Nobility (Demonic)

Nobility (Demonic)

The Demonic Nobility are the Demons who serve under the kings and queens of the Demonic Realms.  They them with overseeing that realm and making sure that everything is flowing smoothly and that all those who live in that realm are happy and that their needs are met.  They are responsible for the territories of that realm and report directly to their king and/or queen.  They are very loyal to the realms that they serve and they take their duties very seriously in making sure that everything flows smoothly.

The Demonic Nobility are a very important part of the structure of the demon realms and helps to maintain order in the overall realm.  Each realm, even if they are part of the Core Alliance is independent of others and usually has its own set of rules and structures that they abide by.  Demon culture is incredibly rich and diverse and this is reflected in the individuality of the realms which the Nolibiy oversees.  They preserve the culture and the heritage of each realm and are responsible for celebrations and scheduling and organizing events.

There is a very independent yet organized element to the demonic realms, demons are allowed to have their own freedoms, but they are also organized and work very well together, especially the demons of the Core Alliance. This organized element is largely due to the dedication and commitment of the Nolbilty who oversee the realms and make sure that everything and everyone is taken care of.  Demons understand leadership and are natural leaders, when they are in a position of power they take those duties that they have very seriously and they seek to ensure that those who they are leading are taken care of.  Demonic Nobility is paramount in ensuring this all happens.  They are powerful, well-connected, skilled and very organized.


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