Crafters (Demonic)

Crafters (Demonic)

Abyssal Crafters: Abyssal Crafters are architects of the Abyssal Realms.  They harness the power of the water to sculpt and inspire the creation of vast structures.  Their buildings have such a unique and incredible appearance to them and it is from the hands of these talented crafters. They have incredible control and precision over the water and they have incredible vision and they have particular talents that are geared toward building designs.  

They are empowered architects and like to work with people with grand visions of creation and design. They begin their training by taking command of the water and channeling it into mass power and energy.  From this, they must then learn to harness the fine details.  A master crafter can use water and carve the most intricate and detailed designs into the building they are crafting. They are incredibly focused and talented and they can help their companion with designing massive plans.  They are incredible planners and implementors and they can help their companion’s inner ideas become an outer reality. They have an incredible ability to organize complexity and simplify it into an attainable goal.  

They also are incredibly skilled in commanding and working with the element of water.  They understand the mind and the deep creative awakenings that can occur. Once the mind starts creating they can organize the process without interrupting the flow and allow for grand and attainable plans to manifest and thrive.  They are brilliant in creation and can help those who have big dreams to make them a reality and to build incredible and beautiful structures of pure creativity.  Their minds are sharp and focused and they take powerful and incredible action.  They are incredibly gifted and talented and they can share their gifts and talents with their companion.

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