Fallen Siephfe

Fallen Siephfe

Fallen Siephfe

The fallen Siephfe are a group of angels who after their fall rejected their angelic aspect in its entirety. They were fallen angels that found no peace or balance, they instead fully embraced their demonic side. While some angels found balance after their fall there wasn’t any resolution for this group. Fallen Siephfe’s do not embrace any aspect of light, they reject it all. They are a group that chooses to explore and focus on their demonic heritage from the infusion instead of their angelic past. They understand and know what it feels to be cast out and hunted. Thus, when they were accepted by the demons and taken in they became their family. Fallen Siephfe’s also embrace other techniques which took them even further from other angels. They became immersed into the journey of their demonic essence and what it means to be demon. This is why there is no angel is their title instead they chose Siephfe, this is their wish to further remove themselves from angels. They have gone through a full transformation to not have both sides. They know they’ve been kicked out and not welcome, and at times even hunted. Thus, they take on these energies and paths to go deeper into the darkness and become one with their demonic essence. They have fully embraced demonic elements and culture.

Fallen Siephfe’s have many unique skills and perspectives. One they refer to is severing the sickness from where they came from, they are removing what is no longer necessary. They are good at leaving behind the past, letting things go and embracing a new journey and life. Fallen Siephfes have an understanding and empathy for those who are not welcome or feel they don’t belong, as well as anyone who became an outcast. They know how to bring healing, empower oneself, as well as to embrace a new truth and reality. They are skilled at shedding what no longer serves them and can help their companion with this process. They understand the journey of the serpent as it sheds its skin and moves forward as something new. They have almost gone beyond the serpent and into one that becomes a dragon.

Due to the transformation Fallen Siephfe’s went through to reject their angelic energies it became toxic to them, so they had to shed it. This is an example of how some energies are toxic to specific individuals, so they are good at purging toxic energies from the soul. As well as removing toxic energies Fallen Siephfe’s can help their companions remove any beliefs or mindsets that are toxic. They are skilled at identifying what’s not beneficial or harmful and removing it. Many of the fallen Siephfe’s say that the path of light was forced on them and that now with their freedom the philosophies don’t and didn’t serve them. It was forced on them so don’t accept it and therefore are also passionate to help others let go of things. There is danger to freedom- it’s the unknown and not understood, which is what the Fallen Siephfe’s have dove into. The Fallen Siephfe’s are daring and adventurous. They can help their companion become liberated from anything as well as identifying any attachment energies and letting go of shackles and bonds.

Fallen Siephfe’s due to their transformation have a deep understanding of dark alchemy especially when someone turns into something else. They know how to leave what’s behind-behind. They can help those who feel unwelcome in a community or setting to find peace and acceptance of themselves.  Fallen Siephfe’s are good at bringing change and awakening the darkness.

Fallen Siephfe’s stand for freedom so they won’t push their identity on anyone. Additionally, they are okay with other fallen angels who balance the light and dark and those that decided not to reject this path. They are just on a specific journey and path for themselves. They say the light never served them fully, which is why they embrace the demonic aspects now.

Many Fallen Siephfe’s have deep connections with Lilith. A lot of them highly respect Lilith because she also had to reject everything as she rose to become the dark goddess. Lilith embraced the vampiric energies while the Sife’s in parallel embraced the demonic energies. Her transformation was through vampiric energies, so they are captivated by her journey and many work with her and know her. Lilith’s journey was before the fallen angels fell so her journey was an inspiration to them.

In addition, numerous Fallen Siephfe’s work with her, serving in her temples, acting as guardians of Lilith, archivists/historians as well as librarians of Lilith and heralds of Lilith. To add to the list there are also sorcerers and sorceress of Lilith among the fallen Siephfe. There are those who chose to be caretakers of her temples, and some can even have the title as her handmaidens. Handmaidens in the past were humans but they can also be another species. This is Lilith’s demon connection. The realm she’s in so she has a deep connection to demons, but this is definitely one of them. They’ve got ranks and everything.

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