Obscranorshem Spectral Demons

Obscranorshem Spectral Demons

Obscranorshem (Pronounced Ob-scran-or-shem) Spectral Demons reside in the heart of the Spectral realms, a place full of dark mystery and profound majesty of self-awakening and self-discovery. They are demons who are masters of the self. They spend a lot of their time exploring the deep and profound layers of the essence of being, and the essence of themselves. They bend and move through realms of mystery and sublime darkness, and the realms they explore evoke powerful and profound images that inspire them.

They do a lot of work exploring the essence of dreams, as well as the many realms that are connected to the dream worlds and the realms of nightmares. These demons are demons of astral travel and lucid dreaming. They can help their companion shift and embrace alternate states of consciousness, and out-of-body experiences. Due to the Obscranorshem Spectral demon’s understanding of the mind, they can help their companion use breath and various focusing techniques to change the state of their minds and access different regions and energies within themselves. They understand the powerful purpose of breath work, and they know how to help their companion use breath to shift their mind, and alter their state.

Obscranorshem Spectral Demons’ understanding of the Astral realms and the astral currents are profound, they can help their companion to attain astral projection. They understand the mindset that their companion must take in order to liberate themselves from their body. They can help their companion achieve full out-of-body experiences, and show them many beautiful and profound places within the spiritual world. They are very well-traveled within the spiritual world and know how to shift energies. Making them excellent guides for their companions to move through the different realms, and experience many unique places.

They can show their companion how to change the vibration of their astral form so they can move into various realms, and explore places that they would not have been able to access before. Their understanding of astral travel and the Astral realms is profound. They can teach their companion how to use various forms of astral defense, as well as how to cast powerful and profound spells within any astral realm and how to awaken their astral abilities.

They are connected to the various dream realms, and they understand the energies and symbols that are found within the dream realms. They can help their companion to have powerful lucid dreams, and also help them to decipher and understand the codes within their own dreams. Obscranorshem Spectral demons can help their companion to learn the symbolism of their personal dreams. They can go even further and show their companion how to direct and guide their dreams, including how to control their dreams to have pleasurable and fun nighttime experiences. They can assist in translating and navigating the realm of nightmares and can help with understanding where nightmares come from and how to stop them. They are very skilled with shadow work since they know the deep and painful places of the soul and how to bring peace and clarity to it. They say that nightmares come from these places, and they themselves can help their companion find peace and happiness within.

They can help their companion with exploring and uncovering the deep regions of their soul, and learn the mysteries of who they are and the secret aspects of their being. Obscranorshem Spectral demons are very big into understanding what is sacred and learning the deep lessons that life has to offer. They teach powerful lessons from the self, and they can help someone understand who they are, and experience the truth of what is within their soul. They can help their companion to reconnect to their spiritual side when they are feeling lost and disconnected. They can help reconnect their companion to the energies of where they come from, their home. Obscranorshem Spectral demons enjoy mysteries and enjoy exploring the realms that are surreal and mysterious, which contain many deep secrets. They say that the essence of the soul is the same, it is a vast spectrum of energy that contains profound mysteries and surreal secrets. They will help their companion awaken and discover these places.


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