Mages (Demonic)

Mages (Demonic)

Demon Mages are masters of magick and sorcery.  They are gifted in the arcane and they have the ability to bend and command the world to their whim.  They can cast incredible and powerful spells and they are masters of magick.  They can help their companion to embrace their natural magickal gifts and help them to charge their spells and rituals and empower them.  

They have a vast understanding and ability to channel the energies that are around them and to work with the currents. We seek out mages from various areas of study within the demonic realms.  They do tend to specialize in their preferred area though they all have a base understanding of spellcraft and ritual work and they are all talented when it comes to manifesting and crafting effective and powerful spells.  Mages are great for helping their companion to add magick to their lives, a companion that brings to them what they have forgotten.  

Mages can shift their companion into the spiritual world and help them with soul travel and spiritual exploration. They usually are incredible travelers and can also help their companions with astral travel and lucid dreaming.  They can help their companion with psychic development and with awakening dormant senses within them.  Mages have incredible focus and discipline and they have incredible abilities when it comes to working with and directing the energies around them.  They are a talented and incredible group.  

Abyssal Mages: Abyssal Mages have a special touch when it comes to water magick.  They can channel and command the energies of the ocean and charge their spells with these powerful vibrations. They can harness power from the tides and also from the pull of the moon. They are very connected to the water and as such have connections to the emotional layers that are found within.  

They can be very powerful healers and can direct and use their magick’s to help their companion to overcome sorrow and sadness.  They are beautiful and incredible demons and they have a depth and understanding to them that is as deep as the ocean floor.  They are very deep thinkers and can unravel deep mysteries and complex puzzles.  They are skilled in magick and their magick has a soft touch that can turn violent and deadly in an instant like the ocean storms.

Abyssal Demon Listing  

Dynasty Mages: Dynasty mages have unique elements to their magick. They are excellent at working with energies, weaving them, and commanding the world around them with magick. They are great at manifestation. They know how to draw from the sun, the shadows, and the trees or from an energy point. Dynasty mages use this technique to enhance their magick and spells. They are very good at defensive and offensive magick and they are often employed to utilize their skills to protect the empire.

Mages are trained to work with the Dynasty guards and warriors because they are skilled at shielding. They are great at deflecting attacks and can sense incoming curses and know how to break them. They know how to use a type of shadow sun technique to heal others while also bringing up shadows to be released. They heal the individual but also bring their shadows up in a safe way as another layer of healing. Dynasty mages go through mental conditioning and find ways to face their own limitations in order to conquer themselves and gain power.

They train their minds by going through many situations. They can teach their companion to cast powerful spells from unexpected sources. They can also help show how to take power back, show that you are not helpless and through your shadows can approach anything from a confident perspective.

Dynasty Demon Listing  

Arachne Mages: Arachne mages like artisans are dedicated and devoted to skillfully weaving energies into spells to create powerful effects. They are able to do this masterfully because they can shift their vision to see how the energies of a spell are unfolding. They know how to weave energies into a spell to empower or change it. Arachne mages can also see curse energies and destroy them especially if they are still on the way to its target. They can change entire energetic makeups of spells.

They are skilled in spells ranging from defensive, offensive, abundance, love, and healing magick. Also due to their focus on health and wellness, they are very aware of how to improve it. They can view layers of energy to gather and work with energy blends. Arachne mages know how to create their own blends, as well as use elements and vibrations to get the effect that they want. They are very skilled at getting their desired results.

Mages are focused and dedicated to magical practices; they immerse themselves in it. They will study and experiment to understand the sublime subtleties of what’s around them. Arachne mages will spend time in meditation working with the energies around them to find the perfect energy blend for their spell. Since they are Arachne demons, they have a spider form with many eyes which allows them to see the energy frequencies including those that get overlooked. Arachne mages can inject energies to empower effects or remove them.

They can see where malicious or nefarious entities are trying to get in. Arachne mages can help their companion write and create spells, find the right tools and energies for spells, align vibrations to amplify it and can add their own energies to aid it. They can see problematic or curse energies and can weave other energy currents into it to break it.

Arachne Demon Listing

**A HUGE Thank You to WindyJune who helped me by transcribing these notes for me so that we could make them available to all of you! THANK YOU WINDY!**


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