Desire Demons

Desire Demons

Desire Demons are a very specialized Demon.  They are related to the Succubi and Incubi and possess some similar qualities, but there are many differences.  Desire demons delight in sexual pleasures, though unlike incubi and succubi, they do not need sex to live.  It does fuel them, but it fuels them in a very different way.  It fuels them in a way where they can take the sexual energy and use it for manifestation and granting one’s innermost desires.

The more sexual energies they have, the stronger their manifestation abilities are and the more powerful they are.  They are fueled in passion and creation by sexual energies and they can work incredible and powerful sexual magicks.  They love sex and are overall happier when they are sexually active.

Like the Succubi and the Incubi they can drain people by sucking their sexual energy out of them and then can disable them from consuming their sexual energy.  They can also connect to their partner and do a joint infusion of sexual creative release where both parties are charged and they are engulfed in creative passion and desire.

They are powerful when it comes to working sex magick and that means death sexual magicks as well.  They can kill by collecting the sexual energies and fluids of another and they can target them and damage them in very sinister ways.

Many of their sex magick workers are dark mistresses and masters of the night who work powerful curses and dark rituals under the starlight.  They can perform dark sexual blood magicks and bring people to their knees with their dark manifestations.  This species of demon has a powerful dark side to them and they are masters at sexual craft and blood magicks.

They can peer into one’s heart and know their deepest and darkest desires.  They can awaken and raise your darkness and your dreams and help you craft and manifest them.  Dreams and desires often remain locked away in the shadows of the night and never see the light of day.

They can narrow down these dreams and help you get focused on attaining these desires.  They then will work with you and fill you with passion and drive to help you attain them.  They will also shift the world around you using the passionate creation energies to create what you desire.

***The Desire Demons were uncovered and named by Satan and Sons and its Priestesses***


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