Dynasty Demons

Dynasty Demons

Heralding high in the untamed regions of the outer spiritual realm we present to you the incredible Dynasty Demons.  These demons are huge on tradition and incredibly honorable and wise.  They believe in family and nurturing long lines of wisdom and tradition.  They often reject new ideas and new technologies because of their devotion to tradition, but that gives them an advantage in many areas.  For they have a lot of wisdom and ancient techniques that require incredible dedication and focus that in many cases have been forgotten.

Many Dynasty Demons reside in Empires that hold tight to their traditions, most of them dislike contact with the outside world and in many cases keep their doors closed to many outsiders.  But through discussions and connections with Satan’s Family, there is one Empire that is not only agreeable to interactions with humans but also safe for interactions with humans.  Many of them have traditions that can be quite appalling at times to most and locating a group that did not engage in these was challenging.  This one group though is absolutely incredible!

They have an incredibly rich culture and their traditions date back to beyond the ancient days.  They have advanced and sophisticated magick rituals, some of which require days of preparation. Many participants have trained for years and understand their role within the ritual.  These rituals are powerful and often overseen by one who reads the sky and the phases of nature.  They also have an advanced understanding of plants and herbology and understand sacred alchemy and working with abundance.  They understand advanced sacred geometry, astrology, and reading the signs that are around them.  Their medical practices are very ancient and they have a deep understanding of the natural world and the healing power that it brings.  They also understand the killing power that it brings and can craft incredible poisons and venoms.

Their festivals and celebrations are full of color and magick and their dancers train for years to master their craft and techniques.  They believe in committing themselves to their craft and pushing themselves into the beauty that it brings.  They are disciplined and believe in focus, they are powerful warriors and know how to strike and eliminate those in their path.  They also are a deep complexity to their existence, they can be very slow and methodical but when they act they are deadly and precise.  They have powerful minds that they train constantly, they are always trying to improve their skills and grow their abilities.  They are skilled assassins and also work on precision strikes.  They can be very stubborn but once you have won them over they are an ally for life!

General Appearance : 

They are shorter than other demons and can be quite slender.  They move incredibly fast though are very beautiful.  They have very sharp and beautiful features and they are incredibly beautiful.  They have traditional wings and tails and horns that all demons have, though their horns are usually shorter in size, even among males.  They can shift into the shadows and conceal parts of themselves for faster movements.  They have very smooth light skin and darker hair colors as well as dark eyes. Light eyes amongst them are very rare and considered to be sacred.

***fun note*** The Dynasty demons are some of the most stubborn demons you will ever meet, but they are incredibly loyal.  

***note*** This is a general overview of a very large group of demons, but these are common characteristics I have noticed. 

***Dynasty Demons were discovered by Priestess Akelta on a Journey to the upper spiritual realm and are exclusive to Satan and Sun/Sons ~ The Demon Temple. 

The Characteristics that Dynasty Demons have and can offer their human companions are as followed.

~ They are incredibly Strategic,
~ They excel in illusionary magick and skills,
~ They are masters of cloaking,
~ They know how to work energies and practice shifting realities,
~ They are incredible with manifestation,
~ They understand working with the dark side of one’s self,
~ They are big on tradition and ancient traditions,
~ They understand the energies of building up empires or tearing them down,
~ They are exceptionally good at revenge,
~ They are very good at revenge, so good I had to put it twice,
~ They understand the art of mind control and manipulation,
~ They know how to work with ancient energies and curses and magick,
~ They can read the signs and uncover hidden meanings, messages, and riddles,
~ They are skilled at weaving these things to other places and implanting messages,
~ They understand subliminal messages,
~They know how to manifest prosperity and abundance,
~ They have an ancient system of Sun shadow energy manipulation
~ They understand the alliance of the Sun and the Shadows
~ They have balance
~ They have incredible ancient wisdom
~ They understand Alchemy and the Art of Sacred Geometry
~ They have advanced meditation and studies of the mind
~ They believe in focus and mental power


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