Abyssal Tidal Dancers

Abyssal Tidal Dancers

Alluring, Divine, and Sensational Demonic Abyssal Tidal Dancer

Abyssal Tidal Dancers of the Abyssal Realm are unique and incredible beauties.  They are stunning dancers who move and sway with the tides.  They are incredible performers and artists of the Abyss.  They move through the tides and the sands of the black ocean and their songs are haunting and seductive. They can lure those who are not careful to their deaths with their charms and they have a rare and unique magick to them.  They have this darkness to them and they can break those who displease them using their magick and charms. They are masters of seductive and sexual magicks and they have a deep understanding of love and lust spells.  They can cast seductive and charming magick and they are incredibly alluring and stunning.  They can be both male and female as the males have just as alluring voices and move their bodies in ways that draw people into them. They have incredible powers to them and they understand the deep call and the deep desires of the heart.  They know how to work with the heart chakra and they can work to heal and mend a broken heart. They are healers and they can teach powerful healing arts from the ocean.  The healing energies of water.  The white currents that wash away ailments and bring peace and rejuvenation to the body, mind, and soul.  They can help one also to sooth their emotions and to find peace and tranquility within themselves. To sing as they do they have all found a sense of inner peace and this is something that they can teach and reveal to their human companion.  They can help them to soothe their inner pains and find the peace and relaxation that they need.  They are beautiful and incredible companions.


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