Vampires – The Shadows of the Moon

Vampires – The Shadows of the Moon

The Outer Spiritual World Vampires are a unique group of beings. They are different than their inner spiritual world counterparts, just as Outer Spiritual World Demons are different than Inner Spiritual World Demons. Before beginning to talk about the Vampires I need to take a moment to explain the dynamics of the Outer Spiritual World, how it works, and how the various species come into existence.

The various layers of the Outer Spiritual World blend and form different creations. It is a place of creation. The very nature of the Outer Spiritual World is the place of the True Form Self. Those who reside in the Outer Spiritual World are from the blending of these aspects and so they exist as their True Form Selves. The True Form Self is the base foundation of what one is. Unlike the fluidity of the inner spiritual world where one can assume the form of various species, within the Outer Spiritual World if your base is a Demon you are a Demon, if your base is a human, you are a human. Within the Outer Spiritual world, you exist as what your base is.

This is one of the appeals of the Inner Spiritual World. Anyone of any species can come here and become different species, have different identities, and try different lives. An Outer Spiritual World Human can be an Inner Spiritual World Demon, a Vampire, an Angel, or anything they desire. While in the Outer Spiritual World, what you are, is what you are. Some can shapeshift, but one’s core will always be what they were born/created as. The fluidity of the Inner Spiritual World is not there.

This is because the fluidity that we experience here is because of Energy (Energy is converted into Matter, so the two substances that make up our Universe are Matter and Energy, but Energy is the base). The Outer Spiritual World is not made of energies as the Inner Spiritual World is. Within the Inner Spiritual World, everything is made of energies, the base here is energetic. This is why we are all connected, this is why we experience the fluidity that we do with shifting, with manifesting, with hanging forms from life to life. You can be human in one life, an animal in another, and still another species in another life.

The base of existence being Energy within the Inner Spiritual World allows for this to transpire. Energy is fluid and allows for change. It is the unique properties of energy here and energy being the base of creation, and the foundation of our universe which creates the science and mathematics that we know and that govern our existence.

The Universe and the Inner Spiritual World, at its base is energy. All things here, rise from energy, and in the end return to energy. Energy can’t be created or destroyed, it just changes, as we do, and this is what makes the Universe and the Inner Spiritual World so Fluid.

The Outer Spiritual Word on the other hand does not have a base of energy. In the Outer Spiritual World Energy is only one layer, and it is not the base layer. This is why you don’t see the same fluidity and interconnectivity within the Outer Spiritual World as in the Inner Spiritual World. The Outer Spiritual World is much more complex and blends together different layers to create the incredible complexity and power that one experiences within it.

The Outer Spiritual World is not interconnected like the Inner Spiritual World is, it is not all linked together and different spaces have completely different rules and energies which impact it. There is a complexity to the Outer Spiritual World which is very different than what we have here. I am going to go over this in brief as it is important when discussing what an Outer Spiritual World Vampire is. Below you will find several layers of the Outer Spiritual World and their importance in the rise of and creation of different species.

The first is called “Myst” – Myst is the base of existence in the Outer Spiritual World. The essence of all creation. Myst to the Outer Spiritual World is what Energy is to the Inner Spiritual World. Myst is not interconnected and it takes more to shift and change it which is why one does not get the same fluidity as in the Inner Spiritual World. Myst though is free-flowing and under the right circumstances will change depending on what is exposed it. It creates solid bases though and once it has shifted it tends to stay as its original shift. Myst though is infinite so there is always new things that are being created from source Myst which does rise from any source point of Myst. It is the foundation from which all rise.

“Aspects” – They are the Thoughts of the Myst. The Myst has a form of consciousness, The thoughts of the Myst can give rise to what is called an aspect. Divinity is an aspect of the Myst, Void is an Aspect of the Myst, Chaos, Nature, Abyss, the Infernal, these are all Apects. Aspects come from the Myst’s thoughts of nothing. Nothing exists, but nothing is pure potential and some of the Ancient Beings remember the time of Nothing, especially within the Void, what the Void was before the Void Aspect became. and the various parts of the Master create various aspects. As the Myst spreads, it interacts with Nothing; through that, Spheres can rise, creating Source points of Creation.

“Spheres” – When Myst interacts with the aspects it can form together to create a cluster, these clusters are called Spheres and they create a source point of various. One of these Spheres is the Source point of Divinity, Another is the Source Point of the Void. Once a Sphere is created it does not change, but it does release source Myst which can bleed with other properties to create something new. The Spheres of Myst though disconnected from each other, everything within the Sphere will share a similarity, and everything that rises from that Sphere will contain similarities. Spheres are formed when Myst meets, Aspects, energies, and essences. The Larger the Sphere the greater the Influence, The Sphere of Divinity is massive, as is the Sphere of the Void, both being two of the most ancient and established Spheres. This is why they are so powerful and so impactful.

