Abyssal Demon Deep Ones

Abyssal Demon Deep Ones

A Rare group of Abyssal Demons who reside at the bottom of the black ocean.  They are blind but have other sense that compensates as they did not need their eyes at that depth. They have a very etheric and dark appearance and they are incredible when it comes to divination and the exploration of the black unknown.


They hear the whispers of the currents and they know the darkness that sleeps.  They guard an ancient tomb where an unforeseen horror dwells and it is only through their rare demonic magick that they can hold this darkness at bay.


They are a powerful group that are gifted in divination and gifted in the art of execration and blood magic.  The combination of the blood and the ocean water brings powerful effects to their magick and it is a craft that they understand well.


They are masters at this dark magick and they can help their companion to train unknown senses and awaken the lost and forgotten sense that sleep dormant in us.  They know how to rise them.  They are specialists in psychic development and can use their senses to open and stimulate the third eye.  


They have a very unique way of doing it and a unique way of awakening the senses of the psychic eye.


Their communication methods are very deep and very powerful.  Communicating with them stimulates and opens new senses of the mind and leads one to incredible visuals and impressions.  


They can awaken deep senses so that people can see the world around them on a deep and profound level and have secrets revealed to them.  Learning to communicate with them will shift your perception and allow you to experience the world through the combination of your dormant sense which will enhance the world around you and give you powerful insights into what is going on.


They are an incredible group of Abyssal Demons.



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