Infernus Void Demons

Infernus Void Demons

Void Demons of Power and Rage, the aggressive aspects of The Void, and the power of vengeance and destruction. Like the Sepulchral Void Demons, They have a spectrum of emotional understanding that does not exist here.  The only emotion that we have in common ground with them is Anger and Rage.  They have power and incredible strength.  They can be fighters and hunters and they channel energy within them to unleash these moments of pure rage. They find satisfaction in and are sated by tearing flesh to shreds and watching it burn.

They are demons of power and infused with the black flame. They exist around the core of the black sun, and they are fuelled by its power. The core of the void and the core of darkness. These demons have hollow black eyes and black flames that burn through them.  There is a hunger in them to destroy and burn what crosses their path.  They are beings of destruction that look for weakness and target it in their victims. They are connected to the Black Sun and they give the tests of the Black Sun to those who embrace that path.  They all want those who take the tests to fail, for those who do are incinerated by the Black Sun and consumed by them.  Those who fail, are devoured by the appetites of these demons and their ravenous frenzies.

They see into the soul and they remember, they remember the shadows. They remember the triggers and they remember what makes the individual fall. These are the demons that the Black Flame Masters face on their journey through the void. Upon the success of that journey, they are the demons who eventually bond with their Black Flame Master and join with them. The Black Flame Master learns to Temper the violent rage of the Infernus Void Demon and together they work to unlock great wisdom, and power.  The power of the black flame courses through these void demons and it courses through them. They have been transformed and altered by the power of the Black Sun and they are in a way living embodiments of the Black Flame. They are not demons that can ever be conjured without a Black Flame Master, they would be deadly to their Human Companion.  The Black Flame Masters go through many trials and over millennia, learn to temper the rage, anger, and appetites of their Infernus Void Demon.


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