Muse (Fallen Angel)

Muse (Fallen Angel)

Fallen Angel Muse

Fallen angel muses are writers, philosophers, and poets. They enjoy ingesting literature but also love to inspire others (as a muse). From an angelic perspective, they worked as angels in the past who would act as inspiration for great works for others. They help guide and awaken the creative flow in others. As a demon, they can inspire from both sides, as well as reach many other energies and aspects. Muses are skilled at stirring the creative energies in another. They are like creative healers. For instance, they are incredible at removing writer’s block.

Fallen angel muses can help people be entranced by the energies of inspiration since they know the creative centers within the mind and body. They also know how to help someone tap into these centers and energies to create. In addition to providing inspiration, they preserve ancient literature or any great work. They are very passionate about the preservation of these works in order to allow them to be passed down to future generations, so they will fight for them not to be destroyed.

Fallen angel muses often have connections to museums, art galleries and any other location where beautiful works are protected. In addition to the creative work being protected, they also want to protect the mind of the artist, especially to protect it from anyone in the external world who wants to damage it. Fallen angel muses are skilled at fighting because of this urge to protect. People can be physically and mentally in danger, so fallen angel muses can act as protectors from these forces that would try to attack their companions.

Fallen angel muses know techniques and tools to open creative centers and energies in the body. They can help their companion be encapsulated within energies that stir great work from within. They intimately understand how creative energies work in the chakras, and they know how to clear the blocks to access them. They can help with creative arousal, which is not sexual but the sensation of when someone is deeply moved by beautiful art and music. They see themselves as guardians of art. They have passion for the creative process and creative aspects. Fallen angel muses might not be the creator of work, but they understand how to assist the creator with the creation of beautiful pieces and connect them to it. They are called to protect and preserve art as well as to help artists enter a sacred space to create art. They help define and protect the creative space. Muses can inspire a creator through journeys and energies that will allow someone to open up to them.

Due to their understanding of creative energies, fallen angel muses know how to awaken and bring those creative energies into the body and how to connect them within different areas. Angelic muses only work with light. However, fallen angel muses will find energy that works for someone within all the spectrums of energies. They work with both dark and light energies and will seek out diverse energies to act as sources of inspiration. They will look for energies that can stir things and can attune the energies based on the individual. Muses will get to know the artist and study what they are connected and open to. They can help their companion with any writer’s block to remove it, as well as how to flood them with energies and create a sacred space so their companion is protected from any external forces or influences. Muses have techniques that are very specialized, so they can tailor their inspiration based on the artist.


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