Abyssal Tidal Readers

Abyssal Tidal Readers

Majestic, Surreal, and Inspiring Demonic Abyssal Tidal Readers 

Abyssal tidal readers are gifted diviners who can read and make sense of the signs given to them by the ocean.  They know when danger is coming and they also know when the path is safe.  They can also reveal the safest path through the darkness and teach one how to navigate the storms.  they have the powerful gifts of foresight and they can reveal what is to come. They can teach their companion how to read various forms of divination and they have a lot of unique ones that they specialize in.  Some can even read the sea foam and what messages it reveals.  They can warn of impending doom that is approaching and offer guidance and wisdom on how to handle it.  They are very wise demons and give incredible advice. They also can read the tides and tell when trouble is coming.  They know from the sounds of the ocean where there is danger near and they can help their companion to use powerful oceanwards to shield their house and protect it from harm. They have powerful and incredible wards of protection and they can teach their companion how to adapt these shields to protect their bodies.  They can harness and use silver energy which can remove astral parasites and cleanse their companion’s energies and aura. They can help their companion to learn divination and they can show them how to read the subtle energies of their medium to reveal deep and empowering messages.  They have beautiful and relaxing energies that peer into the soul of their companion and help them to realize their skills and talents and to embrace the incredible power and ability that is within them. They are empowering and they can help to soothe fears and doubts and empower their companion to believe in themselves and in their divination abilities.


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