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Fallen Angel Muse

Muse (Fallen Angel)

Fallen angel muses are writers, philosophers, and poets. They enjoy ingesting literature but also love to inspire others (as a muse). From an angelic perspective, they worked as angels in the past who would act as inspiration for great works for others. They help guide and awaken the creative flow in others. As a demon,…
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Fallen Siephfe

Fallen Siephfe The fallen Siephfe are a group of angels who after their fall rejected their angelic aspect in its entirety. They were fallen angels that found no peace or balance, they instead fully embraced their demonic side. While some angels found balance after their fall there wasn’t any resolution for this group. Fallen Siephfe’s…
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Black Seraph

Black Seraph Black Seraphs are a group that has pushed themselves into the darkness of their demonic lineage after their fall as angels. They fused themselves with the essence of the void also called the black void elixir, which is different from the black flame. The black void elixir is an essence in the void…
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