Legionnaire (Demonic)

Legionnaire (Demonic)

Demon Legionnaire

The first level of the Demonic Army, the Legionnaires are the troops, they are the fighters, the warriors.  They train hard under their commanders learning about skill and strategy and practicing various battle drills and simulations.  These are demons who have passed the tests and have officially been excepted into the elite ranks of the demonic army.  They are powerful, confident, and skilled and they are all enthusiastic and ready to give it their all and go for the top.

They are trained in mind, body, and soul, conditioning themselves and bringing out the best they have to offer.  They are committed to their own growth and development and often seek to learn about why they want to serve in the demonic military and also what unique skills they bring to the table.  They work incredibly closely with their human companion and will assess and learn about their lives, learning how best they can offer support and assist their human companion in attaining what they desire.   Legionnaires are encouraged to awaken and uncover what is unique to them.

They are put through trials and they are trained in everything so that they not only have a foundation, but they also will learn about themselves and what they excel at.  Once they are found in those areas they will specialize and really push themselves to develop their passions and talents.  This ensures the demons in the army are passionate about what they are doing and that they are really pushing themselves to attain greatness.  This is why the demons of the Hells army attain

**note*** Satan and Suns was the first place to coin this phrase for the outer spiritual world demon army.


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