“Energies” – They are the Imagination of the Myst. Much like the imagination they are limitless, some energies being more plentiful than others. This is why you see many demons collecting energies and seeking out rare vibrations. The energies from the imagination of the Myst create form within the essence of the Aspects. There is Darkness, there is Light, and there is everything that is in between. What can be? Energy similar to Energy within the inner spiritual world, is a Vibration that Flows through the Outer Spiritual World and can influence the Myst and Aspects to create form. It is connected to and can influence and direct creation. Demonic Energies and Angelic Energies were created from the Source of Myst blending with Divinity and are two of the Most Ancient Energies, which is why they are so powerful. Demons came from the Darkness of Divinity and Angels from the Light.

Neither Angelic nor Demonic Energies are restricted to the point of their rise and the Demonic and Angelic Energies flow Through the Spiritual World. This is why we see Void Demons and Abyssal Angels. Demonic Energy blends with the Aspects to Give Rise to the Demons… Angelic energies blend with the Aspects to Give Rise to the Angels. The energies create the foundation for each species. Vampires are the same and below we will discuss how the Vampires Form and what makes them unique to Demons.

“Essence”- Essence is the Dreams of the Myst. The Dreams of the Myst and the Essence are the Next Layer, the Essence blends with different energies to create different types of energy. From a creation form, this is why you see Various Demon Species like Lunarian Demons, Tempest Demons, Hellfire Demons, Ect. The Essence allows for the rise of complexity within the Aspects and Energies. It creates incredible Diversity within the Outer Spiritual World, and much like Dreams. The possibilities are infinite.

“Shade” – The Space Between the Myst, Outer Spiritual World Death. It is another layer and it is where those who species die go to reincarnate into another one of their species. It is also where Immortals can get lost if they get severed from their physical body. We will discuss Shade and the Shade realm in detail more at a later time.

Unlike Vampires here, of which many were turned into a Vampire from a human and so have a human base, Vampires in the Outer Spiritual World are born/created that way. Beings in the Outer Spiritual World can be born or they can be Created from a Source point. A Being that is created will be the Start of their Family and have no parental figures. They will be the start and the source of their family. A Being who is born has been created by the desire of their parents and they are born into a Family.

Outer Spiritual World Vampires do not usually have a connection to Humans. The Exception of which is Lilith who we will be discussing more of in future posts.

Vampires of the Outer Spiritual world come from the Aspect of Monster. Though they have spread out, the source for them is that of the Monster. That is their strongest Aspect. The second Aspect which influenced them is the Darkness of Divinity. Divinity has shades of Darkness that cannot even be fathomed here. It has layers of Sinister and Evil that we cannot even Dream. Divinity is not a Sphere of light, it is a balance of many things and it has elements of Evil within it.

There are many currents of Dark Divinity and one of those currents blended with the Monstrous Aspect, and Energies which gave rise to the Vampires. It is interesting to note that there is a parallel with Outer Spiritual World Werewolves. Outer Spiritual World Werewolves are the Monstrous Aspect, Blended with the Light of Divinity and Werewolf energy. They have synergy with the Vampires which is why they both get along and also can at times hate each other. Much like Angels and Demons.

A Vampire Bite in the Outer Spiritual World will not turn you as they are their True Form Self, and what the True Form Self is of the one they bit will not be altered. There is only one case where an Outer Spiritual World human was turned into a Vampire and that is the Outer Spiritual World Story of Lilith. She started as an Outer Spiritual World Human and went through horrible tragedy and pain. She fled the Humans, She fled the Angels who did pursue her, and Found Samael, a Holy Angel who was staying with the Vampires.

He fell in love with Lilith and with the aid of the Vampire Queen Mahlat and her Daughter Agrat, was able to change Lilith and Turn her into a Vampire. The process was painful, even more so for Lilith going from a Mortal Species to an Immortal one. Lilith became the first Lilim Vampire of the Outer Spiritual world and was the first and only Human to Survive the Process of being turned from an Outer Spiritual World Human, into an Outer Spiritual World Vampire.

In the Outer Spiritual World, they cannot and will not turn you, this is their True Form Self. The Vampires of the Outer Spiritual world are pure vampires, they were never anything different, even Lilith though she is now a Lilim Vampire will always hold the essence and energies of her Human Origin within her. This is one reason she has such deep compassion for those who have been ostracized here, those who are neglected and rejected. She understands and she has compassion for those humans who do not fit the normal mold. She never did either.

