enhance your dreams and help you to receive dream messages from demonic and dark forces. Right before bed, take a moment and focus on the Orb, meditating with it. Then when you feel the connection ask a question that you have or ask to receive messages from the spiritual world.

Increased energy and Psychic abilities

Meditating with the Orb, it is designed to open up your psychic channels and help your natural skills and abilities to grow. When you connect with it’s energies it connects to your third eye and helps to stimulate it’s growth and development. Even just sitting in silent meditation focusing on the Orb will help your natural energy and psychic abilities to increase.

Increased connection to ones higher self and spiritual inspiration

The Satanic Orb is a gift from Lord Satan who is a Divine being. This means it opens up your energies to the divine source and this means connecting to your higher self and connecting to the divine consciousness. Meditating with the Satanic Orb with the intent on connecting to your divine essence and your higher self will help you to shift into a state where connection is simplified and you can receive powerful messages from your higher self. The orb can also make it easier for your higher self to connect with you when they need to.

Increased creativity

Meditating and connecting with the orb before and art project will bring inspiration and opening the creative flood gates. Connecting to the orb prior to working on your art project will also open a divine dark channel and allow ones mind to shift into a place where they can create to creative sources and allow creative inspiration to flow. It is a beautiful state and connecting to the Satanic Orb awakens it. Lord Satan is very creative, as are his children and the power of the demonic creativity flows through him and the Satanic Orb.

Increased connection to Lord Satan, and Lucifer and all the higher demon lords

The Orb is infused with Divine Demonic frequencies which helps with connecting with and working with the Dark Lords. The Orbs natural energies help to open up connections with the demon lords and helps you to connect and work with them with clarity. It helps you to receive clear and amazing messages from them and will help you to form powerful connections.

Increased mental clarity and focus.

Demonic energies are powerful and incredible focused and structured (look at hells army). When the orb is plays behind your third eye it also links to your mind and sends powerful energies into your energy field that are designed to help you enhance your mental clarity and focus. Meditating with the orb and connecting with it before focusing exercises will help sharped the mind and activate the potential of the human psyche.

Will I feel something or how will I feel after my Satanic Orb Casting?I have gotten this question a lot and I wanted to post it here.

The short answer is, it varies.  You might not feel anything initially, some people will feel a tingling sensation or feel various swirling energies, others will experience small headaches (this will just feel like a small pressure) and maybe a slight fever, these symptoms should subside in a day to a few days.  If they do not it is likely that it is not the orb and you are actually sick.

After you have the Satanic Orb cast you can and should take note of how you feel.  What are you feeling.  The orb is always placed behind the third eye and acts to enhance and work with your natural energies.  Each orb is customized for your unique energies and are designed to work only for the individual they are cast for.  Once it is cast take note of how you feel and take some time to meditate with the Orb and see if you can sense and pick up it’s energies.

Different people will feel different things.  Some people will connect instantly to the orb while others will take some time to connect to their orbs and learn to work with the powerful energies.  It is a new energy that is in your field and so it can take some time for your energies to adjust to it.  The first few days after the casting it would be beneficial to keep a journal of your experiences and keep track of how you are feeling and new experiences that you are having.

Meditating with the Orb can open up a lot of powerful experiences.  Meditating with it and just focusing on the orb, paying attention to the images or feelings that you are having and what sensations arise when connecting to the Orb. There is a lot that will grow from your orb and it will grow and change with your energies.

Each orb is cast individually to match and align with your unique energies. This means that each orb is customized based on your energies. The underlaying energies of the orbs are black as they are crafted by Satan and are put together with various vibrations gifted from his hand.

The alternate colours are a combination of gifs that he adds that are unique to you and also energy vibrations that are designed to match your personal energy frequencies so that we can link the energies of the orb to your aura in a beneficial way that will evolve and grow with your natural energies. The colours are designed to reflect this.

The end result is a black Satanic Orb, that is overlaid with your personal vibrations and colours which will help you to grow, connect with and work with your Orb.

Questions about Our Magickals and Enchanted Items

Q: Does the glass I put the water in for the Vemon’s Bite spell have to be clear or can it be colored glass?

