Dynasty Demon Custom Conjure Package (Outer Spiritual World)


Dynasty Demon Custom Conjure Package (Outer Spiritual World)

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This Custom Conjure and its content are created by the priestesses of Satan and Suns/Sons ~ The Demon Temple. if you see these words listed on any other site it is a forgery.
Satan and Sons Custom Conjure


From the Shadows they Strike, moving like lightning

Evasive, Deadly, and Blunt

The Dynasty Demons



note***Please read through this listing and see if a Dynasty Demon calls to you.  If you would like to work with one of these amazing demons please use the selection option above to select the profession or Rank of Dynasty demon you would like to work with..


Stealthy and Mysterious, they are demons from the upper realms, but in the deep unknown

Their culture is ancient and their traditions powerful 

They are masters of stealth and of the mind and their power is incredible 

They are confident and powerful and they can teach one to harness the power of the mind.  



Let’s now learn about the Dynasty Demons to see if they are right for you! 


Dynasty Demons


Heralding high in the untamed regions of the outer spiritual realm we present to you the incredible Dynasty Demons.  These demons are huge on tradition and incredibly honorable and wise.  They believe in family and nurturing long lines of wisdom and tradition.

They often reject new ideas and new technologies because of their devotion to tradition, but that gives them an advantage in many areas.  For they have a lot of wisdom and ancient techniques that require incredible dedication and focus that in many cases have been forgotten.

Many Dynasty Demons reside in Empires that hold tight to their traditions, most of them dislike contact with the outside world and in many cases keep their doors closed to many outsiders.  But through discussions and connections with Satan’s Family, there is one Empire that is not only agreeable to interactions with humans but also safe for interactions with humans.

Many of them have traditions that can be quite appalling at times to most and locating a group that did not engage in these was challenging.  This one group though is absolutely incredible!

They have an incredibly rich culture and their traditions date back beyond the ancient days.  They have advanced and sophisticated magick rituals, some that require days of preparation, and many participants who each have trained for years and understand their role within the ritual.

These rituals are powerful and often overseen by one who reads the sky and the phases of nature.  They also have an advanced understanding of plants and herbology and understand sacred alchemy and working with abundance.  They understand advanced sacred geometry, astrology, and reading the signs that are around them.

Their medicine practices are very ancient and they have a deep understanding of the natural world and the healing power that it brings.  They also understand the killing power that it brings and can craft incredible poisons and venoms.

Their festivals and celebrations are full of color and magick and their dancers train for years to master their craft and techniques.  They believe in committing themselves to their craft and pushing themselves into the beauty that it brings.  They are disciplined and believe in focus, they are powerful warriors and know how to strike and eliminate those in their path.

They also are a deep complexity to their existence, they can be very slow and methodical but when they act they are deadly and precise.  They have powerful minds that they train constantly, they are always trying to improve their skills and grow their abilities.  They are skilled assassins and also work on precision strikes.

They can be very stubborn but once you have won them over they are an ally for life!

General Appearance : 

They are shorter than other demons and can be quite slender.  They move incredibly fast though are very beautiful.  They have very sharp and beautiful features and they are incredibly beautiful.  They have traditional wings and tails and horns that all demons have, though their horns are usually shorter in size, even among the males.  They can shift into the shadows and conceal parts of themselves for faster movements.  They have very smooth light skin and darker hair colors as well as dark eyes. Light eyes amongst them are very rare and considered to be sacred.

***fun note*** The Dynasty demons are some of the most stubborn demons you will ever meet, but they are incredibly loyal.  

***note*** This is a general overview of a very large group of demons, but these are common characteristics I have noticed. 

***Dynasty Demons were discovered by Priestess Akelta on a Journey to the upper spiritual realm and are exclusive to Satan and Sun/Sons ~ The Demon Temple. 

