Satan and Sons Layaway Program. 

Satan and Sons does offer flexible layaway and payment plans for those who cannot buy out the listings.

If you select the Layaway option in the store you agree to the following terms.

1.) A down payment needs to be made within a week of the time of setting up the layaway plan. 

2.) Monthly payments need to be made following this. You can make more payments if you would like, but at least one payment a month needs to be made.

3.) You can choose the amount you pay as long as it is $10 or more.

4.) Layaway plans are set to be paid off in one year but can be paid off sooner. We will send an invoice for the full amount and you can pay the amount you would like, as often as you would like, as long as you make monthly payments and each payment is $10 or above. If you need more than a year to pay off the amount, contact us and we can discuss a different plan.

5.) You can have multiple layaway plans as long as you make monthly payments. If you cannot make a payment one month, contact us and let us know and we can work with you on this. 

6.) If you default on your layaway payment there is no refund, you will be given store credit for future purchasess.

7.) We only accept payment for layaways in USD.

We are flexible with our layaway plans and will work with you to find a plan that works for you.  We want to help you bring home your perfect demon companion and layaway plans are a great option for that.  We will work with you to help find a plan that meets your needs.  If you would like to discuss a layaway plan please feel free to send us an email and we can structure one that suits your needs.

Once you have a payment plan set up we will send you an invoice.


If you want to set up a payment plan we allow them for any of our listings including our customs. Please feel free to contact us and ask any questions.

Questions About Layaways

Yes, our layaways plans allow for you to put money towards items and services that you desire, but all layaways must be completed in full before that service is completed.  

If you have booked a time for your service and your layaways is not completed by the date, your service will be rescheduled upon completion of your layaway.  

Those who default on their layaway plans will have what they have put down turned into store credit.  

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  • Sean W. McConnor says:
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    Akelta, Since I’m on a fixed income and making monthly payments on 3 manufactured buildings, I think it would be bet if I made $100 Monthly payments. I always get paid on the 3rd of each month so please do not enact this plan right away. I’ll have to make my first payment on the 4th of June. At $100 monthly I’ll be paid in full in 11 months, just under your 1 year plan. Whenever possible I will make payments of more than $100.
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    All payment plans must be completed in full before we send you your information and mail you your demon vessel. We do offer flexible payment plans and want to help you get your demons, but before we mail them to you the payment plan must be completed. Thank you!

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