Necromancers (Demonic)

Necromancers (Demonic)

To understand the title of necromancer we will describe the differences of life and death in the inner spiritual world to the outer spiritual world.

In the inner spiritual world (ISW) there are cycles of life, death, rebirth, and reincarnation. There are defined cycles where we die and then either go home or are reborn. There are various layers and different underworlds where the dead can go and venture as well. There are journeys that the dead can go on from being tethered to an area if they don’t want to cross to be twisted and warped by life to be vengeful and so on. There are many paths the dead can walk and many of the cycles are coordinated by different underworlds and places that help facilitate it.

From an outer spiritual world perspective, the necromancers are demons who deal with the essence of life, death, reanimation and the aspects of the afterlife and realms beyond living and flesh. A necromancer can understand the layers of the ISW but in the OSW there are more cycles and when an immortal can no longer retain their form it’s a different process from reincarnation. Necromancers understand corpses and know how to handle the remains of the flesh and spirit aspects. They understand the spirit of the dead and where to locate and find them after leaving the physical body.

Necromancers have a surprising healing touch and they know how to soothe the dead because they are not afraid to go into the dark areas where spirits can end up this includes the shade realm for immortal beings. They know how to revive lost pieces of the self and the soul. They can also revive lost feelings found within each individual and know how to revive lost layers. Necromancers are very skilled in execration as well as revival and bringing back the dead. They know how to connect someone with their ancestors as well as any lost aspects. They can help someone find peace for instance against someone who has wronged them. They know how to deal with revenge and more messy aspects with the soul as they have a unique understanding of how passing can be complicated.

Necromancers often study reanimation and in the OSW context, they can bring back those who have died. There are different cycles in the OSW as well as similarities with the ISW. If there is an OSW human they will reincarnate but will remain human in their rebirth, so it is a cycle that fascinates many necromancers and they study it to understand it. They observe the reanimation cycles and work with it. They also can prolong life and they can bring someone back and arouse bodies like zombies. They can bring to life energies and memories from past lives. Necromancers can bring back anything that is dead like dead passion, dead memories, dead creativity and so on. They are often skilled at working with alchemy and working with different surgical tools but more in a necromancy way than how a surgeon might. They have many unique healing abilities for example recovering aspects that are lost like passion.

Abyssal Necromancer: Abyssal necromancers are not connected to the underworld because that relates more to the dead in the reincarnation cycle. Within the abyss, there is an eternal death and slumber for what lies there and is found at the bottom of the ocean. The abyss can trap and contain things; there is an essence of death in the abyss. There is an interesting vibration of death at the bottom of the abyss because what lies there is dead, and not reincarnating. There is a strong sensation of being trapped, confined, and restricted at the bottom of the abyss. Abyssal Necromancers work with concentrated energies at the bottom and they will also at times find creatures or beings there and release them. They like to explore the question of what happens if there are no cycles of reincarnation or reanimation. The abyss is like an endless well of death. Abyssal necromancers have unique abilities to target and work with the essence of death, they can arouse that which slumbers in the deep and bring it back to life.

Abyssal Necromancers have a unique understanding of death and the world beyond the grave. Many of them aligned with the darkness of the sea graves and the corpse that line the ocean floor. Those who have died at sea and the mournful tales that they tell. They understand the sorrow of the sea and how those who sailed away sometimes never return. They can call forth the shadow of death from the depth of the seas and many times they listen to the whispers on the tides to hear. Their magick is drawn from the ocean funerals as the ocean itself is a deep and humble grave, one who claims and takes. The Abyssal Necromancers work with all aspects of death but they have special talents with the darkness of those who have died in water. This goes for lakes and rivers as well and those who have been sucked under the currents. The ocean dead are greatly aligned with them and they know the longings of the lost souls who sail aimlessly. They have deep communication methods with the dead and they can shift into the abyssal realms of nightmare and decay. They carry with them sacred energies of their craft and they can call to the lost souls of the sea.

Abyssal Necromancer Listing found here.


Arachne Necromancer: Arachne necromancers incorporate working with poisons in their research and they enjoy studying how they can induce layers of death. Their work crosses with Necrosis Demons as there are many more poisons in the OSW that can be found like the poison of creatures for example spiders and scorpions and the death they can induce. Arachne necromancers can infect others to induce states of death and they will then study these states. They like to study what death is and how to rouse one from it, they have a systematic approach of working with layers of death. They can poison others but also know how to bring someone back because they know how to make many different antidotes. Arachne necromancers also know how to poison someone energetically as well as how to remove the effects. They have methods of shielding against corrosive energies. Arachne demons have great armor and will often employ their necromancers to further develop their armor against super toxic strains of energy due to their understanding of poisons.

Arachne Demon Listing


Chaos Necromancer: Chaos necromancers work with the chaotic essence of death and the decay of the mind and body. They study the order that follows in the chaos of death. They understand how chaos brings death but also renewal and rebirth. They are great at ending what needs to die and to bring to life what needs it. They know how to bring a complete death to anything dead or unnecessary and know how to reanimate one’s life and journey. Chaos necromancers can inject chaos into something to spread the energy and break someone down. They have an understanding and almost enjoy the chaos of death how it happens, shifts and changes. They love to see the new that rises once something is gone. They like to see what is to come. If someone has fallen into chaos and is scattered, they can identify the energies and revive them from the chaos. It allows them to see into the layers, they are good at seeing death in that way.