The Characteristics that Dynasty Demons have are…

~ They are incredibly Strategic
~ They excel in illusionary magick and skills,
~ They are masters of cloaking,
~ They know how to work energies and practice shifting realities,
~ They are incredible with manifestation,
~ They understand working with the dark side of one’s self,
~ They are big on tradition and ancient traditions,
~ They understand the energies of building up empires or tearing them down,
~ They are exceptionally good at revenge,
~ They are very good at revenge, so good I had to put it twice,
~ They understand the art of mind control and manipulation,
~ They know how to work with ancient energies and curses and magick,
~ They can read the signs and uncover hidden meanings, messages, and riddles,
~ They are skilled at weaving in these things to other places and implanting messages,
~ They understand subliminal messages,
~They know how to manifest prosperity and abundance,
~ They have an ancient system of Sun shadow energy manipulation
~ They understand the alliance of the Sun and the Shadows
~ They have balance
~ They have incredible ancient wisdom
~ They understand Alchemy and the Art of Sacred Geometry
~ They have advanced mediation and studies of the mind
~ They believe in focus and mental power



If you feel that a Dynasty is right for you,
please read the list of ranks below
to get a feel for what rank would match your energies.


Each Dynasty demon has its own skills and specialties
and during the custom conjuring process, we will do our
best to find you one that is the best for your energies.  



Dynasty Demon Professions and Ranks

That you can work with.


Dynasty Guards

Masters of Fighting and Defense
Highly Skilled and Protective
Demonic Dynasty Guards

Dynasty guards are very skilled, trained warriors that protect and guard their empires. They are taught unique fighting techniques and are trained to have the ability to strategize and spot threats. Guards are excellent at detecting anything dangerous in the area and are highly regarded for their survival skills. They know how to handle stressful situations by remaining calm and figuring out what’s going on in any circumstance. Guards can act as bodyguards. They are very adept at protection, concealment, staying in the shadows, and casting shields (illusion too). Dynasty guards can keep someone safe as they are very loyal and devoted to their position. They take their role very seriously. Guards have a characteristic of a strong sense of duty and will help those in need. In addition to their position, they are very loyal to friends, comrades, and the empire they serve. As a companion, they can offer protection, be a great workout buddy, help with motivation and they have a way with specific energy that is empowering. They can also help someone step into power, keep out nefarious entities and unwanted people.

Full Article on Demon Guards


Deadly Warriors of the Night 
Masters of Stealth and Illusion 
Demonic Dynasty Assassins 

Dynasty assassins are highly trained to quickly eliminate targets. When Dynasty assassins set their sights on someone they spend as much time as they need to strategize, but once they begin, they are in and out to destroy the target. Assassins are very skilled and trained in stealth, illusion, and concealment. They move silently, precisely, and swiftly. They don’t like to linger in places too long, so their method is to go in, conceal, strike and get out. In addition to targets, they are very protective and are adept at guarding anyone with who they are charged with. They are aware of their surroundings and can spot when there are threats or dangers around. Most of the time they won’t even alert anyone they will just eliminate. Due to their field assassins are knowledgeable at working with toxic herbs and poisons. They are trained in various forms of assassination, so they know how to take out a target utilizing physical methods of attack or using more stealthy ways. They love working with toxins and are skilled at handling them. Dynasty assassins can help their companion with removing entities or unwanted people, as well as to banish and clear any energies. They can expose any betrayers or weaknesses in one’s wards and shields. Assassins can help teach their companion various skills if they are interested in learning and working with different energies.

Full Article of Demon Assassins


Devious, Mysterious, and Conniving 
Demonic Dynasty Spies 

Dynasty demons love privacy and all groups have enemies which is why Dynasty Spies exist. The spies will report on any threats or any possibility that there might be an attack or danger that is approaching. They are trained in illusion and can sneak in the shadows to uncover information. Learning and reporting information helps ensure the safety and protection of the empire. They are proficient at blending in situations and shifting energies to look like they belong. Their skills allow them to access places they would otherwise not be allowed into. Spies know how to read people and extract information from sources in various ways. They have a deep understanding of psychic energies especially in telepathy and reading energies and, can help their companion to awaken these skills. They can additionally teach psychic communication through the mind. Spies are very knowledgeable in psychology and how to speak in a way to understand others and know how to play mind games. Spies are also well trained in physical mastery and know how to fight in a style different from guards or assassins. Spies will enjoy learning various martial arts and techniques for deception using mental abilities. They have many unique skills like mind control, magnetism, shifting energies to embrace layers of charisma, shifting through personalities to blend in or stand out. Dynasty spies know how to present themselves and how to captivate others, which is something they can teach. They can help their companion to be more charismatic and show how to shift energies to be noticed. 

