Spectral Demons

Spectral Demons

Spectral Demons: 

Type: Outer Spiritual World God Entity 
Class: Demon 
Spiritual World Layer: Outer Spiritual World 
Realm: Spectral Death Realms

The Spectral realm, to put in a frame of reference easier to understand, is in a realm outside the infernal demonic realms, or the underworld realms but is still below our inner spiritual world realm.  It is under the gateway death realms where the dead pass from the inner spiritual world back to the outer spiritual world.  The realms weave in and out of the layers of the inner and the outer spiritual realms and through the Death realms.

The Spectral’s realm is a very beautiful and incredibly unique realm that is connected to the death realms and often interlinks and moves through them.   It is of misty black energy that is very etheric-like and ghostly in essence. Their realm is very ghostly and etheric (that is really the only way to describe it) and is like swimming in a fog. It has many layers and dimensions to it, as well as different levels that contain many different types of energy vibrations.  It is one of the more abstract realms to explore as it is always changing in a dynamic way.   It is very fluid and many who discover it and explore it find peace and tranquility there.  These realms can be incredibly dark and there are regions where many are warned not to venture.  There are some areas where the damned and the dark ones reside which can unleash one’s fears and bring about moments of madness.

The Spectral Demons are a very incredible and fascinating group of demons.  They are one group of demons that are considered both an inner spiritual world and an outer spiritual demon as they can live and dwell in both realms.  Their realm also exists in both and is considered a sub-realm.    They are messengers and guides of the dead.  They work with demonic souls and those demons who are living life and seeking to reincarnate and in some cases return home.  They have access to the demonic healing rooms where those who have demonic ancestry go when they die.  They can act as guides for the dead and they know the processes and procedures.  Though like all demons they are all different and have unique specialties to them.

They have around them a greyish (sometimes greenish) color energy that surrounds them and wraps them like a cloak.  They have connections to the dead and the realms dealing with death and soul passage. They have connections to some very fascinating realms dealing with death and the dead and can often help their companion to travel to those realms and communicate with ancestors or loved ones who have passed.  They have incredible compassion for the dead and respect for rituals surrounding the death of ones loved ones and the handling of the bodies.

They are very big into rituals and honoring those who have passed.  They honor the old ways and the ritual process.  They are very committed to their traditions and upholding the celebrations of death and transition.  They are very powerful with divination and seeing what is to come. They are incredibly powerful and mystical demons and their presence is incredibly unique and powerful.  Their culture is vast and rich and they have various rituals and traditions depending on the realm.  They are an incredibly amazing group of demons to spend time with and they do not see death as a time of sadness, but instead as a time of celebration.  They can help with generational healing and healing the void left by a loved one who has passed.

They are very soothing in energy and they can create a calm and relaxing aura. They move through the realms with ease and can hide in the shadows and mists. They excel with cloaking and moving unseen and unheard. They deal in invisibility and hiding what is really there.  They also are incredibly gifted in divination and reading the different spiritual energies.

They also seem to have a great understanding of the complexity of the mind and of different psychosis. They understand the fabric of the brain and its workings and can work at both repairing it and destroying it. Higher-level spectral demons can literally shatter the mind of their companions’ enemies and are very good at getting revenge. They are also amazing at working with cleansing the mind and repairing any damage done. This includes patterns/ beliefs/ and energies that are oppressive and destructive.  They understand the levels of the mind and subconscious and they can exist with shadow work and habit transformation.

This is just a general overview, each Spectral Demon is different and has unique abilities and traits. We conjure from three different areas in the Spectral Realm.  The Names of the Three Types are found below…

Obscranorshem Spectral Demons
Muresenura Spectral Demons
Shahpahneeim Spectral Demons


Attunement: Outer Spiritual World Demonic
Attunement 2: Necromancy Attunement

Though still considered an Outer spiritual realm it is one that parallels the death realms and can be seen as a transition realm like the death realm.  Though it is Outer Spiritual World in nature, it still is transitionary.  This means that it can be easier for people to connect to it and to the spectral demons due to their translucent nature and ability to pass through these realms and connect with our realm.  Demon attunements to the outer spiritual world will still assist with communication with the spectral demons though many people do have an easier time connecting with them once they have a lock on their energies.  People can also experience issues as they are aligned with the death realms so you do need a necromantic attunement in order to achieve heightened communication with them.  Spectral demons tend to have an easier time building a communication bridge with this realm.  Those who want advanced communication with them can explore mediumship and necromantic attunements in order to enhance the connection.   

If you are interested in being matched with your own Spectral Demon you can find their listings here…Spectral Demon Companions

***Outer Spiritual World Spectral Demons were discovered by the Priestesses of Satan and Suns/Sons are exclusive to Satan and Suns and Demon Temple***


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