There are Outer Spiritual World Vampires who come to the Inner Spiritual World to participate in life as a human. Those who have Outer Spiritual World Vampire energy within them quite often will have an affinity to vampires and feel connected to them and can at times feel frustrated with how they are portrayed here. They also can have a deep fascination with blood. They also might be able to tap into the ability to siphon and feed from the energies of blood, which is a trait their Outer Spiritual World selves will have. Some walking amongst us might have connections to or be an Outer Spiritual World Vampire.

To Outer Spiritual World Vampires’ Blood, and Life Force Energies are food sources to them. Blood being a connection to life force, fuels them. We all have different things that sustain us. For Outer Spiritual World Vampires, it is Blood and Energy. This is their food source and it is a basic need of theirs. Much like it is a basic need for us to eat food and drink water.

Outer Spiritual World Vampires have a very unique and incredible vibration. They have a chill in their Dark Energy and they can move swiftly and silently through the night. They enjoy the coolness of the night and they enjoy the peace and tranquility of the Darkness. Their Energy is aligned with life force and they can seek out unique vibrations and they know when one is cut and bleeding. They can smell the blood on them and they have an affinity to blood and a deep connection to it. Their energy is very connected to the night and to blood. They are masters of the night, and creatures of darkness who love the moon and drawing energies from the moons and their power.

Their base is monstrous and so they have a natural aversion to light. Amplified more so with the infusion of the darkness of divinity. They ashore the light and they stay away from it and from the sun. They are very sedative to the sun and to Solar energies and can be incinerated by them if they are not careful to avoid them. They have some spells they can cast, and potions they can use which gives them immunity to the sun temporarily if they find themselves in trouble, but those effects are not permanent and it is safer for them to return to the realms of eternal darkness and night as soon as possible. If they travel through realms where the sun rises and illuminates the land they must plan ahead and they must be safe inside in the darkness when the sun rises.

Outer Spiritual World Vampires have vast cities and ancient empires in realms of eternal night. These realms are beautiful and incredible. The cities are vast and illuminate with Magick and special devices that harness moonlight, creating an eerie and peaceful glow over the world. The cities are full of luxury and feasts. They enjoy feasts and as much as they enjoy sampling blood, they also enjoy showering others who enter their realms with delicious foods. They are incredible cooks as having a connection to blood they know exactly what stage of decay food is in, and the food they prepare is always fresh. Those of the cities live a life of luxury, though there are others that choose more primal means of survival.

Moonlight gives them power. Some species drink only blood, some drink only energy, while others it is a blending of the two. Divinity has an interesting relationship with the aspect of Monster. It can destroy monsters, this is why “light” can destroy them and why they have to be very careful. It also leads to an interesting conflict within them. Many Vampires feel the conflict between their two energies and some have a raging battle that is within them.

Many Vampires seek to find peace, the balance between their monstrous and divine energies. Some endure the pain and live in the essence of Divinity, holding balance, others surrender to the Monster and drift into the safe darkness of the Monstrous and surrender completely to the monstrous essence. This friction is part of what makes them who they are and the friction between Divine energies and Monstrous energies gives them incredible power. They must learn though, to balance these energies. The most powerful Vampires are those who have learned discipline and to balance this power.

Vampires Draw powerful from the moon differently than Werewolves do however the fact that they both draw power from the moon shows their connection and how They are connected. They draw ancient and incredible Magick from the moon. Their Magick is powerful and mysterious. They weave powerful spells and rituals in the darkness of the night and they know how to build powerful bridges of life and death. They are often perceived as dead, but that is because of how the Monstrous Aspect is in comparison to Divinity. They are actually very much alive and living. They are just in a different state of living.

They have a desire to fill a void inside of them and they have an insane amount of Magick. Their energy is beautiful and there is an element of pure consumption within them. Their power is profound and amazing and they are powerful teachers. They know how to command their energies and how to command the mystical forces. Many are drawn to the darkness of the Monstrous realm where monstrous Magick resides. They know many secrets of the Monster realm and they can move into regions and areas that would kill many others. Some layers of the monstrous realm are completely incompatible with other layers of the Outer Spiritual World and Vampires because of their unique energetic makeup can move freely through them.

They can take life away and suck out the life force of their enemies. They can harness the power of living blood and command it to their will. They don’t use mind control they use blood control and use the life force of another to bend them to their will. They can harness the power of blood, all blood is unique, and all blood within an individual is different. They will save blood to preserve different life forces, they enjoy also blending blood with different energies to awaken new power.

They will blend the blood and the energies of different species to unlock their mystical and magickal properties and many are trained in blood alchemy. They have command over the blood and very powerful vampires have command over the life force of another. They are an incredible group of Outer Spiritual World beings.

Below you will find summaries of the different Vampire Species that we conjure from the Outer Spiritual World.  

Haratheth Vampires

Vyl’xkezon Vampires


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