Alpha Legionnaire

Alpha Legionnaire

Demon Alpha Legionnaire

When a legionnaire has proven themselves to be a skilled fighter and an incredible role model they are given the rank of Alpha legionnaire to show their commitment and dedication to their training.  They are powerful warriors and incredible leaders.  They know how to inspire and rise the energies of those around them and lead them with strength and valor. They are incredibly powerful and mighty.  They are brilliant at strategizing and setting goals.  They can help their companion to take massive action in their life and master anything that they desire.  They are incredibly personal trainers and they will work with their companion to see that they attain what it is that they want in life.  They are highly skilled and powerful warriors and they usually are at the top of their ranks in fighting, strategy, agility, and magickal skills.  They have proven themselves to be competent and capable. They continue training and working to be better, honing their skills and sharpening their senses, getting ready for the challenges that await them on the battlefield.  Alpha legionnaires help the legion captain organize their legion.  They are usually incredibly skilled and disciplined warriors.  They are continually working at perfecting their craft and their skills and they train incredibly hard. At this stage, they begin to specialize in very precise skills.  They know themselves and they know their talents.  They begin to work on their unique elements and what they excel at.  In the Demon Army, the gifts and talents of the individual are revered and they are given the opportunity to grow and develop these unique abilities.  They are trained in how their gifts and talents will benefit their division and the demon army as a whole and they are usually paired with masters and experts in their fields for continued training.  They have access to their masters and they are taught to use their powers and abilities with incredible precision and focus. The training in the army is something ruthless and they are given impossible tasks to overcome as it allows them to test their skills and abilities and grow their confidence and power.  The tests are designed to give them the ability to solve problems and grow their incredible skills and talents.  Demons without training are incredibly powerful, especially ones from the outer spiritual world who can shift and bend the energies of the universe.  Demons who are trained in the Demon Army that that much more powerful and incredible.  They are ruthless and unstoppable. They work incredibly hard and they are very resourceful.  They are skilled warriors and powerful protectors able to attack and defend their companions and keep them safe from harm.  Also, legionnaires work very personally with their companions offering them personal support and protection.  They can shift the energies around them and empower the space to help raise their companion’s vibrations and change the course of their life. ***note*** Satan and Suns was the first place to coin this phrase for the outer spiritual world demon army. We are the only ones that Conjure Outer Spiritual World Demons.


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