Brigadier (Demonic Army)

Brigadier (Demonic Army)

Demon Brigadier

The Demon Brigadiers assist the Commander and the Generals with organizing their troops and the tasks that they have to oversee.  They organize groups of legions and often can make decisions and take actions when they are away from their commanders or generals.  They have shown incredible skill and leadership.  They understand how to command and lead others as well as using their incredible power and skill.  They work well with groups and they know how to take charge of a situation and lead those under their command to victory.

They have duties and responsibilities and are usually assigned groups of legions to organize and command.  If they have to go into battle areas they can take command and control and they have shown skill and promise in the areas of leadership and command.  They are usually specially trained by their commander and general and they are guided to learn to begin to utilize their skills and abilities and take more charge in the battles. They are balanced and trained to fight and use their skills in real situations.  

They are taught to act under pressure and they know what to do when things become tense.  They are trained in both protective and defensive skills and magicks and they know how to asses various situations and take the action that will lead to the best outcome.  Brigadiers have advanced problem-solving abilities and they can offer incredible protection and support to their human companions. Brigadiers are the highest rank before a choice must be made. 

From here Demons make a choice of the direction and path that they want to take,  they can either work to attain their commandership, or their generalship.  Once this level is completed they either attain the rank of General in training or Commander in training.  Commanders and their Generals are paired to have deep working relationships, they have to trust them, understand them and be able to work with them in a form of non-verbal communication. Brigadiers are trained in many different areas and can help in many areas aside from just protection.  

They can help train their companion in astral and spiritual defense and help them to awaken and grow their own psychic skills and abilities.  They can train them in psychic attack and help their companion to master the power of their mind.  Brigadiers are disciplined in mind power and they can command their thoughts and the energies and forces around them.  They are very disciplined and focused and they know how to train the mind to unlock the hidden abilities contained within.

A Brigadier will walk with their human companion and assist them in many different areas of their life.  They are incredibly skilled and strategic and they can shift the world and teach their companion to bend and work with the energies.  They can train them in astral fighting and defense, manifestation, spiritual development, and psychic awakening.  They are powerful and amazing and are incredible companions.

**note*** Satan and Suns was the first place to coin this phrase for the outer spiritual world demon army. 


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