Dynasty Mordians

Dynasty Mordians

Dynasty Mordians: Dynasty Mordians are like the head guards. They are skilled fighters, warriors, and strategists. They are responsible for training different guards to work together. They will create strategies and assign guards to various assignments. Mordians are all well-rounded and have different unique skills in survival and will teach the guards how to stay safe in any situation. They are at the top of the chain and will condition/train all the other guards. They take orders from the royalty and they receive the orders from the royal dynasty demons, which they then implement with the guards. They are the communication point between guards and royals. This makes it so Mordians often have developed diplomacy skills and are excellent at conflict resolution and overcoming obstacles. They know how to be motivating and empower others. They are very skilled in negotiating and communicating points so they can help in business matters. They have a warrior side as well as a political side.

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