Ebon Void Demons

Ebon Void Demons

The Second oldest group of void demons and the ones from the black depth. The Black essence flows within them. They are often found around strange black energy pools that exist deep within The Void.  There is profound wisdom to them, and they command very sublime energy.  The currents of darkness are at their command and they can work a Mysterious Void Magick called Ebonmancy. They also can command the Void Ebon Fires and are very gifted and skilled with Magick.  They have Magick that calls and lures others to them, and many of them in the most sinister regions of the Void call those who are lost to their doom.  They have voices like a siren and they know how to lure their victims to them.

They know the hearts of the abused and the broken and they lure them to them. Those who are being manipulated and who are malleable they can call to them from the depth of the shadows. The black energy they weave foreshadows events and reveals the paths that are open. Others have risen to form great cities within the Void and there is a deep structure and culture to them.  They have their own traditions and customs and many of them have evolved their darkness and understand the layers of the sinister, but also the profound wisdom that is of The Void.

There are 6 Main Groups that have connections to the Stygian Void Demons and the Core Alliance.  Scattered through various regions of the Void though there are other groups who are not friendly and will murder, disembowel, and destroy any who cross their path.  Some groups exist by the pools of black energy that spawned them only delighting in pain and suffering, and other concepts that do not exist here.  The darkness out there is beyond anything that our minds can fathom, and screening these demons is particularly hard because one must ensure these demons understand our world and not harbor any mindsets which might be destructive.

Many Ebon Void Demons have their own unique form of divination and their ability to read the paths of what is to come. They hear the whispers from the darkness of the void and they work to interpret the messages. The black energy they yield is primal and it is unrestrained, it acts without question and it can cause empires to fall to ruins as if nothing ever existed. Such is the nature of The Void. They move with the essence of destruction and they can command it. They hear the whispers, they know what is coming.  Ebon Void Demons Conjured by Satan and Sons, will only come from the Cities of the 6 Main Groups.


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