Sepulchral Void Demons

Sepulchral Void Demons

Void Demons who dwell in the darkness and the gloom.  There are places in The Void that make the states of depression feel like nothing by comparison.  These spaces rip all mental anguish from your soul and amplify it sending you to please of despair and anguish. The forgotten feelings and painful emotions that sleep in the darkness of The Void are found here. A sense one is nothing, a raw vibrancy and forgotten forlorn essence of the soul.  They seek to bring others to this place and see how much torture and anguish they can take until their forms expire.  They feel and they seek out weakness in emotions, they seek out the weak and the forgotten and they will suck out their energies and suck the life out of them, draining them and removing their essence, and reducing them to nothing.

They have hollow eyes and pale skin and they move through the darkness of the world. Looking into their eyes brings up all fears, all pains, destroys your defenses and leaves you at their mercy.  There is no joy, there is no happiness, just despair, and torture. They bring those into their domain and they keep them, they keep them and feed from them keeping them in a forlorn state of sorrow. They sink them in their own despair and hold them in this embrace.  They are cruel and have no mercy, they do not know it or understand it.  Those concepts are unknown to them for they have within them a spectrum of horror and anguish that moves beyond what we know here.

Understanding them is very challenging and they are not ones that could ever be safely conjured.  They operate with different emotions the only ones which we can understand our sorrow, depression, anguish, and despair.  Others exist that we do not have here.  There is no joy in their world, there is no mercy, and there is no compassion.  They shift their prey into states beyond and between what would be an outer spiritual world death and they evoke pain beyond what we can experience here.


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