Refund and Vessel Replacement Policy

Return and Refund Policy 

~ We offer no refunds only store credit as a lot of time and attention goes into the work that we do.  Store Credit will be given for any canceled orders.

~ Once the work has been completed there are no refunds, as we have already put in work for your item,  That means that we have put in our time to complete the rituals, the writing, and the energies required to fulfill your order so at this time no refunds will be issued.

~ It takes us an incredible amount of time to screen our demons and get them ready for purchase.  There are multiple rituals and hours worth of work that are involved in this.  You are paying for this time.

~ If you request special work from us there are no refunds or returns as this item was specially crafted for you and is individually custom to your energies.  If you cancel your order you will receive store credit.


My Demon Left

This can happen though it is rare, especially for outer spiritual world demons.  Time for them works differently and the span of our entire life here is essentially a month for them, so when they decide to be here they do intend to stay.  Reasons this might happen though are abuse by the human companion in which case they will leave, or that the human and the demon decide that their time together is over.   Demons are divine beings and their bindings allow them to leave if they do not feel that the connection is good or if they are being abused.  Very few people have this happen.  If this does happen we will be willing to work with you and your demon to see what went wrong and how to fix the situation with your demon. because in this situation it will be important to find out what went wrong.

It does take time to bond and connect with your demon and they are divine being who needs to be respected and worked with so make sure that when you bring them home, you don’t order them around, call them names, or be cruel to them.   It can take time to work with them and connect with them and time works differently for them which is why we recommend using the bonding rituals and working on developing your communication skills with your demon.

We offer unlimited lifetime assistance though for helping you connect and work with your demon and help you both to connect and work together.  Remember these are sentient beings and they should be treated with respect.  If you part ways with your demon it is a good idea to ask what you can do in the future to strengthen the connection.  Sometimes If the time has expired we will help you to re-home your demon and see if they are interested in going somewhere else.  Demons only leave if they are being ordered and abused.  They are around even if they wish to no longer work with you and it is possible to help re-home them to someone who will connect with them better.


Vessel replacement 

It happens, sometimes the vessels break down.  If the vessel breaks within 6 months of purchase we will replace it for you free of charge.   Just send us an email, mail us back the broken vessel and we will fit your bindings with a new vessel and mail it to you free of charge.

If the 6 month period has expired you can purchase a new vessel from us using this listing:

We also can transfer the bindings and energies to a new vessel in your keep, this service is completely free and we can transfer bindings to most items that you possess.