A:The color of the glass does not matter, it can be any color. We would suggest a clear glass for the spell, but the colour of the glass does not matter.

Q: Does it matter what color of candle I copy the Venom’s bite spell to?

A:I get this question a lot because the Venom’s Bite Candle is one that people like to copy onto other candles.

The answer to this is it does not matter at all what colour you use when copying the candle, though the spell does work best with Black, Red or Green Candles. These are the colours that we work with when casting the original spell and they are the colours that we have used when casting on the candles.

Questions about working with the Dark Lords

Q: I want to know about conjuring using solomons triangle?

A: We have never used Solomon’s circle or Triangle to conjure, invoke or work with Demons. That is a tool used by ceremonial magicians and we are Demonosophers.  They are two entirely different paths with different ways of working.

Some schools of magick teach about commanding and ordering the spiritual being to do one’s bidding.  These are not philosophies that we subscribe to or encourage.  As Demonosophers we work with demons from a place of respect and revere demons as the amazing and incredible Demon Gods/Goddesses that they are.  They are our friends, family, mentors, guides, companions, and we would never want to command or threaten them in any way.  It is highly disrespectful to do and quite often can bring dangerous reactions from the demons, who naturally have no desire to be trapped or ordered around.

You can use circles as a protection means to define the sacred space and keep out any unwanted or curious entities that might be drawn to the energy of your ritual.  The circle can define a sacred space for you and the demon you have called to conduct your work without interruption.  In Demonosophy we do use circles to define the sacred space and shift the energies to make it welcoming for the demon.

Triangles can be used as well but not as a method of confinement as some schools of magick teach, but as a way to focus the energies.  Triangles are very powerful and strong shapes and they can be added to your rituals in order to increase the energy.  This can benefit the demon and make it easier for them to come through and communicate.

The intent of these tools are very important.  For some rituals the intent of the circle is to protect you from the creature that you are summoning, and the triangle is used to confine them to that space.  For the rituals that we like to use, the circle is used to define the sacred space for you and the demon.  It shows that you respect them and wish to make them as comfortable as possible and keep the ritual space as clear as possible.  When using triangles for focusing you can attune them so that they can work to raise the energies of the space and actually assist the demon with coming through to this plane.  I personally will never use any method of tool that is disrespectful and harmful to the demons.  I like to approach them with respect and show appreciation and gratitude for what they have given me and how amazing and incredible they are.

I have worked with them for over 20 years and I have never needed a way to confine them or entrap them and I never will.  I also have never really had a serious problem, in fact I have experienced less problems working with Demons from a respectful place than people have reported working with them from a commanding place.  That is because of intent.  When you approach a powerful divine being from a place of respect they are going to show you respect back.. When you approach them threatening them and commanding them, you are going to get that back and when it comes back you better be prepared because these beings are powerful and they do not like being treated as door mats.

Ask yourself how you would like to be treated if you were invited into a sacred space and go with that.  Would you rather be invited and given offerings? Or would you rather be ripped form your home, commanded to do the bidding of a magician then threatened when you didn’t want to?  Manners and Respect go a long way!

This is a very good questions as having an understanding of this can prevent a lot of people from getting injured along their spiritual journey.

With any spiritual path I always recommend a strong foundation. Grounding, Light/Dark Balance, Shielding, and Mental Mastery. These skills grow as you do and sometimes for some entities you do not need them but it is good to have them. They are your base skills.

In some instances, a high level entity contacts you, They have wisdom to impart upon you and a desire to teach you so they will reach out and contact you. Usually when this happens they come to you in a dream, manifest in your bedroom (my first physical encounter with Satan) or find other creative ways to reach out to you. In these situation usually you have been walking a spiritual path towards these entities and gotten their attention though your devotion and actions so they make the connection.

Sometimes though you do have to be careful and listen to your instincts.

If an entity contacts you that you have no desire to work with and no call, or you get an odd feeling in your stomach and feel this is wrong. Listen to you gut, take things slow and ask entities you are comfortable with to assist you. If you are praying to Ba’al and one day he comes to you, he has heard you call and you can feel safe. If someone appears and you have not had a desire to work with them and you feel off and uncomfortable, well I always say follow your instincts, (especially what your stomach feels, the sacral chakra has great ability to detect when something is wrong and when you feel uneasy in the stomach, it is best to back away and take some time to reevaluate the situation). Never stretch yourself outside of your comfort zone as that is where you can get hurt.

