Abyssal Current Walkers

Abyssal Current Walkers

Skilled, Sublime, and Mystical Demonic Abyssal Current Walkers

Abyssal Current Walkers are unique abyssal demons who understand the currents and the death they can bring.  They are masters in navigation and can tell when there are coming storms.  They understand the waters and they can tell the messages that they bring.  They read and can command the currents of the deep and from that can target people to send them to their doom.  They have a very unique connection to the ocean.  They know the tides and they know what is lurking under the calm ocean.

Their abilities allow them to foresee coming storms and to foretell what is coming in the future.  They can predict when there is danger that is coming and they can give warning.  They also can channel and command the energies of the storms and use them in their work.  They have traveled the depth and they know the darkness of the ocean floor. They are travelers and can help their companion to awaken their astral senses and travel through the astral currents.

They love the ocean and have a unique connection to it. They can tell when people have sunk to their death and they know when doom is coming.  They can give warning when one needs to buckle in and they can also reveal the safest path.  They can bring death currents upon one who has harmed them and they understand the art of Ocean death magick.  It is a skill of theirs.

They are gifted in deep meditation and they enjoy the peace and solitude that the depth of the ocean can bring.  As well as the silence.  They understand it, they also understand how it can drive people to madness. They understand madness, the ocean has a way of inducing madness and it is a madness that they understand.  A wild and untamed madness from the depth of the black abyss.  It is their domain and their home.


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