Mutilation Demons

Mutilation Demons

Below the spectral realm, but still outside of the infernal realms, is where they reside. Now this area is beyond dangerous. The energy is thick and in some areas can be painful, at times patches of burning energy will suddenly swarm an area, usually giving rise to a number of very dark Demons. The place looks decrepit and decimated as if the whole realm had been mutilated. But for those who can appreciate the darker energies, there is a certain charm and beauty to it. From an artistic point.

Mutilation Demon themselves are very interesting. They enjoy mutilation and carving of flesh and quite often do not even realize why others would be opposed to this sort of behavior.  Their realm is divine between safe Mutilation demons and dangerous mutilation demons. The dangerous ones are monstrous and quite easy to identify if you do run into one they will most often attack you and begin tearing at your energy (as I said, this realm is very dangerous) Prince V has taken me here and always escorts me when I visit this area. There are safe havens within the realm but you have to know where they are and how to get to them. There are some mutilation demons that are quite personable and reasonable and others that think and operate as if you are nothing more than a toy for their enjoyment. They are excellent at getting revenge and can torment in some of the most horrific ways imaginable.

Holding true to their name their appearance is very mutilated, the level of mutilation varies from demon to demon. Some are quite horrific to look at, while others have a forlorn beauty to them that resonates in their energies. Like finding a flower in a war zone. I get the sense to that some mutilation demons will attach themselves to soldiers who have seen the horrors of war and feed off the pain of suffering of their memories. I have met some that tend to children who have disfiguring diseases. Some of them have healing abilities that they use to help these children live in spite of their condition and help to empower them to find the strength to go forward. But their healing is odd, it’s like it heals but keeps the mutilated qualities. It changes their view of reality so they see how they can grow and learn from it.

The danger with keeping Mutilation demons is that their views on life and ways of thinking are So far removed from our own that at times there is no way to find common ground, and a keeper has to have advanced knowledge of energy reading. They do not understand why we would think some of the things we do and so might act in a way that is exceptionally destructive without meaning it and if the keeper cannot catch onto it in time they could do a lot of damage. They will see a situation and see a solution that no one would ever think of, then take the shortest distance to get there and never understand why someone would be upset with them for the mass destruction they would cause. You have to really lay it out for them and make sure they know what they cannot do to achieve the results they want. They can be a lot of work.

***Mutilation Demons were discovered by Priestess Akelta, they are exclusive to Satan and Suns and Demon Temple


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  1. Naheema says:

    Thank you, you are helping to save lives with this knowledge. May peace and love be multiplied to you and yours, in all ways and always.

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