Counts/Earls and Countesses (Demonic)

Counts/Earls and Countesses (Demonic)

Counts/Earls and Countesses – The Earls/Counts and Countesses of a specific realm are responsible for bridging the connection between Various Branches of Nobility.  They are also responsible for ensuring that the armies of the Territories are stocked and have all the supplies that they need. They handle the Political side of protection by ensuring that the soldiers and Guards are stocked and have the resources that they need. They are the bridge between the Barons/Baronesses, Marquis/Marquesses and the Dukes and Duchesses to ensure that communication is open and that everything is flowing smoothly. 

Earls/Counts/Countesses have incredible communication skills, and they have an understanding of both the Political and the Military side of things. They are responsible for ensuring there is no communication breakdown between them.  They will assist the Maquis and Marquess with making sure they have everything that they need to ensure the safety of their kingdom, and they also will work with the Dukes/Duchesses to assist with trade and political matters.  

They will also coordinate with the Commander and Generals of the Core Army when they are called in and assist with the mobilization of the Core Legions.  They are very focused on their individual realms and their specific needs.  They know their people, and they know exactly what their people need.  They Talk to the Barons of the Specific areas to make sure that they have everything they need for the demons who inhabit those areas.  They are very good at communicating and making things work.  They know how to manage conflict, and they know how to find compromises and reveal the best way forward.  They are there to make sure debates and discussions go smoothly, for they have an understanding of both the military and Political sides of things.  

Abyssal Demon Earls/Counts/Countesses

Within the Abyssal Realms, the Earls/Counts/Countesses ensure communication between the Nobility. They are also known to travel to different realms to open diplomatic relations, and they will travel and move through their Kingdoms to speak with the Barons/Baronesses and inhabitants to make sure that their needs are being met.  They offer a lot of support and assistance to the Marquis/Marquesses to make sure that they have the resources that they need to protect and defend the realms. They also will coordinate the demons of their armies to be sent to the Bases of the Core Army for special training.  

Examples of Demon Earls/Counts/Countesses in Literature

Count/Earl/President Botis
Count/Earl/President Marax
Count/Earl/Prince Ipos
Count/Earl/President Glasya-Labolas
Count/Earl Furfur
Count/Earl Halphas
Count/Earl Andromalius
Count/Earl Räum
King/Count/Earl Viné
Count/Earl Bifrons


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