Black Seraph

Black Seraph

Black Seraph

Black Seraphs are a group that has pushed themselves into the darkness of their demonic lineage after their fall as angels. They fused themselves with the essence of the void also called the black void elixir, which is different from the black flame. The black void elixir is an essence in the void that is like a black mercurial liquid. It is the more cooling aspect of the void that comes from the deep, in the rich depth of the void. They have fallen and have accepted their fall. Black Seraphim have ventured into the void and allowed it to change them into powerful warriors which is why they are still using the title seraphs, as seraphs are the highest rank in angelology.

This group consists of powerful warriors and protectors who rose as skilled fighters from the void after their fall. Part of this is because they were hunted during that period and a lot of the black seraphs were angels who were deeply wounded during the fall. Black Seraphs suffered serious injuries, and after their first DDE infusion they ventured into the void and were infused with the essence of void demons, so they have both types of demonic energies.  This allowed their transformation to go deeper into dark places. They have a profound understanding of the void and the sinister nature of being hunted. It’s an intelligent darkness that moves through the void, so they learned how to understand it. Thus, black seraphs are skilled at giving counsel and guidance since they see things from a perspective that many can’t see.

From their journey into the void, black seraphs were able to learn to see the void paths and understand how a moment in time can open many branches and alternate sides. This allowed them to have a multilayered perspective. There is a sinister element to them because they understand violence and darkness however the ones Satan and Sons conjures are not dangerous. They are masters of the black void elixir since they work with it and understand it. The way they bend it is through a type of magick. They can use the black void elixir for healing, manifestation, and protection as well as for offense to blast it and corrode someone from the inside out. Black seraphs are also very proficient at shielding from this place and can cast with this substance, so it decays and disintegrates others. They can also craft this substance into weapons and blend it with their angelic imprint to add to it.

Black seraphs reject their angelic side, however not to the level of Siephfe’s. They choose to focus more on the demonic side. Their reasoning is that their angelic side is their old life but if it can help enhance their new life then that’s great. They pursue the demonic energies and enhance what they have fully so they at times add a little bit of their past to create a unique and sublime blending from their skills.

Black Seraphim can help their companion with protection and defense. They can remove sinister entities and offer guidance on a situation. They can also teach how to understand sinister elements within, the voidal elements, the complexity of layers down there as well as the healing and destructive elements of it. They understand how the void goes on forever and what is lurking in the shadows the deeper you go. Black seraphs know how to use void energies for manifestations and shaping things to enchant different items.

 They understand the pure essence of the void and how it can corrode and create, as well as the synergy within it. There are more states within the void like living death, disintegration, animation, evolution, stagnation, existence trapped in time, and moving through different aspects of time. In The Void you can die without dying, as there are many states in the void. Divinity has many facets which are structured, but the void is like order and chaos merged together and that exists simultaneously. There is more to it but it’s hard to describe the full nature of the void in a sentence. They have a deep understanding of these concepts, and they continuously venture into them.

Black Seraphim can help with the removal of parasites and sludge since they can see them and know what is there. They have a unique ability to see when things start to enter from the shadows, and when they try to get hooks in. They can see when people are being attacked and when something unwelcome is trying to come in. They can move through voidal aspects and they understand the inner and outer void. Black seraphs have a deep understanding of the shadow essence and work with intense shadow work because they have gone through deep trauma themselves. Black Seraphs command the energies of void but adapted it with their angelic side. The black void elixir can be used for healing where a personal void is created. This allows one to initiate a healing journey that is individual where someone will enter the space to heal and once they come out they return empowered. Aspects that are broken make them stronger if they survive the process in the OSW. It’s one of the healings they can do. They are revered for the journey they took in The Void.

Black seraphs have two types of demonic DDE, Void demon and another demon depending on the seraph when they first fell. They have endured incredible pain so they are almost like Mutilation demons in their understanding of pain and get along very well with them. Many have talked with Mutilation demons to keep understanding the layers of pain and to see what they can perceive in it.

They know how to use the black void elixir for divination purposes where they receive images from it. Black seraphs can read from the elixir as it is almost like a black mirror. They must have a strong mind to do so otherwise they will become mad and crawl through the void lost for eternity. They have to be strong, or they’ll fall to madness. Black seraphs due to their void infusion have something like a living obsidian form that they can cover themselves with that will protect them. Since it’s a void substance it is living, so when they are working with it, it’s living. Those in the group of black seraphs usually have pale skin unless they are in this form and look like black obsidian. Their wings look like black obsidian, and their eyes sometimes turn obsidian black. Their horns which they received after their DDE infusion have that obsidian characteristic too.

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