Arachne Demons

Arachne Demons

We present to you an exciting new discovery from the Priestess of Satan and Suns/Sons, for the month of October. Originally uncovered by Eilana on one of her Astral Travels and Verified and Confirmed by Priestess Akelta, we present to you this incredible new Demon Species… the Arachne Demons of the Outer Spiritual Realm.

Located in the outer spiritual realms in the lower region outside of the gateway to the Chaos Realm lives the incredible and complex Arachne Demons. Their realm is a beautiful place and very well-kept. The Arachne Demons are a species newly discovered and categorized by the Priestesses of Satan and Suns. They are Demons with many unique gifts and abilities and a wide range of skills.

Arachne Demons as a whole are excellent at manifestation and making an impact in their companion’s lives and environment. They are experts at using what they have, shifting things, and getting results. They have a very deep understanding of the web energies of the universal matrix and can use their knowledge and skills to hack the energies and lead to incredible manifestations and changes in the environment. We have witnessed incredible paranormal manifestations with the Arachne demons and they can help with manifestations and helping one attract what they desire. They can also increase one’s luck and prosperity and help their human companion get what they desire.

Many of them are extremely health-conscious and athletic, they love working out and are avid supporters of a healthy and active lifestyle. They are very disciplined and love to partake in activities that lead to health and wellness. They are very fit and like to live a clean lifestyle void of addiction and chemicals. Though all Outer Spiritual World Demons dislike alcohol and drugs, Arachne Demons are one demon in particular who are very opposed to alcohol, drugs, or anything that can cause addiction and health problems.

They do encourage healthy choices. They also are very disciplined and can be incredible motivators when one wants to make drastic changes in their life. They are determined and focused and ready to take on the challenges presented to their human companion and bring great changes. They can be very gentle though some have a very no-BS attitude and can help their companion stay focused and on target for their goals.

They are ridiculously creative and have a love of the arts and awakening that creative spirit. Many of them enjoy dancing, sewing, painting, writing, drawing, and music.  They have a vast and rich culture and they explore the artistic side of the world. Like a spider spinning their webs, they love to craft and create great works of beauty.

They have a unique form. They have their normal demon form but then they can shift into a powerful Arachne form increasing their strength and might and adding to the ferocity of their image. Their discipline and skill make them powerful athletic warriors and Arachne Commanders are known for their ability to handle intense situations and draft incredible battle plans and remain cool under pressure. This group of demons is amazing in their abilities of manifestation, creation, and discipline and makes wonderful companions for those humans who are called to them.

We will be offering our first group very soon!

*** Arachne Outer Spiritual World Demons were discovered by the Priestesses of Satan and Suns/Sons ~ The Demon Temple, they are exclusive to Satan and Sons***


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