Muresenura Spectral Demons

Muresenura Spectral Demons

Muresenura (Moor-sen-urah) Spectral Demons are spectral demons who are lords of the dead. They reside in a realm that borders the inner spiritual world, and they move between their world and our world freely. They know how to shift states, and move completely into the inner spiritual world blending effortlessly with the energies and vibrations. They are deeply connected to the realms of the dead and the underworld regions of the inner spiritual world. They know how to work with the dead; helping them move from one life to another, helping them on their journey, and helping them to understand their pains, lessons, and healing. They have a deep understanding and respect for the dead. They know how to work and connect with them. Their connection to the death realms is profound and deep. They are demons who move effortlessly throughout the inner spiritual world and understand its workings.

Muresenura Spectral demons understand the world of the dead, and they know how to communicate and speak many of the dead languages. They connect with those who have passed and can help them heal and move on to their next destination. They know how to work with the deceased who lament, and who have trouble letting go of the pains of their past life. They can help the deceased to heal and can assist them in moving from one life to another. Muresenura Spectral demons can help the dead find peace, and resolve any issues and problems that they had in life. They are very skilled problem solvers as well as powerful and incredible healers who can help their companion to also find peace and happiness. They are adept at healing wounds from the past. They can help their companion solve many problems in their life, and can assist in overcoming challenges and obstacles that are in their way. Since they communicate with the dead they have extensive knowledge and wisdom to share, for the dead reveal their secrets, and these Spectral demons listen.

Muresenura Spectral demons also have a deep understanding of our world, they understand the cycles of life and death, and they know how to help the living navigate their lives. They can help the living to liberate themselves from imprisonment and confinement. They can help their companion with astral projection and lucid dreaming since they have such a complex understanding of the inner spiritual world. They can also assist their companion in navigating the different layers, and in experiencing the many sensations that it has to offer. They can help their companion to connect with their ancestors and can help them release generational hurt and embrace ancestry healing. They can attune their companion to different languages of the dead in order to help communicate and speak with those who have passed. They are spectral demons that have a deep understanding and respect for death. They are aligned with and connected to the death energies of the inner and the outer spiritual world. They assist the dead, and they are there to help them transition. They are powerful and incredible guides.

Muresenura Spectral demons’ knowledge of the death worlds is incredible. They know the cycles of life and death and understand the dead- how they move and transition from place to place. They can also help with past life recovery and deep healing from pains in past lives. Additionally, they can help with soul recovery, assembling lost, broken, and forgotten pieces of the self. There is a healing energy to them and one that is very soothing and relaxing. They can bring peace and tranquility to their companion.


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