General (Demon)

General (Demon)

Demon General

The second path that one who has moved beyond the Brigadier rank can take.  Generals are usually incredible fighters who have demonstrated their ability with strength and stamina and who have demonstrated incredible fighting abilities.  Generals are more hands-on than commanders and have less of the strategy, meetings, and paperwork.

They are not afraid to throw themselves into the mess as they know and trust in their skill and abilities to clean up anything that is in front of them.  They are empowered and committed.  If a Demon General would incarnate as a human they would probably end up being a dictator or a country as they thrive in order and they can assess the scenario around them and understand how to lead and command.  They command respect with their presence and they can walk into a space and make everything around fall into order.  They are menacing and to those who are their targets, they are terrifying.

They are known for their ruthless nature and tenacity and their ability to stay strong even in the most extreme pressure and to push forward and attain their goals inspire of impossible odds.  Their mental power and discipline in incredible and they take new problems and challenges to test their resolve.  They are incredible demons to work with.

They report to their commander and work closely with them providing feedback and helping them with coordination and training.  They are also responsible for the hands-on approach for training and working with the legions.  Some demons are better at this approach and the General path is more suited for them than the Commander path and this allows them to continue rising in the ranks without compromising what they are good at.  In Demon Society there is a very big emphasis to play to your strengths.

When Commanders and Generals are paired they are matched for working relationships and being able to function as a team.  They get to be very close with their commanders and have very good working relationships.  They understand each other and Commanders and Generals are screened together very carefully to make sure that complementary pairs are matched and they will work well together.

Having the Commander General Pair works really well as they then support each other and grow through the ranks together.  If they have incompatible personalities they can request a new General or a Commander, but many times when they are matched they work together and grow their legions and develop advanced strategies and training, and the goal is to have a Commander and a General that understand each other and can work together, while still offering different ideas and insights.  Some Commanders have many generals and create council teams of Generals to organize their legions.  Commanders are given opportunities to organize the structure of their legions and work within their bases to develop their own training and disciplines.


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