Payment Plans

Satan and Sons Structured Payment Plans

Satan and Sons offer payment plans for those who cannot buy out the listings. You can select the payment plan option that is best for you directly from the listing.

Selecting the deposit option in the listing will allow you to select the Payment Plan that works best for you.

If you select the Payment Plan in the store, you agree to the following terms.

1) You must follow your payment schedule. You can make more payments if you would like, but at least one monthly payment must be made. (If circumstances arise, we do understand, but you must communicate that you cannot make a payment this month.) 

2) You can have multiple Payment Plans so long as you make your payments. (If you cannot make a payment for one month, contact us and let us know, and we can work with you on this.). If you cannot make monthly payments, you will not be allowed to take on more Payment Plans.

3) There is no refund if you default on your Payment Plans. You will be given store credit for future purchases.

4) We only accept payment in USD.

5) Demons on Payment Plan will No Longer Visit those not making monthly payments on their plans. If you are making monthly payments, they may stop by once a month, but aside from that, there will be NO Visits from demons who are not paid.  

Please feel free to contact us and ask any questions.

Questions About Payment Plans

Yes, our Payment Plans allow for you to put money towards items and services that you desire, but all layaways must be completed in full before that service is completed.  

Those who default on their layaway plans will have what they have put down turned into store credit.  

Category: Layaways

All payment plans must be completed in full before we send you your information and mail you your demon vessel. We do offer flexible payment plans and want to help you get your demons, but before we mail them to you the payment plan must be completed. Thank you!

Category: Layaways