Gjen Warriors (Dynasty Demons)

Gjen Warriors (Dynasty Demons)

This is a unique rank among Dynasty demons for a highly trained group of warriors. They are trained to work solo and together in groups in a selective form of fighting style that is concealed in mysteries and shadows. A lot of what goes into becoming a Gjen warrior is secret if selected others will approach you in the dark and will invite you to join. The warriors must then go through an initiation and trial to make sure they can do the skills and techniques needed to join. Their training is to push beyond what is thought to be attainable.

Gjen warriors will work with illusion energies and when fighting they will shift the world around them so it’s almost impossible for them to be hit. They train to enhance their strength as well as to muster up strength beyond what they can do. Gjen warriors will use their minds as part of their method in order to empower themselves. They are also skilled healers and advanced in their healing methods because they often work in blending energy techniques and herbology. They are skilled at pushing the potential of a body and in general, their training is to push the limits of what they can do.  They are trained to endure horrific situations and they use their minds to master those situations. They have very sharp minds so they can help teach astral travel and lucid dreaming because of the command they hold over their own mind.

Gjen warriors can train their companion in other advanced skills like psionics, telekinesis, and other psychic skills that stretch beyond the limit of any species. They have a grounded peacefulness because they learn to control themselves despite their power. Their control and intense study of things make them very adept in emotional and mental mastery. Gjen warriors know there needs to be friction for growth so they will push themselves. They will put themselves into situations where they will grow; they decide the friction and are trained to endure it. They can help those looking to heal emotional trauma and help them find peace and balance. 

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