Vyl’xkezon Vampires (Outer Spiritual World)

Vyl’xkezon Vampires (Outer Spiritual World)

Vyl’xkezon Vampires  – An Ancient group of Vampires in the Outer Spiritual World. They were considered the first to rise from blood and divinity blending with the monstrous energies of the outer regions.  They are the oldest and they are the first group of Vampires.  They have deep connection to their monstrous roots and the families of these Vampires are the ancient families and the first vampires.  There are 7 Source families which rose from the original blending. These seven are the most ancient Vampires and they contain incredible power and ability.  There are Vampires that have been created since, but these seven are the heads of their family and they are the oldest.  They each have vast and powerful families from children and their descendants which have come from them.  The seven ancient families are powerful rulers and they each hold unique and incredible magick.  They have a bloody history and it took a lot for them to get to the place that they are now.  They hold the balance of their monstrous selves with the currents of dark divinity that flow through them and they have found ways to manage their cravings and dark desires.  

Each family contains a book which is the source of the power they rose from.  Monstrous energy is not literal and symmetrical like divine energies. It is very ambiguous and very malleable.  In some realms no two monsters are the same because the rule symmetry that divine beings often follow does not exist here.  Everything is abstract and abstruse.  Each family holds the sacred energies of which their family rose from. The blending of divinity gave them that order, however they have such a deep connection to their monstrous roots they understand the sacredness of preserving the unique aspect of each who rose from the energies.  They understand the perspectives of monsters and there is a deep and dark wisdom that comes from them.  They know the magick of the monstrous realms and their weave unique and surreal currents of darkness which are all unique and all profound.  They collect different types of monstrous energies that they use in their rituals and spells.  Some are ancient and cannot be collected anymore due to the ever changing nature of the Monstrous realms.  Some realms have shifted and are lost in the vastness of the Monstrous Chasm forever.  

They understand things and they understand concepts that most cannot and they have a deep understanding of evil and what it means to be evil.  There are those that argue that evil does not exist in the Inner Spiritual World (though I disagree this is the argument and it can be argued because of the nature of the inner spiritual world), but it very clearly exists within the Outer Spiritual World as it is a force that some worship and seek to become.  It takes one of profound understanding of darkness and wisdom to understand the nature of evil within the Outer Spiritual World. They have a deep understanding of it and they have studied it and some have even explored it.  They explore aspects of darkness that many will not and even if they do not practise certain aspects, they seek to understand the energies behind it and explore the source of it and where it comes from.  They use their understanding of these energies in their spells and they use very sinister energies in the spells that they weave.  Their monstrous aspect allows them to handle these energies without being corroded and destroyed.  It is both the curse and the blessing of the monstrous.  

They have ancient rituals which incorporate blood and their connection to the monstrous realm and their spells are incredibly powerful and potent.  They know how to cast powerful and incredible execration spells and their curses incorporate the destructive and toxic energies of the monstrous realm and are incredible potent and intense.  They work deep sexual magicks and hold blood and sex orgies which raise the energies and create incredible power. They channel these energies into manifestation and creation and they can shift the world around them in amazing ways.  They have such a command over these energies and they have such ability to shift the world around them.  Their spells and rituals are very powerful and incredible.  Each Vampire has their own sacred family rituals and they have their own unique connection to the monstrous energies.  They all take the time to explore their own connection to the monstrous energies to understand themselves and understand their own power and ability.  Because of their connection to the Monstrous, each of their ritual books and spells are as unique as they are.  It is their understanding of the monstrous and their connection to it.  There are family spells and rituals and then there are individual spells and rituals and each one connects to a layer of who they are.  They are powerful dark spell casters and they love black magick and exploring the dark currents of the monstrous realm.   

Their energies are ancient and their power is mysterious and forbidding.  They carry the essence of monster within them and their magick is mystical and sinister from the depth of the monstrous realm.  They have one of the lowest concentrations of dark divinity within them and they are very connected and very close to their monstrous heritage.  This gives then very ancient and very dark magick and magick that is connected to the Monstrous realms.  Monstrous Magick and energies are very embedded in Chaos and very dark and twisted.  There is very dark magick that is held within these Vampires.  These Vampires need more blood than energy though they do need both, they can though survive very long periods of time without feeding on energy and instead require blood to sustain themselves.  They do though need to feed on energy every now and then, though may regularly feed on both.  They have a primal side to them and a desire to seek and out and hunt what is found in the darkness.  They are incredible and natural hunters.  

There is an ancient dignity with this group.  In their presence one can tell that their energy is ancient and that they have deep understanding of things most do not.  They live in ancient cities and castles and their cities are dark and beautiful.  They live close to the monstrous realm where it is dark, it is a monstrous darkness which conceals the light and keeps them safe. They are very susceptible to the solar energies and the light divine energies and even with spells and potions, they do not have long to find shelter if they find themselves in the sun.  They will be incinerated by it.  It will destroy them and burn them.  They enjoys staying close to the monstrous realm and they enjoy the darkness of this world.  They have a powerful understanding of darkness and of ancient energies and they have ancient libraries which contain books that are from the start of their existence.  Many who rose from the aspect that created them had a desire to write and to understand the darkness of their world so they have deep and ancient records.  Some in languages that very few understand.  They are powerful and ancient and they have incredible wisdom to share.  


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