Full Article on Demon Spies

Gjen Warriors

Balanced, Deadly, and Grounded
Demonic Dynasty Gjen Warriors

This is a unique rank among Dynasty demons for a highly trained group of warriors. They are trained to work solo and together in groups in a selective form of fighting style that is concealed in mysteries and shadows. A lot of what goes into becoming a Gjen warrior is secret if selected others will approach you in the dark and will invite you to join. The warriors must then go through an initiation and trial to make sure they can do the skills and techniques needed to join. Their training is to push beyond what is thought to be attainable.

Gjen warriors will work with illusion energies and when fighting they will shift the world around them so it’s almost impossible for them to be hit. They train to enhance their strength as well as to muster up strength beyond what they can do. Gjen warriors will use their minds as part of their method in order to empower themselves. They are also skilled healers and advanced in their healing methods because they often work in blending energy techniques and herbology. They are skilled at pushing the potential of a body and in general, their training is to push the limits of what they can do.  They are trained to endure horrific situations and they use their minds to master those situations. They have very sharp minds so they can help teach astral travel and lucid dreaming because of the command they hold over their own mind.

Gjen warriors can train their companion in other advanced skills like psionics, telekinesis, and other psychic skills that stretch beyond the limit of any species. They have a grounded peacefulness because they learn to control themselves despite their power. Their control and intense study of things make them very adept in emotional and mental mastery. Gjen warriors know there needs to be friction for growth so they will push themselves. They will put themselves into situations where they will grow; they decide the friction and are trained to endure it. They can help those looking to heal emotional trauma and help them find peace and balance.



Cheeky, Mischievous, and Talented
Demonic Dynasty Thieves 

Dynasty thieves have a code of honor: they will not steal from their tribe, group, or empire. They will however steal secrets, resources, or items from other Dynasty groups. They will steal info, gems, things that will benefit not just them but the Dynasty group (specifically the one part of the core). Thieves want to know what’s going on around them, so they will acquire lots of tools. They are very quick with their hands and are trained in creating illusions. Dynasty thieves are very skilled in how to use movements to distract and deviate. They have to be very precise and focused in their work. They incorporate a lot of illusion and stage magick because it involves moving swiftly with their hands. Thieves are great at getting back lost items. They also know how to fight but learn it in order to be better at getting away. They can help their companion with protection and can teach self-defense. Dynasty thieves are excellent at assessing security measures they can analyze wards and shields to look for flaws. They can help keep out any sinister or unwanted creatures from entering a space. Thieves are also very knowledgeable and have lots of wisdom because they hear and uncover a lot of information that others don’t have.  They know when to be in a space and when to move if they see the energies are shifting. Thieves know how to move within the energies, so they aren’t seen. They are good at concealment and being in the shadows. They understand the messiness of who we are and the shadows we have to face every day. 

Full Article on Demon Thieves 


Focused, Dedicated, and Skilled
Demonic Dynasty Mordians

Dynasty Mordians are like the head guards. They are skilled fighters, warriors, and strategists. They are responsible for training different guards to work together. They will create strategies and assign guards to various assignments. Mordians are all well-rounded and have different unique skills in survival and will teach the guards how to stay safe in any situation. They are at the top of the chain and will condition/train all the other guards. They take orders from the royalty and they receive the orders from the royal dynasty demons, which they then implement with the guards. They are the communication point between guards and royals. This makes it so Mordians often have developed diplomacy skills and are excellent at conflict resolution and overcoming obstacles. They know how to be motivating and empower others. They are very skilled in negotiating and communicating points so they can help in business matters. They have a warrior side as well as a political side. 

Kiauah Warriors

Stealthy, Deadly, and Agile 
Demonic Dynasty Kiauah Warriors

Kiauah Warriors are unique to only the group of Dynasty demons Akelta conjures from as they are designed to protect and defend against specialized warriors from other Dynasty groups. The majority of Kiauah warriors are females but they do have some males among their ranks. They are exclusive to the Dynasty demons working with the core since they are trained to defend against other highly trained warriors. This group is intended to keep their empire safe from any dangers. They are highly trained in a fighting style that is combined with execration spells. As Kiauah warriors fight they do movements that weaves curses into it that will give them an advantage. They also know how to blend into their surroundings to move into the shadows to avoid detection.