When you are feel drawn or compelled to work with an entity it is the opposite, you are seeking and reaching out for guidance. You can tell pretty quickly when an entity doesn’t like you. I will give you an example….

When I was doing my energy healing lessons (not Reiki another one) I was told I had to work with the Archangels, now I always felt really off about this and my gut was screaming at me NO. Remember, my whole life has been working with Demons. But I am me, so I decided I was going to try to connect with an Archangel. Well I managed to connect with Michael and I though he was going to kill me. It was the most terrifying experience of my life and I never ever want to repeat it. Michael basically assaulted me, now keep in mind I have been doing this a while, and I would never advise anyone to do what I did. I was able to shield myself and basically get him to go away. But it is an experience I never wish to repeat ever…

When an entity does not want to work with you, you will usually be able to tell, if you Pray to them or try to invoke them you will feel uneasy and almost sick in the stomach by their energies. That is a sign that they are incompatible and that either your energies are clashing or they have no desire to work with you.

People get hurt when they do not heed these early warning and go ahead and try to contact these beings because they think it is cool, or they are dabbling or they think they are invincible and nothing will happen. Well, bad stuff can happen especially if you call to you an entity who does not like you. I have direct experience with that, but as I said, I know my skills and I know my abilities, do not call an entity who you feel dislikes you and they will let you know far before you actually connect with them if you listen to your gut, and rush into things to fast.

Do not be afraid to take your time when working with these beings, it is much better if you do as you can assess each experience without being rushed and make much better, informed decisions.

Really there is no solid answer to this question, there are many ways one can be called to work with a particular demon and many reasons one might seek council from a Demon or Dark Lord.  We all have our reasons and sometimes it is the most random events that call you to invite demons to join you in your life.  

It might be you open up a book, read about a demon and just feel a pull towards that demon. This is very common, each demons name and sigil carries in them that demons essence, and when we are pulled to that essence there is nothing wrong with seeing where it goes.  

As long as demons are approached with respect and appreciation for who and what they are.   You could also see or hear that demons name in your daily life and just feel a pull to work with them.  Sometimes they will reach out to us to get out attention so you might hear their name or something happens that makes you think of them, then you continue to think about them.  This can be a calling and there is nothing wrong with following it and exploring it.  You might have a dream, or an vision where this demon approaches you.  This can be powerful and life changing for some people.  

Demonic energy is incredible and when it crosses our path it can start and incredible journey for transformation.  Not all dreams are demons reaching out to us, and if you are nervous or not ready, you never have to feel forced to follow up on this connection, but if you feel pulled and have the desire you should explore it.   

Or you might just feel curious and want to learn what a particular demon has to teach.  Nothing wrong with that, the Dark Lords and Demons are incredible beings! Working with them can bring incredible changes and transformations to our lives and many people have found positive life changing journeys from walking with demons.  Really in the end, if you feel pulled towards a particular demon, if you feel comfortable, you should explore it.  

We always recommend starting by reading about that demon, and learning about that demon. What are their likes, and dislikes? What is the best way to approach them? It never hurts to be prepared and to come up with a plan to approach and work with that demons.  Some demons like a more quiet setting and smaller rituals,  others are all about ceremony and grand rituals.  Each demon is different and it is important to research them and com up with a plan for approaching them in a way that is respectful, and also honours them.   

Being called to work with a demon can be a very incredible and life changing experience.  When you feel called it is nothing to be scared of, it can in fact be and incredible time in ones life and the start of an incredible spiritual journey to craft the life of ones dreams!

So there are a few potential ways to increase your connection with Lord Satan. Your interest alone already sparks the opportunity to potentially connect with him. I would trust your intuition in that regard as well if you believe he already has started working with you. 

