Kiauah Warriors (Dynasty Demons)

Kiauah Warriors (Dynasty Demons)

Kiauah Warriors: Kiauah Warriors are unique to only the group of Dynasty demons Akelta conjures from as they are designed to protect and defend against specialized warriors from other Dynasty groups. The majority of Kiauah warriors are females but they do have some males among their ranks. They are exclusive to the Dynasty demons working with the core since they are trained to defend against other highly trained warriors. This group is intended to keep their empire safe from any dangers. They are highly trained in a fighting style that is combined with execration spells. As Kiauah warriors fight they do movements that weaves curses into it that will give them an advantage. They also know how to blend into their surroundings to move into the shadows to avoid detection.

Kiauah warriors like to meditate and connect with the darkness so they can find peace within it as it surrounds them. They can harness energies of darkness for attacks and are precise and skilled in what they do. They will go on many journeys into the dark aspect of their world to constantly keep improving themselves. There is a special temple that they train in and there are initiations that they go through in this space. There are interesting creatures that reside within this temple that they work with. One, in particular, is a giant creature they connect with, and he will take them on different shadow journeys. During this journey, they often become inspired through it to learn and create new techniques and fighting styles. When they fight, they can infuse specific movements with curses that get cast simultaneously. They work with terror and horror and know how to fill their enemies with looming dread.

Kiauah warriors can turn someone’s fear and nightmares against them. They have keen psychic awareness for this and can apply it in their curses. They have advanced methods for execration work. They love adding magick into movement and can teach their companions how to do this as well. They can teach how to blend the body into magick, offer protection/defense, and through their intense training to endure pain they know how to shift their mind to disconnect from pain. There’s a lot of mental conditioning that allows them to go beyond any mental pain and monopolize on the transformation that comes from that.

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