Kiauah warriors like to meditate and connect with the darkness so they can find peace within it as it surrounds them. They can harness energies of darkness for attacks and are precise and skilled in what they do. They will go on many journeys into the dark aspect of their world to constantly keep improving themselves. There is a special temple that they train in and there are initiations that they go through in this space. There are interesting creatures that reside within this temple that they work with. One, in particular, is a giant creature they connect with, and he will take them on different shadow journeys. During this journey, they often become inspired through it to learn and create new techniques and fighting styles. When they fight, they can infuse specific movements with curses that get cast simultaneously. They work with terror and horror and know how to fill their enemies with looming dread.

Kiauah warriors can turn someone’s fear and nightmares against them. They have keen psychic awareness for this and can apply it in their curses. They have advanced methods for execration work. They love adding magick into movement and can teach their companions how to do this as well. They can teach how to blend the body into magick, offer protection/defense, and through their intense training to endure pain they know how to shift their mind to disconnect from pain. There’s a lot of mental conditioning that allows them to go beyond any mental pain and monopolize on the transformation that comes from that. 

Dynasty Mages

Skillful, Unique, and Mystical!
Demonic Dynasty Mages

Dynasty mages have unique elements to their magick. They are excellent at working with energies, weaving them and commanding the world around them with magick. They are great at manifestation. They know how to draw from the sun, the shadows, and the trees or from any energy point. Dynasty mages use this technique to enhance their magick and spells. They are very good at defensive and offensive magick and they are often employed to utilize their skills to protect the empire. Mages are trained to work with the Dynasty guards and warriors because they are skilled at shielding. They are great at deflecting attacks and can sense incoming curses and know how to break them. They know how to use a type of shadow sun technique to heal others while also bringing up shadows to be released. They heal the individual but also bring their shadows up in a safe way as another layer of healing. Dynasty mages go through mental conditioning and find ways to face their own limitations in order to conquer themselves and gain power. They train their minds by going through many situations. They can teach their companion to cast powerful spells from unexpected sources. They can also help show how to take power back, show that you are not helpless and through your shadows can approach anything from a confident perspective.

Full Article on Demon Mages

Dynasty Warlock

Intense, Focused, and Sinister
Demonic Dynasty Warlock

Dynasty warlocks have an intensity to them. They come at things from an interesting perspective in comparison to other demon species. They are quick, focused, and streamlined in their approach. When a Dynasty demon knows what they want they will go and get it. Dynasty warlocks have a process where they will utilize concentrations of darkness and blast it at someone. They are effective and clean in their methods as they like to do precision strikes. They like to concentrate on things because they prefer to be focused and be precise in any spell work. Some of them work with creatures but most tend to focus on darkness and the study of what happens when you concentrate darkness. They like to experiment with adding different frequencies to darkness when working with it and see the results.

Full Article on Demon Warlock 

Nobility Ranks





Grande Duke/ Grade Duchess



Royalty Ranks





Military Ranks


Alpha Legionnaire 






Demons Companions can Assist you in Many Areas.. 



~ Manifesting money
~ Managing businesses
~ Finding new ways to bring money to their companion
~ Helping their companion get a better job or start a business
~ Reveal hidden treasures or opportunities
~ Bring Money into their companion’s possession
~ Surrounding their companion with abundance energies



~ Finding a soul mate
~ Manifesting the love that you have dreamed about
~ Finding that perfect special someone to share your life with
~ Embracing self love
~ Empowering yourself through self love
~ Learning to love yourself and fill your heart with love


Spiritual growth…

~ Spiritual and personal growth
~ Helping you master your spiritual talents
~ Astral projection
~ Lucid Dreaming
~ Spell Casting
~ Communication with the dead
~ Accessing the Akasha Archives



~ Shielding you or your loved ones from unfriendly spirits
~ Keeping bad people away from you
~ Protecting you home from intruders
~ Protecting your children and family from people who wish you harm
~ Shielding yourself from psychic attacks from other sorcerers



~ Target and get revenge on your enemies
~ Cast powerful black magic spells to make your enemies tremble with fear
~ Get back at all those who have wronged you
~ Teach you sacred arts of baneful magicks
~ Assist and empower your own baneful spells
~ Guide you into darkness to awaken and unlock your own incredible abilities



~ Astral projection and soul journeys
~ They can take you into realms you could not discover or enter alone
~ Claircognizance,
~ Intuition awakening
~ Precognition development,
~ Clairvoyance
~ Clairaudience



Every Conjure from Satan and Sons comes with the following rituals to help you form a powerful bond with your Demon Companion!


Companion Attunement Ritual ($19 FREE!) 