We currently offer a custom Dark Lord Connection Nexus: https://satanandsons.com/product/custom-demon-lord-connection-nexus/

This will provide the sense of security of knowing you are connecting with Satan’s energy and not something else. It adds something to focus on to increase what you get out of your meditations connecting with him along with a way of tapping into his energies.

We also have a 108 enn chant video for Satan that you might have already seen on our youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0HsXhN_bfh4

Apart from this, we offer a variety of products with Satan’s energy involved (And some with Satan himself taking part in the casting)

We also have quite a few blog posts on Akelta’s experience with Satan during various times in her life that might interest or inspire you.


We also have an encyclopedia post on him which can be found here which is the collection of information on him from our covens work with him. 

It’s exciting starting your work with the Dark Divine, Lord Satan is an incredible and life changing demon.

So there are a few potential ways to increase your connection with Lord Mammon. Your interest alone already sparks the opportunity to potentially connect with him. I would trust your intuition in that regard as well if you believe he already has started working with you. 

We currently offer a custom Dark Lord Connection Nexus: https://satanandsons.com/product/custom-demon-lord-connection-nexus/

This will provide the sense of security of knowing you are connecting with Mammon’s energy and not something else. It adds something to focus on to increase what you get out of your meditations connecting with him along with a way of tapping into his energies.

We also have a 108 enn chant video for Mammon that you might have already seen on our youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oKojacEfMS4&t=6s

Apart from this, we offer a variety of products with Mammon’s energy involved (And some with Mammon himself taking part in the casting)


We also have quite a few blog posts on Akelta’s experience with Mammon during various times in her life that might interest or inspire you.


It’s exciting starting your work with the Dark Divine, Lord Mammon is an incredible and life changing demon.

Questions about Spiritual Foundation and Development

I get asked this question a lot,  how does one begin working with demons? How does one begin learning about and casting black magick?  The truth is that these questions all have the same answer…

Before one embarks on any spiritual path they need to commit time to read, to educate themselves and to get a solid understanding of the path that they wish to walk.

Spiritual paths are not something to be taken lightly.  They are a serious part of our practise and serious part of our journey.  Having a solid spiritual foundation is essential! The thing about one’s spiritual foundation is that it never stops developing and we can alway go deeper into our spiritual foundation.  We can also practise our skills, we can alway push ourselves to develop more.

This is one of the greatest secrets in magick.  Pushing yourself and your mind to do more.  Developing and mastering your skills and abilities and through that understanding and embracing yourself.  This is how you grow and develop.  This is how you master your life and what it is that you desire.  Our spiritual foundation is Shielding, Grounding, Cleansing, Focusing, Mental Mastery,  but committing to a daily routine you will master yourself and master your skill and be able to use all of those skills to enhance and awaken different levels within your spiritual path.  An investestment in your spiritual foundation is an investment in yourself.

I did a video on it here..

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=coI4HqKT_s4?version=3&rel=1&showsearch=0&showinfo=1&iv_load_policy=1&fs=1&hl=en-US&autohide=2&wmode=transparent&w=3840&h=2160]

Darkest Blessings!
Akelta, Satyra & Yllidra

This questions has been asked a few ties during the group rituals.  Really the answer is there are a bunch of ways that one can dispose of the ritual remains.  It can depend on a number of things;

What traditions you follow? 

Some tradition or spells have a very specific way in which the offerings should be disposed of.  If you are following that tradition you should honour that method of offering disposal.

Wha is your personal preference?  

If you are working a modified system that is your own then the end result is yours on how you dispose of your rituals offerings, make sure that this method aligns with you and with the goals that you hope to attain.

What is the deity you are working with’s personal preference? 

Are you working with a deity or demon?  If you are, they may inform you of how they want their ritual offerings disposed of.

What type of offering you are using?  

Some offers can remain on their altar indefinitely, such as crystals,  which others like food will rot and will have to be disposed of after a certain amount of time.

Does the ritual have a preferred method of disposal? 

If the ritual calls for the offerings to be disposed of in a certain way, then it is best to follow what is recommended.

What type of spell you are working? 

If you are working a banishing ritual  there are many different factors to consider when disposing of ritual materials, and there are many factors to consider when disposing of offerings.

