Guards (Demonic)

Guards (Demonic)

Dynasty Guards: Dynasty guards are very skilled, trained warriors that protect and guard their empires. They are taught unique fighting techniques and are trained to have the ability to strategize and spot threats. Guards are excellent at detecting anything dangerous in the area and are highly regarded for their survival skills. They know how to handle stressful situations by remaining calm and figuring out what’s going on in any circumstance. Guards can act as bodyguards. They are very adept at protection, concealment, staying in the shadows, and casting shields (illusion too). Dynasty guards can keep someone safe as they are very loyal and devoted to their position. They take their role very seriously. Guards have a characteristic of a strong sense of duty and will help those in need. In addition to their position, they are very loyal to friends, comrades, and the empire they serve. As a companion, they can offer protection, be a great workout buddy, help with motivation and they have a way with specific energy that is empowering. They can also help someone step into power, keep out nefarious entities and unwanted people.

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