Pyromancer (Demonic)

Pyromancer (Demonic)

Underworld/Lowborn Demon Pyromancer: They are an Underworld/Lowborn Demon who is gifted in magick but has a special interest in fire/flames. Many travel to Hellborn realms to be immersed there to connect to volcanos, and learning from lava will adapt and learn. They are drawn to the fire elements and understand the spectrum of flame and what each colour represents. There are many colours of flame; green, blue, black, white, pink, ultraviolet, infrared and so on. All the colours they have command over and can use depending on the results of what they want to achieve. They are exposed to every flame but generally will pick a proficiency; sometimes, they discover new flames.

They enjoy discovering the different aspects of the elements, and they enjoy practising with fire and flame. They take time to educate themselves on the nature of flame and apply what they learn in advanced applications. They know the wisdom of flame, and they have so much knowledge on it. They discover and create and love to push things to the next level. Lowborns have a love of knowledge, and Pyromancers love to learn about the flame and all the ways they can work with it and master it.

They are obsessed with fire and good at commanding it. Fire is the passion that burns within, and when you are a master of fire, you can ignite the passion of others. They use fire for protection, attack, defence, and for gaining inspiration. The flames speak, and they have a voice, and when a Pyromancer embraces the flame, they hear wisdom and whispers from the burning. Fire burns all blocks, and what is left is a burning creative desire that opens up many realms and sacred regions of the mind and the creative forces of the spiritual world.

Fire is a healing element and can burn blocks and lead to deep and profound moments of relief and empowerment. Fire can burn away toxins and bad energies and can be very soothing and nourishing for the soul. Those who cleanse and heal with fire awaken the dormant energies within those they are healing and help them to raise their energies and heal what ails them. Fire healing can also bring rebirth and help one to feel reborn and anew.

Many pyromancers have a very special skill: if someone tries to kill their Outer Spiritual World Body, they can encase themselves in fire and stay safe and protected, unable to be struck down and destroyed. They also can protect themselves in unique situations, such as working with Lava. Lowborn demons can’t handle sitting in fire as well as Hellborns can, so if they have an accident, they can bring themselves back and stay protected. They understand the fire and how it burns and incinerates, so they can shield from it and keep themselves safe.

The fire awakens the fight within, and they are very good at protecting those they care about. They will attack nefarious entities or dangerous forces and can defend companions- won’t let them be hurt. They can help their companion to understand fire and connect with the fire that aligns with them. They can help their companion to awaken passion and power within and they can use fire to remove blocks to warm a passionate energy in the soul.

They can teach how to use fire in magick and spell casting, and they can show their companion how fire can be used to infuse their spells with lust, passion and desire. They can also use fire to manifest for their companion. Fire burns away blocks and barriers and it is passion that opens the doors of success. The fire of the root chakra, when burning bright, is unstoppable and becomes a sublime force of creation. They can show their companion how to tap into and utilize these energies and how to make incredible changes in their life.

They have a lively energy blended with the cooling quality of lowborn demons but blended with the burning element of fire, which is an incredible energy to experience. They have a passionate and vibrant energy for life and can be louder than most Lowborns. There is a vitality that flows through them. They can help companions take chances, try something new, and get past fears and hurdles they have. They can help them heal shame and inhibition, and they can help their companion awaken the fire within.

They are an amazing group of demons, fearless and determined, ready to push forward and take charge, empowered by the power of fire. They will help their companions to embrace courage and to find their truth. They can also show their companion the magick that is all around and awaken the magick that is within. They are amazing!


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