Here are some suggestions that I have used in my practise, though like most things I say follow what feels comfortable and right for you.  Rituals and spells are often very personalized and it is important to follow what aligns with your work.


Yes you can burn the offerings. Some rituals to call for this and some offerings it makes perfect sense to burn them at the end of the ritual, especially if you have a hearth or fire pit included in your ritual.  Food offerings such as meat and bread can easily be burnt.  Fire works great with rituals of banishment releasing and cleansing.  When you burn something you banish it permanently never to return, you alter it and alter yourself in such a profound way that it never will return to you.  Poppets, or other ritual dolls especially ones that might be tied to things that you wish to remove from your life can easily be burned.


If your offering is organic then placing them in a body of moving water such as a stream or river to wash them away is a perfectly acceptable way to dispose of ritual offerings.  You can also place some organic offerings on the beach to be swept away by the tides. Though please use common sense, our oceans and bodies of water contain enough garbage, make sure you only dispose of organic offerings.


If your offering is organic such as food, drink, blood, plant materials then there is no harm in burying it at the end of the ritual.  This returns it to nature and returns the energy to the one that it was presented to.  If you have a garden or compost this can be a great place to dispose of ritual offerings.  Some offerings or ritual items require you to bury the item in certain places, like burying them on the property of your target, or burying them in your own yard.

Leaving for wildlife 

If you are working with food items and they are not poisoned or contaminated through the working it is perfectly acceptable to leave them for wildlife and insects.  This can be a great way to honour the energy of the ritual and the entities involved.  This is great for gratitude rituals or rituals honouring a specific time of the year.   If you work with a food item, it can be scattered and left for the local wildlife to consume.  Some rituals even call for leaving such offerings for the nature spirits and the gods of the wild.  It really depends on the nature of the ritual you are performing.

Self Consumption. 

This is a strange one but if you are doing any translocation work or any work where you invite the entity into you some of them may ask you to consume the offering.  This should only be done if the offering is not toxic and is in fact ok for consumption.  I have done this during transvocation work with my companions to allow them to have the offering through my body.

Letting nature take its course

If you offer a bowl of water or do a ritual with herbs outside you can just leave them.  The water will naturally evaporate and the herbs will decompose into the Earth.  Nature knows how to take care of these things and some offers are completely safe to leave.   Flowers will wither and return to the Earth and the passage of time will take its course.  Some things are best left for nature to do with it what it will.

Leaving it on their altar.

Some offerings are permanent offerings.  They are gifts for the beings that you work with and you can keep them on their alter indefinitely. This is good for offerings like Crystals, candle holders or items that will not decay.  These offerings can be gifts to your companions and deities and they make the altars incredible beautiful.  The nice thing about these items is that they can be used with any work that you do with them and their energies build over time.


Ok some rituals call for this.  If you are doing a curse working, a banishment working or working with offerings that are not so nice you can and should feel free to dispose of them in the garage.  This will work especially well for banishments because hey, you want them removed from your life anyway!  Some items are best to be disposed of as far away from you as possible.   The garbage is a very efficient way to dispose of many offerings that you need removed from you.

How you dispose of your items will depend on the working you are doing as well as what the ritual is for.  Think about the ritual that you are doing and what makes the most sense for disposing of the offerings.  Don’t be afraid to get creative and follow your own thoughts and inspirations, but always use common sense.

Q: How do I begin on this path learning about magick? 

A: I have been wanting to do a topic on this for a long time as I get asked this a lot. Magick doesn’t happen instantly, it involves a lot of work and study. Reading and studying, as forming any path requires quite a lot of that! It’s good not to pigeon hole yourself too early as you may end up feeling unfulfilled. You are doing the right thing- exploring many different sites and fields of study. You will find *your path* this way and it’s ok if it is different to everyone else’s!

Besides Satan and Suns, another good website is http://www.demonolatry.org. This website is packed with information on demonolatry, Satan and how to respectfully practice walking with the Demonic. Their site focuses on Demonolatry and they have many amazing books that are great for building a solid foundation for working with and connecting with demons.

~The Complete Book of Demonolatry by S. Connolly
~The Demonolatry Goetia by S. Connolly
~The Keys of Ocat by S . Connolly
~Infernal Colopatiron – S. Connolly

To name a few….

