Refund and Vessel Replacement Policy

Return and Refund Policy 

~ We offer no refunds, only store credit, as a lot of time and attention goes into the work that we do.  Store Credit will be given for any cancelled orders.

~ Once the work has been completed, there are no refunds, as we have already put in work for your item; that means that we have put in our time to complete the rituals, the writing, and the energies required to fulfill your order so at this time no refunds will be issued.

~ It takes us an incredible amount of time to screen our demons and get them ready for purchase.  There are multiple rituals and hours of work involved in this.  You are paying for this time.

~ If you request special work from us, there are no refunds or returns as this item was specially crafted for you and is individually custom to your energies.  If you cancel your order, you will receive store credit.

Vessel replacement

If the vessel breaks within six months of a new purchase, we will replace it for you free of charge.   Just send us an email, mail us back the broken vessel, and we will fit your bindings with a new vessel and mail it to you free of charge.

If the six-month period has expired, or you would like a new vessel or binding type, you can purchase a new vessel from us using this listing: