Abyssal Deep Explorers

Abyssal Deep Explorers

Elusive, Mysterious, and Forsaken Demonic Abyssal Deep Explorers 

At the bottom of the black ocean, there is mystery and there is darkness.  there are some Abyssal Demons who dwell down there.  They explore the darkness and they are accustomed to it.  They know the dark chill of the ocean and the solitude that comes from being alone.  Some of them are the Abyssal Deep Ones, a very rare species of Abyssal Demon that is born and lives at the bottom of the dark ocean.

They have unique senses that are unknown to the Abyssal Demons who reside on the surface. They can sense and hear the water and know what is happening by what it says.   Others are Abyssal demons who have sought their secrets and wish to know more of the depth of the black ocean.

They understand and can draw energy from the primal black ocean and the dark elements that reside there.  They explore the depth and they understand it.  There is a dark energy that resides there that they have learned to tap into and work with.

They explore the depth of the ocean and they have seen the horrors and wonders that reside there.  They are explorers and curious ones who seek out ancient and dark magick.  They are very skilled in focus and concentration and can help one to sharpen their mind and attain mental mastery.

They work with a lot of ocean magick and they have an understanding of the dark creatures that reside in the darkness.  They can soothe and tame the beasts and they can bring calming and peaceful energy to any space.  They are really masterful at energy cleanses and can rejuvenate any space.

They are incredibly knowledgeable of the darkness and what sleeps in there and they can help their companion to translate the voices of darkness.  They know how to protect themselves and can offer powerful protection for their companions and help them to ward and shield their space, keeping them safe and secure.


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