Category: Vampires

Vyl’xkezon Vampires (Outer Spiritual World)

Vyl’xkezon Vampires  – An Ancient group of Vampires in the Outer Spiritual World. They were considered the first to rise from blood and divinity blending with the monstrous energies of the outer regions.  They are the oldest and they are the first group of Vampires.  They have deep connection to their monstrous roots and the…
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Haratheth Vampires (Outer Spiritual World)

Haratheth Vampires – The Haratheth Vampires have the most concentration of Dark Divinity within them.  They are tall and powerful and command incredible skill and ability over the energies of life.  They feed exclusively on Life Force Energies and are the only Vampire Species that does not need to consume blood.  Blood for them is…
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Vampires – The Shadows of the Moon

The Outer Spiritual World Vampires are a unique group of beings. They are different than their inner spiritual world counterparts, just as Outer Spiritual World Demons are different than Inner Spiritual World Demons. Before beginning to talk about the Vampires I need to take a moment to explain the dynamics of the Outer Spiritual World,…
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