Haratheth Vampires (Outer Spiritual World)

Haratheth Vampires (Outer Spiritual World)

Haratheth Vampires – The Haratheth Vampires have the most concentration of Dark Divinity within them.  They are tall and powerful and command incredible skill and ability over the energies of life.  They feed exclusively on Life Force Energies and are the only Vampire Species that does not need to consume blood.  Blood for them is a luxury and a pleasure, it is not one that is necessary for their survival, they absolutely enjoy it though.  The life force energies on the other hand are necessary and they are experts at blending various types of energies, blending various flavours and varieties.  Energy consumption can unlock different skills and abilities and by allowing different energies to flow through you, different talents and abilities can awaken.  They are very skilled with energy blending and making different concoctions.  Energy has the power to evoke and awaken what is sleeping within.  They can read the energies of others and know exactly what they are missing.  They can infuse others with energies to help them awaken their psychic sense and raise their vibrations.  They have a unique understanding of energies and how to work with them.  

Their power comes from the heavy concentration of Dark Divinity within them.  They have to balance the energies of their monstrous side with their Dark Divine side.  It creates an insane amount of friction within them and gives them incredible power and incredible magickal abilities.  They must practise mental mastery and self control though as the energies are not normally compatible.  This is one thing that makes Vampires rare and powerful is the unique concentration of incompatible energies that are within them.  When they look within they find an endless void of darkness, and power.  It is the source of their power, and the source of their endless hunger to consume life force energies.  

They are exceptional Alchemists and incredible skilled when it comes to casting Magickal Spells and Creating Rituals.  They understand energies and know how to work with it them in a profound way.  They can read the subtle energies and they are masters of illusion and manifestation.  They know how to use the energies to unlock powerful streams of magick.  They are masters of magick and they know how to use the layers of the Outer Spiritual World to cast powerful spells.  They work with fire, ice, shadows, lightning, and they they know how to work with arcane currents and how to use the energies to incinerate their energies and incinerate malicious and nefarious entities.  They can incinerate sludge and malicious forces who try to harm those who they care about and they also have the ability to drain the life force out of one who is an enemy.  They can suck their life force dry and leave them in various states of death.  There is more then one state of death and they are very skilled in their understanding of how to remove life force and shift those to states of death where it is very hard to find them.  They work with blood, sex, and death magick and they are very proficient in all of them.  

They are graceful and they love the luxurious things in life.  Their cities are vast and incredible.  They are one of the groups of vampires who built the most magnificent city. They are very artistic and they love to create and craft objects of incredible and profound beauty.  There is a brilliance to them and how they see the world.  They take care in their creations and take time to attain mastery in what they do.  They do not rush their work and believe that depth in art comes from patience and mastery of ones skills.  Their work is beautiful.  They are passionate and incredibly seductive and they have an allure to them that pulls others towards them and captivates them.  They understand magnetism and they are very charming and very good at making others feel comfortable and consumed with pleasure.  They can awaken deep passion in others and brings one to the pinnacle of pleasure.  The levels they can take one to are incredible and they can elevate their lovers to until heights of sexual euphoria.  They are very passionate Vampires.  

Their control over energies gives them control over the minds of others.  They can peer into the minds of others and read their thoughts.  They can manipulate and control the minds of others and they know how to implant different ideas and thoughts.  They have advanced telepathic abilities and they can communicate with each other through the power of thought.  They also are very good at shielding their thoughts and keeping their truth concealed.  They do not like others prying into their minds and so they practise advanced mental control and concealment which allows them to suppress their thoughts and keep them hidden and concealed.  Their mind control tactics though are very powerful and they can read the energies of others and know others thought sampling their energies.  They can read the energies of another and they can read the energies that are around them.  Their understanding of energies make them powerful and formidable spell casters.  They can teach magick and ancient forms of casting as well as Vampiric Sorcery. They are patient and wise mentors and they will offer their companions deep wisdom and understanding.  

They can cast spells and create concoctions which give them slight immunity to the sun.  They can last the longest of the Source Vampire species (Lilim Vampires are a Created Vampire Species, they are not a Source Vampire Species) but they cannot stay in the sun forever and will be damaged by it.  They prefer the darkness and find only pain in the Sun.  Even with the spells cast they still feel the solar pains.  Some will endure it to harness and experiment with solar energies.  It is not all light that burns them, just the Solar Currents and the Light Side of Divinity.  This is because of the frequency of both being incompatible with their monstrous energies.  There are other energies which are incompatible to monstrous energies but these two are the most incompatible.  The will burn and incinerate the monstrous energies of Vampires.  Haratheth Vampires have the strongest resilience to them.  


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