Demon Mages

Demons Mages are masters of magick and sorcery.  They are gifted in the arcane and they have the ability to bend and command the world to their whim.  They can cast incredible and powerful spells and they are masters of magick.  They can help their companion to embrace their natural magickal gifts and help them to charge their spells and rituals and empower them.  They have a vast understanding and ability to channel the energies that are around them and to work with the currents.  

We seek out mages from various areas of study within the demonic realms.  They do tend to specialize in their preferred area though they all have a base understanding of spell craft and ritual work and they are all talented when it comes to manifesting and crafting effective and powerful spells.  Mages are great for helping their companion to add magick to their lives, a companion that brings to them what they have forgotten.  Mages can shift their companion into the spiritual world and help them with soul travel and spiritual exploration.  

They usually are incredible travellers and can also help their companion with astral travel and lucid dreaming.  They can help their companion with psychic development and with awakening dormant sense within them.  Mages have incredible focus and discipline and they have incredible abilities when it comes to working with and directing the energies around them.  They are a talented and incredible group.  

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