Mammon Manifestation Box

Mammon Manifestation Box


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A unique tool that increases your ability to manifest and also allows you to be manifesting what you desire 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Even if you hit a rough patch in life, this amazing tool will continue manifesting what it is that you desire and working at bringing it into your reality.


A Gift from Lord Mammon himself.  One night during a session with Mammon he crafted an energy box of great power.  This box is carefully attached to your aura and has an active component and a passive component to it. This box is crafted with the Magnificent skill of Lord Mammon who is the Demon Lord Master of Wealth, Abundance, Prosperity, Money, and Rich Mindsets.  

Priestess Akelta has been working with Lord Mammon for over 7 years now.  He has been mentoring her in the areas of wealth creation and shifting ones mindset to manifest what they desire.  Over the years he has helped her to Manifest Amazing opportunities and what she desires.  This Manifestation box is one of the tools that helps make that possible and he has so magnanimously agreed to offer it to those who want to increase their energy vibration and manifest what they desire.  

The Active component, visualise your Mammon box to activate it and place the thoughts of what it is that you desire within the box.  This part is very easy, just relax and visualize the Mammon box that has been placed on your aura.  It will appear to each person differently as when it is planted it will adjust to the individual aura of each person that is it attached to.  Once the energy vibration of what you desire is placed within the box it will cling to it and the unique energy of the box will cause it to amplify.  This is where the boxes passive abilities come in.  The energy will continue to manifest day and night from the magnification energies of the box.

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