Michael Ford is another Author who published a lot of really great foundational books for those interesting in the Left Hand Path..

~ Luciferian Witchcraft,
~ Liber Hvhi
~ Adamu: Luciferian Tantra and Sex Magick
~ Beginning Luciferian Magick

Here are a couple of sites that tend to publish really good books on the left hand path, though be aware, the LHP definition encompasses HUNDREDS of paths!

http://www.nephilimpress.com: A good general grimoire publishing site on dark LHP

http://www.aeonsophiapress.com: for darker black magick and anti cosmic theurgical books.

http://www.scarletimprint.com: this is a very good broad based publisher and also offers e books of many of its publications including Jake Stratton Kent’s books.

http://www.primalcraft.com: This is Mark Alan Smith’s personal publishing company where he discusses the darker aspect of Hekate in such books as Queen of Hell, The Red King and Scorpion God.  Mark Alan Smith is a genius and is incredible in his work on the Darker Paths. He is amazing to learn from.

http://www.ixaxaar.com: a bit pricey as grimoires go, however, their stuff is solid and they have quite a good reseller section on there.

And of course http://amazon.com: Is always a great resource for writers I personally enjoy reading like S. Connolly, Michael Ford, B Morlan, etc etc

There is a book called The Power of Concentration by Theron Q Dumont that we HIGHLY recommend to learn to harness and maintain your focus and concentration. It gives exercises, explanations and the best part for me, it’s not an overwhelming size. Using it has allowed my workings to improve, my ability to retain information has increased, and meditations are easier.   Theron Dumont is a pen name for William Walker Atkinson and a list of his complete collection of books can be found here… 

You do not have to be a *proper Black Sorcerer* to practice and make magick part of your life! Or rather should i say, if you practice magick on any level, you are *proper* ? A good book that mixes neuroscience and magick is Brain Magick by Philip Farber. I really like this one- it may be worth you checking out!

Other books that make incredible reads and can help you learn about the different paths and embrace different perspectives on this path are….

Phantasmagoria: A Compendium Of Monsters
Black Magick Evocation of the Shem Ha Mephorash – G. De Laval
~Witchblood Grail by Mark Alan Smith 
~The Equinox – Aleister Crowley
~Magick Without Tears – Aleister Crowley

[i]***Really any of the books by Aleister Crowley can give you insights on his perspective but he is not for everyone. We have a lot of Crowley’s books here…  [/i]

~ Esoteric Mind Power – Vernon Howard
~ Thomas Karlsson – Qabalah, Qliphoth and Goetic Magick
Lemegeton: Lesser Keys of Solomon 
~ The Greater and Lesser Keys of Solomon the King – Aleister Crowley and S. L. MacGregor Mathers
Heptameron, or Elements of Magick
~ Sacred Magick of Abramelin
Book 1
Book 2
Book 3
Agrippa: Of Occult Philosophy (3 books)
Agrippa: fourth book of Occult Philosophy
Ars Notoria
The Grande Grimoire
Grimorium Verum -Joseph H. Peterson
Initiation to Hermetic – Franz Bardon
~ The Book of Forbidden Knowledge: Black Magic, Superstition, Charms, and Divination – Johnson Smith &co
~ The Three Magical Books of Solomon – S.L. MacGregor Mathers
~ The Magus: A Complete System of Occult Philosophy – Francis Barrett
~ The Practice of Magical Evocation – Franz Bardon

There are so many books.  Really not all these books are going to align with what you believe.  Many of these books do not align with my beliefs but they are good to learn about to build your foundation and learn about the different elements of magick, and also to learn more about what resonates with you and the direction that you wish to go. The best way to begin is to just start reading and challenging yourself to learn as much as you can. The more you learn the more you will find what resonates with you and before you know it you will have a solid foundation of knowledge and your path will open up to you!

You can also check out our Youtube Channel, we have a lot of great resources and recommendations.  This video is all about where to begin…

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=coI4HqKT_s4?version=3&rel=1&showsearch=0&showinfo=1&iv_load_policy=1&fs=1&hl=en-US&autohide=2&wmode=transparent&w=3840&h=2160]

Q: I am being haunted, tormented, abused by a spiritual force! Can you help me?

