Chimera Demons 

Chimera Demons 

We welcome the newest members of the Satan and Sons Conjure Family.  The bold, beastly, brilliant, and incredible Chimera Demons! Their realm exists in the far outer regions, between the Spectral and the Mutilation Realm.  They are far into the realm of monster and their energies is infused with the essence of Monsters.  Demons exist within the spectrum of the Demonic Divine, and Chimera Demons share this with their Demonic Brethren.  The Chimera Demons, though have a Unique Element to them.  The essence of monstrous energy flows through them and they are both monsters and demons. A blending of the energies which gives rise to these unique and incredible demons.  

Chimera Demons look more monstrous than other Demon Species. They can have more horns and more spikes found around their body.  They also can have unique markings on their skin which they call their monster marks.  They have stunning eyes that reveal their bestial side and their beast nature.  They have sharper features and, in certain places of their body have ridges. Some take on even more monstrous traits and can be just as unique as the monsters who walk in the darkness.    There is an infinite amount of paths to explore as the monstrous realms go further out they become more surreal and more 

They have a unique understanding of the Monstrous realms and an understanding of the twisted and surreal aspects that come from the realm of the outer regions.  The places where rules do not apply and the realms can be surreal and malformed, Shells and fragments of existence, with folds and dimensions that defy the laws of reality, even for the Outer Spiritual World. The Chimera Demons understand these places, and they can twist and bend their minds to perceive complex and layered perspectives.  They have a unique outlook on things, and they perceive broken realms and fragments of reality which allows them to perceive dimensions and things that many cannot.  

Unlike Outer Spiritual World Vampires, whose strongest aspect is Monster, Chimera Demons’s strongest Aspect is Divinity Blended with the Demonic, the Monstrous form to them is a secondary aspect so they are not averse to light and do not suffer when exposed to sunlight, though as a personal preference many of them would rather be in the darkness, they do not have adverse reactions to the light.  They love blood, flesh and the hunt.  Many of them will take on a bestial form and go wild in the forest, hunting their food and returning where the other Chimera Demons will ravish and feast upon the Flesh.  Flesh is very sacred and important to them, and it is something that is used in Rituals.  They will also use Blood in rituals and utilize their own blood in various Monstrous Blood Rites and Rituals.  They have their own unique brands of Blood and Sex Magick, and they are incredibly powerful.  Some can be vicious, and they love and enjoy different types of cooked meats.  

Their energies feel like the warmth of blood pumping as well as the maddening sound of a continuous heartbeat.  They have a passion which comes from the primal nature of their being, and they are masters of the Lower Chakras,  The Root Chakra especially.  There is a nourishment that comes from them, and they can bring healing to the root chakra connecting one to their true form of parental lineage and bringing healing and relief from the pains of this life.  They also have a great understanding of the Sacral Chakra and know how to activate and capture the passion and the primal essence that is found within.  They have such an understanding of the flesh and of the physical world and also the Monstrous and untamed energies within the soul.  They also though are almost alien and surreal for their understanding of the monstrous realm gives them perspectives and insights that we cannot even conceive.  Their minds work in incredible ways and they can be fascinating to talk to.  

They have incredible power when it comes to handling monstrous magick, and they have unique ranks and schools of Magick, which deal with their connection to the monsters and also their connection to the Demonic Divine. Their magick blends both elements.  There are many classes of Warlocks and other unique types of spell casters.  Many Chimera Demons have Monster companions they have sought out. Some monsters blend with them and can at times form a symbiotic relationship with their Demon, empowering each other and enhancing each others energy.  They can even shift in these states and transform with their monsters into something incredible.  They have sacred rituals of infusions with the monsters which can be intense but what rises from these rituals is raw and incredible power.  

They have bestial sexual manuscripts and incorporate the sacred teachings of the “Mundrus Effenici” which are sacred sexual acts and sexual rituals and practises which they follow to enhance their pleasure and the pleasure of their lover.   They incorporate bestial techniques and positions which enhance primal desire within the soul and awaken incredible passion.  They have unique poses and positions that they experiment with and enjoy which reach all the right spots and drive their lovers wild.  

Many of them have a vicious side to them and they have an incredible understanding of the primal side of the self and the primal side of the soul.  There are Primalmancers who deal with primal craft and sacred fire magick which awakens the monstrous fire within.  They can embrace this vicious side and are incredible motivated and will take massive actions to get the results that they desire.  They can be very focused demons and when they set their sights on something they go for it until they get it.  They have a unique form of manifestation that is aligned with this and aligned with the primal essence within.  It may seem simple but their methods of manifesting are powerful and direct utilizing the power of the Root Chakra.  They can help their companion to unlock this power within their Root chakra and unlock powerful and profound manifestation techniques.  

They really enjoy the essence of play and they will take time to embrace play and enjoy the energies and the incredible world that is around them.  They love the power of the imagination they will utilize it in their magicks as a form of creation and empowerment.  They are very creative and often think in ways that others will not for they perceive the world in a primal way.  Many mutilation Demons love to venture to their realm and connect with them for there is symmetry between the two demon species.  Mutilation Demons share similarities to the Chimera Demons but the two species are unique to each other and seeing them interact and work together is fascinating.  Chimera Demons also enjoy the company of Mutilation Demons and enjoy watching them shape and mutilate their flesh.  Some mutilation demons don’t mind the corrosion effects the monstrous realms have on them and will follow Chimera Demons into the monstrous realms and enjoy the sights.  

This group of demons is amazing, primal, and incredible, and we are excited to be bringing them into the S&S family.


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