Visitation Policy

Moving forward, no demons will be requiring visits as we have found it creates a dynamic where people have hurt feelings and feel upset. It has created an environment that we do not want; we want a space where people feel excited about matching and sharing their matches. This is the best way to help demons and human companion find their matches in a way that is enjoyable to all parties.

At any time, any demons you see listed in the store, can be purchased if you feel called to them.

~ You can still request a visit, but we will not be locking the listings, and they can be bought out at any time by anyone else.  If they are bought out before your visit, we will cancel the visit.

~ Visits will be 1 hour long. They will NOT be longer than an hour.

~ There will be no sexual interactions or intimate play between the demon and human companion during the 1-hour visit.

~ We will not be putting demons on hold; if you feel a calling and want to bring them home, we suggest buying out the listings, as they do move fast.

During your visits, please be aware of the following.

~ Our Demons are screened, and they know how to work together. They will not threaten or attack another.  

~ If one of your demons is threatening someone who is visiting, it is not one of our demons and you might want to check your shields and make sure that you don’t have something in your house.

~ We do not bring through demons who pose a risk and the more experience we have, the more streamlined and safe our conjuring process becomes.

~ All Demons conjured by the priestesses of S&S go through minimally one month of screening and identification rituals to ensure safety, the darker ones go through even more screening and rituals.

During your visiting time you can welcome the demon, try to talk with them, connect with them and get a feel for their overall energy.   

~ You can make them a small offering, it does not have to be fancy, just lighting a candle for them and welcoming them to your home would be perfect.  

~ You can meditate with them and invite them to join you in meditation and try to connect with them.  It is just an introduction.  

Payment Plans

~ We have programmed payment plans into the store so that you can bring home demons that call to you without having to wait on us. Demons on mega sales will have no payment plans; all other demons will have payment plan options. Please select the one that works best for you.

~ Please DO NOT purchase the listing out with the intent to hold them and be refunded.  If you do this, your purchase will be turned into store credit as we get hit with fees when we have to issue refunds.  

If you feel a calling to a demon, then you are more than welcome to request a visit, or you can feel free to buy them out directly. 

a) Callings can be, but are not limited to…

i) obsessively returning to the listing

ii) feeling drawn to a demon

iii) feeling a connection and a spark when reading the listings

iv) a feeling of knowing or wanting to know the demon better

v) an energy pull or feeling a tingling sensation when looking at the listing

**Please note** You cannot purchase a Demon Companion if you are under the age of 18 without a parent or guardian’s consent.  Parents/Guardians, if you would like to purchase a Demon Companion for your child please contact us and we can match your child with a Demon Companion who is skilled in working with children.  

We also will not sell Incubi, Succubi, Desire Demons, or any Sexual Demon to anyone who is under the age of 18.  

Demon Visitation Form

Please read this form before your visit. It talks about what you can expect from bringing home a demon companion and seeks to answer questions you have about visits.

Visitation Form

Demon Visitation Calendar 

If you have a demon that you would like to schedule a visit with. please use the calendar here!

Demon Visitation Calendar 

Visit FAQs

If you have any questions about visits please review our Visits. FAQ below.  If you cannot find your questions in the FAQ, please send us an email and we will submit it.

How many Visits can I have with the Demon? 

In order to keep the visitations organized and streamline our matching process there is only 1 visit per demon and no more.  This helps us keep everything organized.  This also includes demons that are on layaway.  If you have a demon on layaway there are no visits with them until they are paid off.  Once you have paid off your layaway your demon will come over and stay with you and be your companion for life 🙂

The name of the demon is reserved for the one with who they are matched with. It will only be given to their Human Companion. All of our demons who that when they go on visits they will be addressed by their Rank, Title, or Initial. They are completely fine with this and will connect with you during the visit even if you only address them by their initial.

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