A: This is one question that we get a lot and the reality is that there is not a single fix all solution. Often times individual haunted cases have to be assessed and the solution has to come from figuring out what is happening and laying a foundation for a clear recovery path. 

There are several first steps to take when you think/feel you are being harassed by a spirit or entity.

Ruling Out Medical…

The first and foremost is to make sure there is nothing wrong with your physical health. There are many times where a physical ailment, or chemical imbalance can cause sensations and hallucinations on this level. It is wise to seek a medical examination by a qualified doctor to rule any physical/chemical issues. This is the first step and we advise anyone who is in this situation to make sure that you are always working with a physician just to rule out any physical factors. 

If you’ve done that the next step is Spiritual Foundation.

The Spiritual Foundation…

When working in the metaphysical /spiritual world or having any interactions with spirits/entities/magick, it is recommended to practice a solid spiritual foundation. The spiritual foundation will keep you safe in your dealings and working with the spiritual world and is recommended for anyone who walks any spiritual path.  It is important to learn these foundational skills, magick and the spirit world are not a joke, they are dangerous and there are lots of things that can harm you, it is important to learn to defend yourself. 

This requires learning to; 

~ Shield (a barrier protecting you from negative energies/spirits/entities/magick) 

~ Ground (the process of bringing you back to the physical world after any interaction with spirit/entities/magick) , 

~ Cleanse (cleaning your space where you are having interactions/magickal workings), 

~ Ward (protecting your property and/or self with sigils , crystals, or larger shields). 

When you start to develop your spiritual foundation you will start to take control over your space and be able to claim your space and remove any unwanted forces or presences. The first step with any harassing spirits or entities is to claim spiritual authority over yourself and your property. 

We have a resource website where we have written short free downloadable PDF’s that have basic foundational skills and instructions on how to implement them. Please see the link below: 

Cleansing and Energy Clearing 101 ~ This booklet was written as a beginning guild to cleansing and energy clearing to assist you with building the important foundation for learning to cleanse yourself and your space of unwanted energies and entities.

Shielding 101 ~ This booklet was written to assist with the development of your shielding as shielding and learning to protect your energies and self from any negative entities or energies is essential for any spiritual practise.  There are lots of dangerous entities out there that can cause harm and the first line of the defence is your personal protection shield!

Warding 101 ~ This Booklet is written to assist with the development of your warding skills.  Just as personal shields are important it is very important to learn to protect your space and shield your home and your environment from unwanted forces and energies.  This can give you a safe space for working and developing your skills, and gives you the tools to keep your family safe from dangerous entities and hauntings.

Grounding 101 ~ This booklet is written to assist with Grounding.  This essential skill is important for all those who practise rituals, spirit communication or any activity where you have to raise your energy vibration.  Grounding helps to bring you back down to Earth and stabilize your energies and reconnect with yourself and your body.  It is a super important foundational tool.

If you begin to implement a spiritual foundation remember that it can take time for these things to take effect.  These entities spent years gaining access to your energies so it can take some time to undo what was done.  Be consistent with your foundational practises and you will notice that the effects will get less and less. 

The Living Shadow

If after developing a spiritual foundation you still find yourself tormented and you still are having the same trouble as before then the cause is probably internal.  This means that there is an element of your shadow self that has manifested its own consciousness and is tormenting you for some reason.  This reason is something that is deep and buried deep in your subconscious.  Some say that demons are in our head and this is true in this regard, there are personifications that manifest and arise inside of us and scream to be heard. The more they are repressed and ignored the louder they can become from the shadow element. In society we are taught to repress a lot of what we feel, and these repressions can manifest as living shadows.  

A spiritual foundation will have no effect on these shadows, as they are not external, they are internal.  A spiritual foundation works to protect you from the external.  When there are living manifestations that are formed from part of your shadow psyche then they are internal and the only way to go about removing them is shadow work. 