This is ritual is specifically designed to attune you to your Demon and help allow you to connect with and work with them and build your connection with them.

Each demon species has their own energy vibrations and unique energy signature and this ritual will help attune you to their unique individual vibration so that you can form a powerful connection with your companion!


The 21 Day Demon Bonding Ritual Series ($69 FREE)

A 21-day ritual course, we take this course beyond the scroll and have modified it into a full 21-day course to help guide you through the steps needed to get the most out of the 21-day bonding rituals.

This course will not only help you learn to connect with your companion and communicate, but also sharpen your skills and abilities so that you can have empowered conversations with your companion and learn about them, just as they learn about you.  

Remember that having a demon companion walk with you is not about them serving you.  It is a mutual connection of human and demon working together.  There is a mutual exchange of energies and mutual benefit that one gets from walking with a demon.  

This 21-day bonding series will build your foundation and help you to build a solid method of communicating and interacting with your demon companion.

This ritual series can be done with any companion you have, not just companions from Satan and Sons, and you can do it as many times as you want.  You can also pick the rituals you want to do and custom tailor the rituals to meet your specific needs.  


The Make it Yours Ritual ($19 FREE)

The Make it Yours Ritual is a special ritual designed to cleanse your demon’s vessel and allow you to open up a clear and empowered connection.  The vessel is yours and it is now your link to your demon companion.

Your demon is not restricted to the vessel or forcibly bound, but they are linked to it to open up clear and empowered conversation and help you to work with them and hear their thoughts and words.


Your Demons Sigil ($99 FREE)

All Demons have a sigil, when you purchase a demon from Satan and Sons we will channel their individual sigil for you and we will put it in a graphic in your scroll that you can copy from.

You will have a personalized created copy of your demons sigil that you can work within your rituals with them.  Sigils are an amazing way to honor your demons and connect with them.


You Demons Enn ($99 FREE)  

LikeSsigils, all demons have an Enn.  We will channel your Demons Enn for you and place it in your scroll which you will be able to chant to help you connect with your demon companion.  

Enns are gifts from the demons that are attuned to their frequency.  Working with their Enn and chanting it can bring you into vibrational attunement with your demon companion, this can help with communication and connecting with them on a deeper level.


A Companion for Life (Priceless)

Spirit companions have walked with us for the ages, helping to guide us and empower us on our journey here.  Having a Demon Companion with you is no different.

Demons Companions are incredibly powerful, they are incredibly skilled and talented, and even when they were villainized no one could argue the power that they commanded.  Demons are truly wonderful beings and they are incredible companions!

They are an incredible companion and for those who are called to work with them, they experience powerful and profound life changes.


To find you your companion we will…


~ Venture into the spiritual world.

~ Contact demons who reside in the Outer Spiritual World.

~Find a demon who wishes to work with you.

~Screen them to make sure they are a demon and that they are safe to work with.

~Craft the custom flexible bindings with our covens personal touch. 

~ Give you the tools and rituals to connect and work with your companion.


**We only work with demons who wish to come here and work with humans, no demon is ever forced against their will.** 


If you feel a Dynasty Demon is Right for you then please use the option above to select the Custom Conjure that you feel best suits you.  If you are unsure, please feel free to send us a message and we can help you out!


~ The Coven <3 

Please note our magickals, listings, and words are written and created by the Priestesses of Satan and Suns/Sons ~ The Demon Temple, if you see them written anywhere else they are forgeries and not authentic magickals, demons, or workings from the Temple.


Thank you so much to all our customs. You inspire us to serve and to create these wonderful magickals and offer these wonderful products and services.


None of this would happen without you and we are so very grateful.

We are Demonosophers. We walked this path before there was a common name for it. Our Senior Coven Priestesses have a combined 20+ years of Demon conjuring and casting experience using Demonic Magick. Demons are our passion, our way of life, and the core of our being. We walk daily with our lords and follow our path devoutly.

We work very hard to forge relationships with the Demonic for our own personal strength and advancement, as well as our love for the Demonic Divine, to live Demon Inspired lives and we pass that on to you.


We accept payment through PayPal and are flexible with setting up payment plans. If something speaks to you and you would like to put together a plan, please feel free to contact us. Once your payment is received, You will receive an email from us with the details of your order.


Thank you so much for shopping with us!

Shipping: All shipping is done on Thursday every week, though some orders take longer than others to process, please feel free to email us if you have any questions about your individual order.


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