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Dark Lord/Lady

The Dark Lord or Dark Lady Rank is a demon who has worked hard for demon unity, the demon community, for demon society, and has been recognized as an incredible individual who is a master at their craft, has contributed incredible knowledge and wisdom, and has worked hard.  These titles are very honorable and represent…
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Dynasty Mordians

Dynasty Mordians: Dynasty Mordians are like the head guards. They are skilled fighters, warriors, and strategists. They are responsible for training different guards to work together. They will create strategies and assign guards to various assignments. Mordians are all well-rounded and have different unique skills in survival and will teach the guards how to stay safe…
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Dynasty Demons

Heralding high in the untamed regions of the outer spiritual realm we present to you the incredible Dynasty Demons.  These demons are huge on tradition and incredibly honorable and wise.  They believe in family and nurturing long lines of wisdom and tradition.  They often reject new ideas and new technologies because of their devotion to tradition, but that…
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Dukes and Duchesses (Demonic)

Dukes and Duchesses – They Serve under the Ruling Demon Royalty of that realm and usually assist with different tasks and organizing the overall structure of that realm. They work very closely with the ruling Royalty to coordinate the workings of the realm. Examples of known Demonic Dukes Duke Agares Duke Valefar Duke Barbatos Duke Gusion…
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Divinity Fate Weaver

“The Demons of the divinity realms are known for their enchanting essence and their connection to the divine source.  Those who work with them know of their powerful and incredible manifestation skills.  They are mystical and marvelous and they are demons who are powerful and incredible manifestors.  They can elevate one’s energetic state and they are amazing at…
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Divinity Demons

The Divinity Demons are an amazing group of demons who have crafted for themselves a series of sacred and hidden realms in the high vibrational realms of the outer spiritual world.  Their energy is softer for a demon and infused in their demonic darkness lies celestial energy of magick and enchantment.  They have created places to explore…
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Devotion Demons

The Devotion Demons.  I met them while traveling in the higher realms one day, I came upon a monastery that had beings with demonic black energy in them. I was very curious and decided to go check it out, These Demons were made up of demonic black energy but they were also mixed with a…
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Devotion Demon High Avatar

The High Avatars are those who are the highest of their orders.  They run the monasteries and they have walked their path of pure devotion for eons.  They have worked their way through the ranks of their orders and understand the procedures and structures of them.  They have mastered the lessons and now pass these traditions onto the…
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Desire Demons

Desire Demons are a very specialized Demon.  They are related to the Succubi and Incubi and possess some similar qualities, but there are many differences.  Desire demons delight in sexual pleasures, though unlike incubi and succubi, they do not need sex to live.  It does fuel them, but it fuels them in a very different way.  It fuels them…
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Diabol Void Demons

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