Shahpahneeim Spectral Demons

Shahpahneeim Spectral Demons

Shahpahneeim (Pronounced shah-pah-neem) Spectral Demons are a group who reside within one of the deepest layers of darkness within the Spectral realms. Their realm borders a surreal and twisted darkness that is a place of madness and insanity. They are demons who understand madness and insanity, the broken and cracked regions of the mind. They have a deep understanding of internal darkness. The darkness that often sleeps in the deepest regions of the soul. They also understand madness, psychosis, insanity, and various conditions that lead to distortions and abnormalities in the mind. It is something that is their domain. They also work with creatures that bend and twist and understand the darkness that is found within. We all have connections to dark monstrous places, we all have cracks in our minds; they understand these cracks and know how to work with them. Within their enemies, they know how to exploit and empower them.

Shahpahneeim Spectral demons often appear concealed under many masks. Various masks that reveal various aspects of themselves. They use the masks to move through realms of madness and insanity. The realms that they are connected to are twisted and sinister places, some of which reveal deep lessons while others might lead one to damnation. They say that each state of the mind reveals different aspects and layers. They know how to access and infect even the completely nonfunctional and undead states of the mind. They know how to infect others and are masters of conditioning the brain and the mind. They understand various forms of psychosis and know how to bring illness to the minds of others. They know how to create moments of insanity and are incredibly skilled at execration magick that targets the mind. They know how to use another’s fears and paranoia against them and can invoke psychotic episodes in someone just by stimulating and acting on their deepest darkest secrets and fears. They can read and look into the mind of another and they know the secrets that they hide, they are exceptionally skilled at mind reading and persuading others to reveal the secret that they hide within them. They also know how to twist and bend the mind and how to control others and bend them to their will.

Shahpahneeim Spectral demons know how to make someone fall to the lies they tell themselves while also being able to help reveal the truth of a situation and blast through illusions. They know how to make someone be controlled and compelled by their own lies that they tell themselves. Shahpahneeim Spectral demons can inject false narratives into the mind of another to make them do as they command. There is an incredible scale that they have in their ability to bend and twist the energies of the mind. On the other hand, they can also shatter false masks and illusions and help someone to experience the truth. Though as they often say the truth is sometimes far worse than the lies. They say that the truth can destroy somebody, it can break them, and it can lead them to ultimate ruin. Many would prefer to live with their safe lies, rather than embrace painful truths. Sometimes they appear with multiple masks or shift their masks to create chaos and confusion. They can understand and navigate chaos for they say that that is a prerequisite for understanding madness and insanity.

They are very skilled with execration magick and they can both teach execration work and cast execration curses and spells which are potent. Their magick is incredibly powerful and they can cast spells that bring with it madness and insanity. Their execration work is profound and they know how to undo curses and how to handle and work with dark energies. Shahpahneeim Spectral demons understand the dark currents and they know how to handle toxic and corrosive vibrations. They enjoy moving through different realms of darkness and enjoy exploring places that are dark and sinister. There is a deep darkness to them and they have a complex understanding of darkness and what it entails. They know the dark places and how to handle themselves even when surrounded by corrosive energies. They are sublime and incredible!


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