Carossis Spectral Shark

Carossis Spectral Shark

The Spectral Realms are places of depth and darkness. They are not just places where the dead pass; there are places where darkness laments, where creatures, neither living nor dead, wander; they are places of mystical and dark magick and places of insanity and madness. The Spectral realm is a place of surreal and incredible darkness, and it is a well of infinite damned souls and energies. It is a well of corrosion, or terror, the twisted vortex of the mind that has been shattered, destroyed, and broken, the fragments and pieces of a soul that has fractured. It is a place where the terrors and horrors of the mind are realized and where the monsters lurk in sinister delight, waiting for their prey. There are great hunters in these places and realms of pure madness that will test every fibre of your being. These realms are places that break and crack the mind, but they can contain incredible wisdom and journeys that bring great rewards and great wisdom. Experience and knowledge are powerful and they unlock great ability and skill within the mind and give one unique insights and perspectives into the world around them,

There are sharks who understand the dark, corrosive perspectives and the layers of madness and insanity that awaken within the mind. Madness can be liberating, and it can be empowering; it can be the only thing that liberates you and frees you from the restraints and shackles of the world around you. It can be the great liberator and can bring peace to the mind. Madness offers a new perspective and it offers a new way of viewing the world. It can be dangerous and unhinged, these sharks are masters of danger, and they understand it. They know the minds of those who are dangerous, and they understand the journey of the mindless hunter. The hunter who needs to feed, the hunter of primal death. Primal energy awakens the deep and sometimes sinister desires of the soul. They understand the great hunger of the soul and they understand the desire for action, the desire to hunt and the desire to keep moving, to keep going. They will motivate their companion to keep moving, to keep hunting to keep seeking what they desire and moving to attain their goals and desires. The great hunt of life, is to attain your goals and desires. They know the great desire in the soul to never stop, to always be moving. They inspire great action and power. They light the fire of the soul and help their companion connect with their own passionate darkness.

The deep layers where the energies are liquid, and the dead drown in the darkness. It is a place thick with death and the currents of darkness and damnation. It is here the creatures of the deep hunt the dead and hunt those who are lost and abandoned. It is a place rich with the essence of death. The sharks here are hunters, they lurk in the shadows, and they swim through the currents of cryptic darkness. These sharks look, at times, zombified and carry unique traits and qualities that align with the places they live and wander. They are the living dead, great hunters of the deep who lurk and wander, searching for their prey and searching for sustenance. These Sharks understand the darkness of the soul, and they understand the states of living death, where you are neither alive nor dead, caught in an endless purgatory, not knowing your next step, not knowing which world you want to push further into, stuck in a constant state of limbo. They themselves are great hunters; they hunt and lurk in the darkness; there is a primal energy within them, an energy that surpasses the stakes of death; the hunter hunger even in death.

They can help their companion ignite the fire within the mind and awaken the great hunter of the soul. The great hunter within us all is hungry for life and hungry for their next adventure, they awaken our fire and our purpose, and they connect us to who we are and our journey here. They also will help their companion to come back from states of half death; those who have been depressed, those who have sunken in sorrow and despair know the states between life and death, the shifting between pain and sorrow. They know the states of madness, and they understand its power. They move through death and madness, and they have a grounded and profound understanding of it. To be a zombie is to be grounded, to exist in a vessel bound to the world, rotting and deformed, yet containing wisdom and memory of what is past. They are unique in thought and perception and unique in power and ability. They understand the darkness, they understand the flesh, and the desires of the flesh to live in this world and achieve. They understand the call of darkness, and they understand the desires of the primal hunter. They will take their companion on powerful dark journeys, and they will show them aspects of the darkness that challenge the perceptions of living.

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