Shadow work, also called referred to as the journey into the underworld.  This is where you have to journey into the depth of your mind and basically heal past abuse and damage that has been done.  You have to go into yourself and work with your shadow side to uncover this side and work to heal it.  This can be very painful and challenging work and we recommend that you educate yourself on shadow work and find a practitioner who has understanding of the shadow work and knows how to help you navigate it.  This is very life changing and profound work and it can help you to heal the sides that are tormenting you.

The first question I always ask when this situation comes up is, How do you know it is a demon? When summoning and conjuring it takes years to determine what exactly you are working with and what energies are coming through. This is one of the reason that we recommend building your spiritual foundation and learning how to shield yourself and protect your space. There are lot of malicious entities out there that will take the opportunity of sporadic summoning to come through and feed.

When we are working with the Dark Lords we take the time to learn their energies and attune ourselves to their vibrations through end chanting and working with their sigil. These preparations before the invocation is designed to help attune you to their energies. These practises are also designed to help us define sacred space and create a place where we can communicate undisturbed with the Dark Lord/Demon.

When you are dealing with unknown demons and succubi and incubi you don’t have a clear lock on their energies because they are not written about and defined. This is why true conjurers take years to develop their skills and learn how to read and interpret energies. Those who have accidentally invited sludge into their life, masquerading as, let’s say a Son of Satan, have found their lives fall apart, they end up in terrible pain, and even have had people around them who are close to them get sick and die. Sludge entities are terribly and in some situations encounters with them can lead to sever illness. Conjuring is not something that should be taken frivolously. When you are trying to summon or conjure something that is unknown you need to have clear defined protections and know how to protect yourself if something goes wrong.

There are many spiritual beings out there and many of them are unfriendly and wish to cause us harm. Malicious Sludge Entities and Astral Parasites seek out our energies for their consumption and can cause a lot of issues when they get in. It is important to have means to defend yourself and define your space. We recommend learning about and developing your spiritual foundation, especially the area of cleansing and shielding. We have booklets here for free that you can download and use to begin to develop your spiritual foundation.


If it is a demon that comes through and it won’t leave you alone, it is important to note that demons are sentient beings with their own views and perspectives. They are powerful and incredible beings and if you act in a way that is disrespectful to them, they might be annoyed and trying to teach you a lesson. This is especially true if you are demanding or rude to them.

If it is a demon, apologizing to them and trying to rectify the situation and making it right. Once you have apologized continue to define and protect your space and take the time to learn what you need to to properly work with and connect with demons. Demons are Dark and some of them are dangerous, especially when you approach them in a cruel and abusive manner. It is important to know how to approach them and work with them and to show them respect. When working with demons, being courteous and polite goes a long way.

If you feel that you are being haunted and or tormented by a spirit we take the approach of returning power to the individual.  We believe strongly in the development of the spiritual foundation so that you can take back the power from these forces, reclaim your space and your life. 

Building your spiritual foundation will also help you to take control of your space and decide what energies move in and out of it.  We highly recommend that anyone who is having trouble with spiritual forces begin immediately working on their spiritual foundation. 

The Spiritual Foundation consists of Shielding, Grounding, Cleansing, Warding, Focusing and Mental Mastery.  The development and investment in these skills with give you the power to take back your space and remove any unwanted force in your life.  

We have written some booklets here that can help you to begin this process and begin to really take control of your life and reclaim your power.  Remember that you are powerful and you are a divine being and that a lot of forces like to use fear to take your power away, but the second you stop being afraid of them they lose that power and you can stop them. 

You will find the booklets below.  

Shielding 101

Cleansing and Energy Clearing 101

Warding 101

Grounding 101  

If you need a little boost for your shields we have an incredible magickal which we have created that can give you an incredible powerful shield right off the bat while you are developing and crafting your own shields.  This shield s created with demonic energies and is designed to help you deal with troublesome forces in your life.  Our Demonic Curse Breaker and Shield of Shadows. Click here to view them!

We also recommend our Belials Unshakable Force Magickal, to boost your own power and help bring you confidence and strength when dealing with unseen forces.  Click here to see them!

If you find that this recourses do not help, we recommend reading this article as sometimes there are shadows in our mind that are causing the problems around us.    

Article can be found here!