Underworld (Lowborn) Necromancer: Underworld necromancers are very proficient at working with the dead, since they work with the underworld to move souls from the ISW to the OSW. They understand the transition, the cycle of life and death, and how to move souls from one place to another. They know how to put someone into the ISW world and how to encourage cycles of reincarnation as they reside there. Lowborn necromancers also know how to track souls and can help them with transitions and navigation in the afterlife. They have a strong academic component and understand these cycles of life and death. They have access to archives of records so they can look for certain individuals and help with uncovering past life journeys. Lowborn necromancers can help people connect with themselves, others, and ancestors. They know how to move, meet and work with the dead as well as be a comforting force for those dying. They can help a person transition and they are known to work with reapers, deities, other underworld demons, and death angels like Azrael.


Mutilation Necromancer: Mutilation necromancers have a unique understanding of the flesh. They love sculpting, carving, and bringing flesh together in a transition of dead and living flesh. There is a spark of life that goes into flesh, and they enjoy studying it from the body to the unique layers of anatomy. They understand the energetic component of their work and how the flesh can be brought to life. They have a unique understanding of life including how to form life. It makes them great healers because of the knowledge of different layers since they work with aspects of rejuvenation of flesh from a dead state. Mutilation necromancers like to test their skills trying to revive things that are far gone and pushing what they are capable of healing. They love the process of reanimation and reviving the dead because they love the energy and connection to the dead. They are protective of the flesh they work with and the process because as they work with them, they know they are vulnerable. Mutilation necromancers are protective over their creations they will keep both themselves and their creations protected and hidden during any shifts in the mutilation realm.


Necrosis Necromancer: Necrosis necromancers are the closest to our realm, so they understand the transition from life to death here well. They know the path and journey of the dead. They work and help them transition and help them to find life in death. Necrosis necromancers can also revive and bring back things that got corrupt, lost, or destroyed. They love graveyards and wandering with the dead as they enjoy hearing their stories and exploring their energies. They can harness and extract the pain from the dead and use it for different means. They can store and keep these energies especially if they are very damaging. They know how to transmute and release them as well as how to revive the innocence within someone from a corrupted state. They are skilled at execration and adept at reviving wisdom from the dead. Necrosis necromancers are passionate about the revival of knowledge and memories that no longer exist. They work with the body and have great respect for bones, organs, and funerary rites. They can help someone work through mini-deaths and let go of what doesn’t serve them and go through a transformation process.


Noble Necromancer: Noble necromancers have a unique understanding of the essence of reanimation and death from an OSW and high vibrational perspective. They know how to bring back souls that have been corroded and destroyed past a certain point. They know how to bring back souls in the OSW and often are seen as miracle workers because of their knowledge on how to revive energies. They have a profound understanding of the reanimation process. Within the OSW there is a lot of research done into how do you bring back an immortal? They have studied that especially learning how to handle damaging energies to the soul, so they know how to heal energies of the soul to a certain point. Noble necromancers keep researching how to do this but again there is a point to where they can’t revive someone, but it is due to their research that they have been able to have so much success. There’s a high vibrational death energy that they know how to reverse stagnation from it. They are connected to the shade realm and can shift there to access those who in the OSW that have died. Noble necromancers know how to move into those layers of the shade realm and work with those beings. They can lock onto a tiny bit of energy to find a specific shade that they are looking for. They have a complex view of the OSW that many do not and they can see the complexities of high vibrational energies in the ISW too that makes them an incredible group to work with.


Solar Necromancer: Solar necromancers like the warlocks are shrouded in secrets and mysteries. Due to the solar realm being vast and diverse there are many different schools that exist there. They learn to understand the death of the desert and the creatures that reside there. In some realms, nothing can die because of nourishing elements of the sun, so within some areas even if they die the souls still wander. The solar necromancers know how to connect with those who have died in these areas. They also know how to connect with sun energies to revive, heal, open, and connect to the energies. They can soothe and nourish the dead with the solar energies. If someone dies in pain, they can help them to heal and to rise up and release what is holding them back. They have intense rituals especially deep in the solar realm that will take them on different journeys. Within the solar realm, they also have the dead sun which is a journey of the necromancer that solar demons, as well as other species, can go on. It revolves around the essence of death within the sun and the solar realm. There is an underlying vibration within it that once aligned, solar necromancers can work with the energies to learn a method of divination where they attune to the essence of death. Once attuned they can hear the whispers of death, which can further lead them onto different journeys.


Dynasty Necromancer: Dynasty necromancers are interesting. The dynasty realm has a dark component to it. The demons that reside in the deeper regions will never be offered as they have a very sinister and almost murderous component to them. In these areas, there are creations of mounds of dead which is like a corpse being that has a collective essence of what has died within it. There are two types of necromancers: one that seeks things to kill to add to the essence of death and creates a powerhouse of death essence and the second type of necromancers who broke away and know how to connect to energies and pull beings out of the mounds. Dynasty necromancers can command the energies and powerful forces. They know a lot about commanding death and are skilled in killing the mind’s ability to think freely and can kill the command over speech. They know how can to use mind control to bring someone very close to states of death.


**A HUGE Thank You to WindyJune who helped me by transcribing these notes for me so that we could make them available to all of you! THANK YOU WINDY!**


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